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The Order: 1886 Chapter 15: To Save a Life – Get to Telsa’s Lab

by Prima Games Staff

Although this chapter is somewhat longer than the last, the only objective will be to Get to Telsa’s Lab. This is done via the underground tunnels, which actually makes for some pretty intense combat at times. In fact, we found one of the gun battles in this chapter to be as challenging (if not more) than anything else we’d experienced in the game so far.

Since the path forward is quite linear, players will need move in the only direction they can for a couple of minutes. After dropping through a hatch in the floor, the first two guards that need killing will be just up ahead and around the corner. Use the M2 ‘Falchion’ Auto-Rifle to put them down, then inch forward to find a room full of about a dozen more. Stay outside the room and fire into it, using the angle of the tunnel to Galahad’s advantage. When they are all down, scoop up anything of interest and continue on.

Players should continue on until they cross a wooden bridge with a set of stairs just beyond it. It’s here that a couple of bad guys will ambush Sir Galahad, but there’s only one or two so it shouldn’t be that tough of a fight. Moving forward will end up with gamers reaching a makeshift armory, a  clear sign that something crazy is about to go down.

As soon as Sir Galahad bursts through the door he will be in what some would argue is the toughest fight of the game. It’s just a standard gun battle, but the aggressiveness of the enemies and the close quarters area makes it difficult to stay alive. Players should take cover as soon as they can, even going with the Duelist Revolver as their weapon of choice since it will drop a man with two shots to the chest. The final key to success is speed and accuracy. Each time the former Knight pops out of cover, someone has to die. The more players miss, the more likely they are to fall.

When the room is cleared out players should take a moment to collect their thoughts, as well as some of the weapons and ammunition laying on the ground. Moving forward will give Sir Galahad a brief break in the action, but when he reaches a narrow room with wooden railings another dozen or so bad guys will try to take his life. Take quick aim at the explosive barrel where the guards are coming from, trying to take out as many as possible with one shot. The rest should die easily enough since they have no choice but to bunch up on their approach.

That fight will be the last of the chapter, at which point Sir Galahad can sprint forward until a cut scene takes players to the final boss fight.

For easy navigation, head back to our main walkthrough for The Order: 1886. It’s there that gamers can jump between chapters as they see fit. For anyone ready to get right back into the action, go straight to The Order: 1886 Chapter 16: Brother, Let Us Embrace.

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