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Outlast 2 Find the Hook, Solve the Hangman Puzzle – Walkthrough Part 7

by Josh Hawkins

After escaping the water mill, Blake Langermann is pursued into Marta’s piece, a plot of land owned by Marta, the creepy woman who carries around a pickaxe. In this article we’ll show you how to find the hook and escape Marta in Outlast 2, which will allow you to continue your journey through the game.

Find a Way Forward

Make your way deeper into Marta’s place and watch out for her, as she walks out to the left, beyond some corpses. Head down the right side of the area, and look for a barn door that you can slip inside of. Continue inside, and make your way to the end of the area to discover that you need a hook to continue.

Find the Hook

Make you way back out of the barn and around towards where you spotted Marta earlier. Continue pushing forward, into the area that she walked out of, and be careful as you move through, and crawl through a hole in the fence.

Turn to your left, and make your way towards another pile of corpses, and a lit up barn. Head through the double doors into the barn, and make your way down the path of blood and bodies. Record the human bodies hanging from the hooks for your records.

Head up the opposite side of the gory path, and turn to the left. This will lead you to a back area, where you can pull a chain and grab the hook.

Escape Marta’s Place

Now that you have the hook, double back towards the doors to this barn, and Marta will close them. Don’t worry, though. Keep pushing up to them, and look for a hole big enough to slip through on the right of the entry area.

Crawl through the area, and then make your way back towards the place where you saw Marta when you first entered the area. The way should be clear, but move carefully, and keep an eye out for her as you press forward.

As you round the barn, towards the place where you needed the hook, Marta will spring, breaking through a door on your left. The only way to survive this encounter is to run past her and sprint to the barn door. 

Once back inside the barn, use the hook on the gate, and then pull on the chain to open the gate. Do not waste time here, as Marta will catch up to you and kill you. If you time it correctly, you should be able to slip into the gate and narrowly escape Marta’s clutches.

From here, keep moving forward and make your way up the path until you reach a set of stairs leading to an old building. Grab the document off the altar at the bottom, then head up into the building to reach and old chapel. Climb through the hole in the door, and you’ll be back inside the school.

Solve the Hanging Man Puzzle

Record the hanging man on the wall, and then head out the doors to the right. Look for the first hallway on the right, then head down it and into the classroom door on the left. Move through the room and out the other side, and look for a half-opened door with a projector on inside.

Move the projector to line up with the game of hangman at the front of the room. You’re missing some letters on the game, so you’ll need to solve it by finding the transparent that goes along with it.

Head back down the hall to where you started, and then move through the set of double doors on the other side. Look for the second classroom door, and head inside. The transparent can be found on a desk in the back of the game. 

With the transparent in hand, head back to the room with the projector and place it on the projector to solve the puzzle.

Make your way back to the room where you entered the school, and the hangman on the wall will be gone, replaced by two blue double doors. Head through these doors, and make your way down the hall towards the exit at the end. Some creepy stuff will happen, let it play out, and then once you’re thrown back to the end of the hall, head through the door on the right and use the cart to reach the hole in the ceiling.

Keep crawling through until something weird happens and you’re crawling back through the woods. Make your way out of the hole and push forward down the hill to reach a bridge that you can record with your camera.

Follow the path around until you can head out onto the old railroad bridge, and start making your way across. As you reach the end, something weird happens, and Blake falls from the bridge.

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