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Outlast 2 Escape Temple Gate, Reach the Chapel – Walkthrough Part 5

by Josh Hawkins

After getting power back to the elevator and riding it up, you arrive in Temple Gate proper. In this area you’ll have to escape several cultists and make your way up to the chapel, where you can learn more about the people who have taken Lynn, and how you can find her. This article will detail everything you need to know to survive your encounter with the cultists, escape Temple Gate, and make it to the Chapel.

Find a Way Forward

After you exit the elevator, pull up your camera and focus on the sign just ahead of you. This will allow you to nab a recording, which you can view to learn more about the city that you’ve found yourself in, Temple Gate.

After watching the recording, head forward towards the well in the center of two buildings. Peer into the well to be pulled back into the catholic school.

Now that you’re back in the school, move forward through the vents until they break and you land inside of a classroom. There’s nothing in the first room, so head out the door on the left-hand wall. The door across the hall is jammed, to turn to the left and move down the hall.

Move past the first set of lockers and continue until a locker swings open, revealing a note and a music box. Crank the music box and read the note before continuing down the hall and grabbing the battery on the step stool. The way forward is blocked, so head back down the hall where you came from and try to enter the double doors.

They’re locked too, so head back towards the locker and Jessica will run through a door that is now open. Follow her through the room and out into the next hall. Capture the recording of the girl hanging from the ceiling, and then move down the hall towards it, and head through the door on the left-hand side of the hallway, just beyond the vents where the girl vanished.

Escape Temple Gate

You’ll be back in Temple Gate, in a fight with a cultist. After he knocks you down, head out the house through the front door. Continue into the next building and into the back door. Be sure to lock the door behind you.

The way out is hidden in the floor. Head around the counter to the corner to find a set of smashed boards you can crawl under. Head under the house and keep pushing forward until you crawl back out between the buildings.

Now it’s time to look for a lit-up doorway that you can run through. Head inside, careful to avoid any cultists nearby, and close the door behind you. Lock it, then head beneath the rubble into a children’s dorm room. Head around the corner, and when the cultist begins to knock against the door, hide under the bed closest to the door.

After the door is knocked down, and the cultist enters, sneak out, and make your way down into the basement. There’s another cultist down here, so you may want to hide off in another room until it is safe to head down.

When the way is clear, head into the basement and through the first room to a second room. Close and lock the door. At this point, you could try to push the bookshelf out of the way and continue forward. Instead, it’s best to hide under the bed and let them break down the door. Wait for them to leave, and then sneak over to the bookshelf and push it out of the way.

Make your way down the stairs and into the tunnels. Keep pushing forward until you reach a room with a woman on a bed. Record her with your camera, then push the rolling cart of wood out of your way and move forward.

Shimmy along the side of the tunnel, being mindful of the hole below. Once on the other side, grab the document, and then head down the tunnel some more. This will lead you to another basement. Grab the battery out of the back corner, then move up the stairs to the first floor. Be prepared to run as you near the next door, and then push through it.

At this point you’ll be spotted, so take off running up the stairs to the second floor. Crouch and move out onto the balcony, then drop to the ground below. Keep running forward, over the fence, and then turn left. Follow the path down to a house, which you can crawl under through a hole in the siding. Keep pushing forward until you reach the other side.

Once you are out from under the house, take off running, and jump up through the open window into a small shed. Tap the interact button when notified to break open the floor, opening another crawlspace. Keep pushing forward and out of the crawlspace. Move up the hill, and through the small window into another building’s basement.

Open up the door to the next room, and grab the bandage off the table in the corner. Follow the room around to a set of stairs, and make your way up to the first floor, and through the double doors. This leads you to the old schoolhouse. Record the dead woman and the message on the chalkboard, then head through the cracked door at the front of the room.

Reach the Chapel

Move up the steps to the second floor, and then look for a document on the desk by the bed. Grab it, and then head out the open window on the side to drop off the roof onto the ground. Look for a document in the far corner of the schoolyard, and then interact with the cart and push it to the gate.

Hop over the gate and into the streets beyond. You’re almost out of Temple Gate, so make your way around until you spot another cart. At this point Martha, the woman with the pickaxe, arrives. Hide from her by heading through the small hole in the fence next to the cart. Make your way around, diverting her from the area, and then once it is clear, head back and push the cart against the gate.

Climb over the gate to trigger a cutscene, and when you regain control, take off running up the stairs and follow the path. This path will lead you to the chapel, where you will learn more about Knoth and his followers.

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