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The Order: 1886 Chapter 5: Agamemnon Rising – Rebel Saboteurs

by Prima Games Staff

Sir Perceval, Lafayette, Lady Igraine and Sir Galahad will all be joining in on the action for this chapter, but first they must Infiltrate the Agamemnon. Players can do this by following the on-screen prompts to rappel down, then shimmying across the scaffolding to make entry into the giant ship.

The Knights of the Round Table will soon split up, which will see Galahad and Lafayette pair up and move forward. When they reach a hatch covering a ladder they need to use, players will need to Disrupt Power to the Magnetic Lock. This can be done to the left of the hatch and using the TS-27 Inverter device that was introduced back in Telsa’s lab. Pass down the ladder and follow the on-screen instructions to Take Out the Guard Undetected.

Players can move forward without fear for the next section, as the directive to Find a Way to the Cockpit is very linear. When Lafayette and Galahad reach the door, players will toss in a Smoke Grenade and proceed to breach. Be ready respond quickly to this quick time event, even having to deal with one of the game’s Turning Points to finish off a guard. When the smoke clears (literally and figuratively), exit the cockpit and head back in the opposite direction.

Lafayette will stay behind, but Sir Galahad must Head to the Ballroom Undetected. It’s not that hard, however, with only two guards standing in the way of this directive. Well, technically there are more, but only two need to be dispatched.

Move up the stairs and take cover at the edge of the wall. A guard will patrol nearby, but when he turns his back players will want to approach and follow the on-screen prompts to take him out. Continue on and use the Stamford Lockpick to open the door that leads to the crew quarters. There are two guards in here, but we’ll show players how to get through while only messing with one.

Move up and take an immediate right, passing up some stairs and turning left. Take the first left turn, snapping into cover and peeking down the hallway that has a patrolling guard. When he turns his back, stick a knife in it and then proceed down another set of nearby stairs. Be careful of the guard who patrols the middle, crossing to the opposite side of the room when he turns his back. Once this area is behind them, players can move forward without concern until a cut scene has them entering the ballroom.

When gamers regain control they will first need to Identify the Disguised Guards, and that’s done by scoping in on them and pressing the Triangle button. When this is done players will need to Take Out the Disguised Guards, and we found it best to start with the one on the balcony. When the second one falls the directive will be complete and a short cut scene will transition to the next – Stop the Rebels from Entering the Foyer.

We found that the current position of Sir Galahad was the best, taking out the enemies on the upper balcony before the ones on the ground. There will be a Rebel Shotgunner and Rebel Grenadier, but they can be handled fairly easily. In fact, consider grabbing the Three Crown Coach Gun from the Shotgunner, then move across the ground level of the foyer and up the stairs on the opposite side. Keep an eye out for hiding Rebels, completing the directive when the last bad guy is lifeless.

Players will soon need to Pursue the Rebel Leader and Her Accomplice, and this is done by heading back to the ground level of the foyer. The Three Crown Coach Gun is still the best bet, as three new foes will be waiting to greet Sir Galahad. Smoke them, then keep pushing forward in the only direction possible until a cut scene sees our hero reunited with Lady Igraine and Sir Perceval.

Following the cut scene players will be teamed up with Sir Galahad’s mentor, none other than Sir Perceval. Together they must Find the Rebel Saboteurs, which is a long objective that also happens to be the final one of the chapter.

Start off by following Perceval, then using the TS-27 Inverter to break into the armory. We opted to swap out our Three Crown Coach Gun for something with a slightly higher fire rate, but it’s really up to player preference here.

As players move forward they will be confronted in the kitchen by some more Rebel Scum, but there is a counter near the door that will help to keep Sir Galahad safe while he works through the attackers. Just move from cover to cover, shooting any Rebels and pushing into the next room. As players might expect, this one is also crawling with opposition, but at this point in the game it’s the standard combat that gamers have been engaged in since the first chapter of the game. Kill all the bad guys and move forward until Sir Perceval and Sir Galahad are separated.

Players will need to continue to push forward, encountering more Rebel opposition that is followed by what we found to be the most difficult part of the chapter, the Rebel Heavy. This guy will walk straight up to players and blast them into the grave, so a weapon that does damage at distance is preferred. It took two full magazines before he dropped, but once he did we simply had to move forward and down two flights of stairs. It’s there that we encountered the final two Rebels, killing them in brutal fashion and then passing through a door to the chapter’s final cut scene.

For easy navigation, head back to our main walkthrough for The Order: 1886. It’s there that gamers can jump between chapters as they see fit. For anyone ready to get right back into the action, go straight to The Order: 1886 Chapter 6: In the Darkest Hour.

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