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The Order: 1886 Chapter 14: A Knight of Old – Escape to Whitechapel

by Prima Games Staff

The only directive during this short chapter is to Escape to Whitechapel, and most players will be able to complete this task in about two or three minutes.

For the first part gamers will need to follow Lakshmi, slowing down and drawing their weapons when they hear some guards up ahead. We’re not sure exactly how many there are, but a safe bet is between three and five. Rather than engage them, however, look for an exploding barrel, shooting it to thin out their numbers before they even know they’re in a fight. Whatever opposition remains can be cleaned up in no time at all.

Tip: There is plenty of ammunition laying around if players find themselves running short, but the combat in this chapter shouldn’t be the least bit challenging.

As players continue to push forward they will run into another wave of guards, this one containing three or four as well. We didn’t see any barrels to shoot, but they can be eliminated easily enough with nothing more than a pistol. Continue pushing forward past even them to find a third wave, looking for another explosive barrel to wipe out the majority of attackers with one bullet. Tidy up whatever remains and move through the tunnels to trigger a chapter ending cut scene.

For easy navigation, head back to our main walkthrough for The Order: 1886. It’s there that gamers can jump between chapters as they see fit. For anyone ready to get right back into the action, go straight to The Order: 1886 Chapter 15: To Save a Life.

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