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Outlast 2 Free Yourself from the Crucifixion, Head for the Mines – Walkthrough Part 9

by Josh Hawkins

After finding yourself nailed to a cross, it’s time to free yourself and escape the Scalled once and for all. Nick and Laird won’t be too happy with the change of plans, though, so you’re going to need to avoid them at all costs. In this article we’ll show you how to get around them and make your way towards the mines once more.

Free Yourself

Your first step is to free yourself from the cross that Nick and Laird have nailed you to. This can be accomplished by repeatedly pressing the button marked on your screen. Once you’ve freed your right hand, turn over and free your left hand.

Now that you’re free, it’s time to find some bandages for the new wounds on your hands. Head forward from the cross and take a left, through a small canyon towards a campfire. There are several enemies patrolling around here, so be careful and grab a bandage out of one of the tents nearby.

Once you’re bandages, it’s time to escape this area of the Scalled’s land. Take a right from the campfire, and look for a tent that you can crawl through. Head through it by crouching, and then look for a set of rocks you can jump up. Climb to the top and continue following the path forward until you read a drop into the next area.

Drop down into the small canyon, and move forward, near another campfire. Avoid the Scalled with flashlights, and grab the bandages and batteries in the nearby camp. Now, hear towards the lights, and look for a lit-up path that leads down a hill to the right. Follow it down and look for some red prints on a rock that you can climb up.

Find a Way Out

If you want to survive the Scalled lands, you’ll have to be sneaky. Drop down off the next rock, and immediately hide in the grass to avoid Laird and Nick, who appear quite frequently throughout this area. You can follow them here, just be careful not to draw their attention. Follow them until you spot a limb you can walk up to reach another set of rocks.

Keep pushing forward until you reach another drop that leads to a small pond of water. At this point, be careful and duck in the water to hide from Nick and Laird’s light. Once the way is clear, move to the shore and head forward. After leaving the water, follow the path away from the pond and look out for an old house that you can enter. Head inside and make your way through, grabbing the bandages to the left. Move through the ragged old clothe over the door and pick up your camera.

You’ll now be back inside the school. This time you’re in the cafeteria. Look for an open set of doors and head out through them into a hallway. Head down the left hall at the junction and look down the hall to the right. Ignore the doorway on the left, and instead head down towards a blue door at the end. You should hear a phone off to the right.

Head down the hallway, and something will slam into the ground, and begin to walk out of the room where the phone is. Backpedal immediately and run back to the bathroom and hide inside. Wait a few seconds, and then exit the bathroom and make your way back down the hallway. The thing should be gone now. Move into the room with the ringing phone and answer it.

After the phone call ends, head out of the room and make a break for it. Run down the hall, to the left after you exit, and keep moving until you see Jessica run away through a door. The door is gone when you get there, so turn and hide in a locker.

At this point the locker turns into a wardrobe, and you can exit it to find yourself in a building back in the Scalled lands. Nick and Laird have found you again, so it’s time to avoid them once more.

Escape Nick and Laird

At this point you’re in a wooded area once again, so use the trees to your advantage. If Nick and Laird spot you, they will open fire with arrows, so try to avoid them at all costs. Your way out can be spotted off in the distance as a small lantern near a cliffside.

Head to the lantern, and then make your way around the edge and keep pushing forward. Be careful, as Nick and Laird will continue to pursue and shoot arrows at you. Follow the path across a tree that spans the canyon, and turn left, following the edge of the canyon to a small Scalled camp. Be careful of the Scalled on the ground, as it will attack, and continue past the area. Jump onto a rock nearby, and take cover behind another boulder ahead to avoid Nick and Laird’s arrows.

At this point all you can do is continue pushing forward until you reach a hill and slide down into a group of barbed wire. Nick and Laird will capture you once more, this time burying you alive. Wait for the cutscene to play out and then continue on to the next part of our Outlast 2 walkthrough, or return to our Outlast 2 game hub for more helpful tips and articles.