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Outlast 2 Find the Generator, Use the Elevator – Walkthrough Part 4

by Josh Hawkins

This article will walk you through the village outskirts. Here you’ll find an elevator with no power. In order to move on to the next portion of the game, you will need to locate and restart a nearby generator. We’ll also detail the locations of any useful items along the way, and point out any enemies that you should keep an eye on.

After escaping the cornfield and finding the edge of town, you’ll come to an elevator. The chapel, the next goal on your list, is in the upper section of town, so you’re going to need to use the elevator to reach it. Unfortunately, the power is turned off, so you’re going to need to find and activate the generator before you can use the elevator. This article will teach you everything you need to know to find the generator, activate it, and then make it back to the elevator in one piece.

Find the Generator

The elevator is just ahead of you when you drop out of the building that you came through to enter town. You can try to use it, but the power is off, so your objective will update, and you’ll need to find the generator that powers it. Head down the hill and into the outskirts of the village.

There are several enemies that patrol this area, so be careful as you move through it. There are several batteries in the buildings in this area, so be sure to check them carefully before you continue on your way. We know for sure that there are batteries in the first building on the right, which holds a villager, as well as the last building on the left, which also holds a villager.

You can sneak around the first building by heading around the right side. There is a fence you can jump over, and then another you can crawl under. This will lead you to an open window, which you can climb into to enter a back bedroom. Grab the battery and then head back out the window to avoid the villager inside.

There’s also a villager woman who constantly preaches in this area. You can ignore her for the most part. She won’t alert others to your presence, but she will hurt you if you get close to her. Avoid her by walking up the side porches.

When you reach the last house on the right, a villager will begin patrolling the area and searching for you with a flashlight. You can avoid him using tall grass or barrels, but wait for him to leave, and then continue up the hill beyond the open gate.

This will lead you to the barn with the generator. The generator itself is all the way at the top of the barn. Once you find it, pull the starter to reboot the generator and get the power running again.

Get to the Elevator

At this point the woman from below will arrive outside the door to the generator room. Don’t try to move past her, as she’ll just attack you. Instead, wait for her to head down a level. Now, head outside and make your way down the stairs to the bottom of the barn. If you carefully move past the woman she shouldn’t attack you.

Once you’re clear of the woman, continue back down into the village. The patrolling villagers are gone now, though, but another threat has arrived. Head back down towards the path where you entered and the woman you saw with the pickaxe, the woman who killed Ethan, will arrive, and she’s on the hunt. You want to avoid her at all costs, as one hit from her pickaxe will kill you and force you to restart.

The easiest way to avoid her is to hide in tall grass. Once the way is clear, though, you can sprint up the hill to the elevator, and pull the lever before she reaches you. You can continue on to the next part of our Outlast 2 walkthrough, or you can head back over to our Outlast 2 game hub, where we offer even more helpful articles.