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Outlast 2 Escape the Cornfield – Walkthrough Part 2

by Josh Hawkins

After reuniting with Lynn, you find yourself alone again. This article will walk you through the next couple of areas, which force you to sneak through a river, crawl under a fence, and then escape through a cornfield, all while trying to avoid several cultists with flashlights. We’ll also detail the locations of any batteries and other useful items along the way.

Find a Way Out

After Lynn has been taken again, you awaken in a canyon. Now it’s time to find a way out of the canyon and make your way forward. Head down the path until you head into some water, close to a village built along the river.

There are enemies patrolling here, so be sure to traverse the area slowly, and crouch under the water to hide from the prying beams of the villager’s flashlights.

Make your way along the right-hand edge of the river and enter the first building. The front door is opened slightly, so beware of the villager patrolling outside. Once he moves away, head out the door, and across the clearing to the next building.

Move into the building with all the lights on by heading up the front dock and into the front door. Once inside a bright white light will hit again, and when it clears, you’ll be in the catholic school once more.

Continue into the next room and grab the recording of the billboard on the left-hand wall. You can try to rewatch it to find that you’re not actually recording anything. If you walk up to the billboard you can read it out loud. You must read it to be able to leave the room.

You should also check the photo on the teacher’s desk in the front of the room. Now, head to the far back door and open it up to gain entry to the hallway. Look to the right and head down the dark hallway. A man will walk into the hallway at the end. Continue towards him and you’ll be pushed back to the end where you enter. Take off running towards the bright exit sign and head out the door and into the snowy air.

Follow the path of dirt within the snow to reach the front gate of the school, and exit out of the single person gate on the right-hand side. You’ll fall through the ground and be back in the real world.

At this point a villager will arrive and take you to his house. He’ll put you down into the root cellar, where he has a bed stashed. Lay down on the bed to continue.

Traverse the River

You’re awakened a short time later by a crash above the root cellar. A woman of some sort has arrived and is questioning Ethan about you. Listen to the events above, and then once the woman leaves, break through the cracked planks and climb back into the main room. Use your camera to record Ethan’s body, and then listen to the playback for some insight from Blake.

With the recording captured, head out of the house and through the open gate to the right. Follow the path down to the left, and into the water. Move along to the right until you spot an old building ahead of you on the left. Watch out, as a villager comes out onto the deck and preaches for several moments. You can hide in the water when she does, and then continue on after she moves away.

Head up the bank of the river to the right, and then move across the bridge towards a burning body. You can record this, so pull out your camera and do so. There’s also a document nearby, in the building where the preaching woman came from. Make sure to grab it before continuing between the two fenced in cornfields.

Escape the Cornfield

Move down the pathway between the fences and keep an eye out for a woman with a pickaxe behind the gate. You can record her, as she moves across the path, but you only have a moment so make sure to grab it quickly. Look for a group of crates on the left-hand side of the fencing, as there is a hole you can crawl through here. Head through it before the men who have appeared behind you can spot you.

The exit to the cornfield is on the right-hand side from where you enter. You could run directly forward, but there are villagers patrolling the field, so you’ll need to be careful. Sneak your way through the field, careful not to draw too much attention, and make your way towards a lit-up gate on the right-hand side of the area.

There are several boxes that you can climb atop here. Climb onto them and jump over the gate and escape the cornfield. Continue on to the next part of our Outlast 2 walkthrough, or head back over to our Outlast 2 game hub for more helpful articles like how to find batteries.