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The Order: 1886 Chapter 9: An Uneasy Alliance – Get to the Sniper

by Prima Games Staff

The chapter will begin with Sir Galahad needing to Follow Lakshmi for a short time, then helping her by moving a fallen beam that blocks the path. Keep moving forward until there is a giant cart in the way, pushing it until the track is clear.

Follow Lakshmi until she takes cover behind a short wall, joining her for a brief moment before vaulting it to Deal with the Guard. This is strictly a cut scene, but players might enjoy the brutality of Galahad’s new friend.

We messed up on our quest to Find a Way to the Street, foolishly moving the cart before we used the lever to switch the tracks. Make sure to pull the lever first, then push the cart. It won’t cause players to fail, but it’s a pain in the butt to push it back to its original place. When the cart is in position, climb up to the street level and meet Lakshmi by the gate for a quick cut scene.

When the cut scene ends Galahad will need to Get to the Sniper. Cross the street and head up the steps, taking cover behind the large chimney. There are three guards inside the large opening, but popping out and taking shots should be a fairly routine thing by now. When three fall, move into the building and get a primary weapon, as well as the grenade the sits on top of a lone crate.

Players will now want to head out to the balcony, lobbing the grenade into the cluster of foes below. This did the trick for us, but if any United India Company troops remain, take them out with whatever primary weapon Galahad holds. When the last one falls an exit will unlock and allow players back into the building.

Continue fighting through the building until reaching the ground floor, at which point players will have to deal with at least two waves of advancing foes. These waves include UIC Shotgunners and at least one UIC Heavy who is outside the building and around the corner. Just keep moving from one bit of cover from the next, picking off enemies as they expose themselves to Sir Galahad’s line of sight.

Tip: Look for ammunition drops on the ground, as well as grenades all over the place. There should be no shortage of options for players to fight with.

Gamers will need to fight their way between the buildings in a clockwise fashion, eventually heading up a set of wooden stairs and jumping to another building. Go inside and open the door that leads to the sharpshooter, then take him out with a well timed knife to the spine.

Was it just us, or did that objective seem longer than it needed to be? Oh well, now that players have the M84 Marksman Carbine they will need to Help Lakshmi to safety. Stay in cover next to the window and start wrecking bad guys down below. There’s even a barrel or two for players to exploit if the United India Company guards present an opportunity for a collateral.

When the last guard falls, continue forward and out the door, triggering a cut scene that will find Sir Galahad in some serious trouble. No worries though, as this is a quick time event that is pretty hard to mess up. Just hit the buttons on the screen as always, then drink the Blackwater and crawl to Lakshmi. When a grenade lands at our hero’s feet, toss it back and take cover in the nearby building.

Tip: There are a lot of collectibles in this chapter, but we’ve decided to put those in a separate article. Look for it by heading back to the landing page linked at the bottom of the page.

Sir Galahad and Lakshmi should be safe for a moment, but now they need to Find a Way Out of the Foundry. This is done by interacting with the hoist in the middle of the room, then climbing the stairs and letting Lakshmi ferry Sir Galahad across the building. Gamers can then jump to a catwalk and descend the stairs to open the door from the other side.

When players push forward they will get hit with a quick time event that will see them save Lakshmi, after which there will be a short gun battle with a handful of United India Company guards. It’s pretty easy stuff at this point of the game, and when it’s over players will want to exit the building and hang a right, squeezing between the two carts. The next few minutes do feature a few Inspectable Items, but to power through the story players only need to follow their new friend until another cut scene kicks off.

When the cut scene ends Sir Galahad will be eager to Get to the Dry Dock, and this is done by climbing over the wall with Lakshmi, then following her as she jumps to a lift hanging on the side of the ship. Use the crank to ascend, then jump from platform to platform. Just be sure to turn around and press the button indicated on-screen to catch Lakshmi when she tries to hop over.

This directive is going to feature quite a bit of combat, but in general it’s the same formula that applies to all the gun play in this game. In order to Take Out the Guards, immediately take cover when fired upon, killing targets like the UIC Heavy and UIC Sniper first, then working through the lower level foes after. The path forward is very linear, so players shouldn’t have any trouble not getting lost. We’re not going to walk gamers through every single foe and headshot, but we will encourage them to grab ammunition from the bodies of their downed enemies and keep a watchful eye out for grenades. This directive will be complete after Sir Galahad and Lakshmi work their way to the ground level and enter into a room with some United India Company cargo.

When Lakshmi tells Galahad to Search for the Company’s Insignia on Crates, head to the far back wall of the room. There is a coffin sized crate that isn’t sitting properly with the one below it, and that’s the one that players are looking for. Finding it will complete this very short directive.

Tip: Don’t stand too close to burning crates… apparently fire hurts.

Now that Galahad has the proof he needs, it’s time to Help Lakshmi Destroy the Crates, something that involves wandering around and setting things on fire. It will get slightly more complicated after players take a lift to the bottom floor – that’s when we died two or three times due to a United India Company Heavy who fired explosives. To take this guy out, don’t bother ducking behind cover, choosing instead to move from left to right quickly and constantly, taking shots at him when the opportunity presents itself. If players stay still for too long here they are bound to be blown up. As for the rest of the guards, they are pretty easy in comparison. When everyone is down, get ready to face some Lycans.

The final directive of the chapter will require Sir Galahad to Eliminate the Lycans, which is an event that follows the same formula as it did from earlier in the game. They will attack from different angles, but only one at a time. Press the X button to dodge their attacks, then hit them with some return fire when they attempt to retreat. Don’t worry about getting the job done in one run, just land a few shots each pass and they’ll be out of Galahad’s life in no time. From there it’s one more Half-Breed via a quick time event, then the chapter is done.

For easy navigation, head back to our main walkthrough for The Order: 1886. It’s there that gamers can jump between chapters as they see fit. For anyone ready to get right back into the action, go straight to The Order: 1886 Chapter 10: Confrontation.

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