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Oultast 2 Escape the Casket, Find the Rope – Walkthrough Part 10

by Josh Hawkins

After finding yourself buried alive, it’s time to escape Nick and Laird’s twisted fate once more, and try to push on towards the mines. This article will feature an in-depth break down of everything you need to know to escape the casket, make your way forward, and find the rope that leads down towards the mines. We’ll also show you how to escape the monster in the school, which is something you’ll have to do quite frequently throughout the game from her on out.

Escape the Casket

After the cutscene completes and you regain control of Blake, force your way out of the casket and into open air once more. There are several enemies around, so be wary as you push forward and try to find a way out. We’d suggest using Night Vision here, as the forest area can be confusing and hard to navigate. Basically, look for a lit-up fence that will allow you to crawl out and into the next area, where a Scalled camp can be found.

Check the camp for batteries and bandages, and then continue moving forward, along the path. There’s a recording at the fence ahead, where you can see a hanged man and several Scalled below him. Capture the recording, then turn to the left and head up the hill to climb some rocks to the next part of the path.

Keep pushing forward and up the hill. This will lead you to a canyon that you can drop down into. Once in the canyon, you’ll get your first view of a dock at the bottom. Look to the right and you’ll see a building on the side of the cliff that you can jump to. Jump over to the open window and read the document inside to find that the rope for the crank in the corner has been taken by a Scalled.

Find the Rope

Finding the rope is actually quite easy in this section, so long as you play things close to the chest and move through the area as silently as possible. Try not to start a foot chase, as there aren’t many areas that you can use to avoid enemies.

Head out the door of the building with the crank by jumping through the window at the top. Be wary of the patrolling Scalled, and make your way up the stairs to a path that leads you to a small village. Follow the left side of the village, and move around it to spot another house further up. Stick to the left side once more, and you should be able to avoid most of the enemies in the area. You should eventually reach a rock face with a path that leads up to a stack of logs. Interact with the rope to free it, then head back down the path and around to the left to find the man who had hanged himself with it.

At this point Nick and Laird show up once more. Use the same houses to hide out of their view (the ones on your right as you head back to the building with the crank), and make your way back down. Attach the rope, and then start climbing down. A cutscene will trigger that ends with you at the bottom of the gorge, crawling through a bunch of rubble.

Escape the School

As you crawl through the rubble, you reach a small door that you can head through to get out of the debris. Climb up it, and the world will transition back to the school, where you are now on the rooftop.

Head forward and make your way around the rooftop to a fenced in area that you can climb over a railing and head down a set of stairs on the other side. Keep pushing forward until you spot a fence on the left, which has a hole that you can crawl through to proceed.

This will lead you to a door that leads down to a staircase inside the school. Make your way down the staircase until the monster appears, and then head back up the staircase. You can drop over the railing to avoid it, as it appears at the top of the stairs when you try to back track.

Once you’ve dropped down, run down the stairs and around the corner to find a door that leads out into the courtyard. Head outside into the snow and keep an eye out for a hatch in the ground that you can enter. There are actually two hatches that you can enter, one has a battery and a blocked door. The second hatch will allow you to move inside, which will trigger the monster to spawn once more, forcing you to push forward.

Follow Jessica

 Climb up the ladder and out of the hatch to enter the kitchen area of the school. Move outside of the kitchen and into the cafeteria, and then focus your camera on the mural at the back of the room. Things will go crazy, and then you’ll have to follow Jessica.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really any way to accurately portray this in text, so just make use of your camera’s sound tracking to follow her. At the end you’ll catch up to her, and then you’ll be back in the real world. Move forward and out the tunnel that leads from the cave you are inside.

You’ll slide down a hill, and at the bottom you’ll find an old set of stairs that lead down to the shore of the lake. From here you can continue on to the next part of our Outlast 2 walkthrough, or make your way back to our Outlast 2 game hub, where we have even more helpful articles and tips.