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Outlast 2 Find the Raft, Enter the Mines – Walkthrough Part 11

by Josh Hawkins

After dealing with the Scalled, and barely making it out alive, Blake Langermann is back on his mission to find and save his wife Lynn before she can be killed or worse. This time, though, he’s going to have to make it across an eerie looking lake, and finally make it to the mines. In this article we’ll show you how to find the raft, navigate the lake, and make it into the mines in Outlast 2.

Reach the Lake

After your last encounter with Jessica in the school, head down the stairs and then look out for a path that you can loosely follow down to the lake side. Once you reach the water, head to the right, keeping the lake on your left. Look for a house that you can move through, which will lead you to another path up.

Keep following the path until you reach the top of a cliff and then look for another path that leads down to a small jump across the canyon. At this point, just keeping following the path down to a set of houses, where you’ll find the raft on the edge of the lake. Hop onto the raft and head out into the lake.

Use the Raft to Cross the Lake

All that’s left to do here is keep moving forward across the Lake. Some crazy things will happen around you, but ignore them until you reach the river. Continue down the river. You’ll hit a rock at one point, slam the paddle into it to break loose.

When you finally manage to break the raft loose, head down the river more, careful to avoid the walls and rocks in the water. Keep going until you reach a point where Blake is thrown off the raft, and he must find his way back to it.

Find the Raft

After Blake is knocked from the raft, follow the only path forward. It’s pretty much impossible to go any other way, so you shouldn’t have to worry too much about getting lost. Keep moving along the path until you reach a place that you can shimmy across.

Follow the ledge to reach the next portion of the path, and then keep moving around. Be careful of any enemies in the area, but you should be okay for now. Interact with the tree at the edge of a firelit area to create a bridge to the other side. It shouldn’t take you too long to reach the raft and continue on your journey.

Continue Down the River

Reunited with the raft, head down the river, careful to avoid any other rocks or boulders in your way. Keep moving until you reach a point where the raft breaks and you spot the mine in the distance. Keep moving forward, and after a few moments you’ll be knocked from the raft again, and attacked by several enemies. Swim away from them, until you are attacked and pulled underwater.

At this point you’re inside the school again. This time, however, you’re in the school’s swimming pool. Make your way to the edge and climb out. Head inside the women’s locker room to spot a shower spewing blood from the showerhead. Use your camera to record it. You should also have spotted a stall door banging next to you. Move toward the door and open it. Blood will bubble from the toilet.

From here, head back out into the pool area and then into the men’s locker room. Follow the room through to reach a hallway, and then head up the stairs to the left. It’s time to run from the monster again, so take off in the opposite direction until you’re thrown backwards and a door opens near you.

Head inside the room where the door opened, and grab the battery off the cart at the end of the first row of computers. Move back into the hallway and head back the way you came, which should lead you to another hallway. Start running down the hallway when the sprinklers activate, and continue on until you reach a door on the left at the end of the halls. Head inside the room and climb up the ladder in the back corner to reach the real world once more.

Enter the Mines

Head out into the blood rain and record it with your camera. Then, follow the steps up until you reach the old railroad bridge that leads to the mine. Keep moving up the stairs until you reach the mine itself, where you’ll need to follow the tracks until you reach a fence with a hole in the right side. Crawl through, then look for some stars to lead to a small room. Head through the room, and out the door.

There’s only one way forward, so just keep moving up the stairs and in the only direction that you can. Feel free to explore the area for documents or other knickknacks, and at one point you’ll reach a room and by inside the library, back at the school.

Find a way Out of the School

There are batteries strewn throughout the various study rooms on each side of the library, so pick up any spares you might need. Then, head out the open door by the light, and make your way into the computer lab. Look for a computer with a lit-up screen in the third to last row at the back of the room, and interact with it to zoom in and read a chat window.

Now, turn around from that computer and look for another lit-up computer on the back row. Interact with it to read the continued chat history. Make sure to record the scene when the computer screens start going crazy. After recording the computers, head down the hall through the now open door.

Keep moving around, and ignore the whispers follow you. Head down the hall and look for a door propped open by a trash can. Run to the other side and down the stairs. This leads back down towards the pool area. The monster will appear in front of you. Take off running and head out the right-hand door at the top of the stairs. Follow the hallway around until a tongue slams through the window and pulls you back into the water.

At this point you arrive back in the real world. Climb out of the water and look for a half-closed door that you can climb through. There are a lot of chase sequences through this area, so simply keep moving forward the only way that you can. There’s really no easy way to describe this next section, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble completing it. If you have trouble finding the way forward, then simply look for places you can crawl through, or shimmy through.

At About halfway through the chase sequence you will climb through a window and suddenly be back at the school. From here, move across the window sill, and make your way to an open window a little way down. Climb inside the window to reach a classroom.

From the classroom, head out the open door on the right. Record the scene of hanging people through the window, then head down the hall through the open doors until you reach a dead end. From there, move through the open door to the right, and then out into the hallway. The closed door at the end should open automatically, so continue through and back into the library. The Monster appears some here, so be careful as you look around.

The way out is on the other side, near a lit-up stack of books. Back up whenever you see the monster, and then make a break for it and climb over the stack when you can. Look for the light at the end on the right, and then make a break for it. The monster appears again, at this point, turn around and make another break for it. Look for a set of bookshelves that you can shimmy through, which will put you back in the real world.

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