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The Order: 1886 Chapter 11: Brothers in Arms – Stealth Tips

by Prima Games Staff

Get ready for a long one folks, because this chapter is going to take players through many different combat situations, including some stealth game play. It starts out simple enough with Sir Galahad needing to Follow Lucan. This includes the two rooms where players start and further on after they pick up and inspect the Crossbow. Just keep tailing him until the directive updates.

From the rooftop perch gamers will want to Locate an Anchor Point, something that is as simple as looking down and to the right. It actually shows up as a point of interest, and when located Galahad will need to Fire the Bolt at the Anchor Point. This directive will remain in place until players use the zip line and melee the guard in the gazebo.

Tip: The Triangle button will melee bad guys, but players will want to wait for it to flash white. Hitting it at the wrong time will result in death and failure of the directive.

Sir Galahad now needs to Acquire the Gate Key, a directive that will definitely challenge some players to the point of rage quitting. We messed it up at least two or three times, but once gamers get the hang of things it’s not so bad.

The Crossbow has five bolts, but there are six guards in the garden that need to die. This means at least one must fall from a knife in the back, but quite frankly players could likely pull off all six kills in this manner. Just move from one guard to the next, studying their patrol and taking them out. They rarely move within each other’s line of sight, so don’t be afraid to take a couple of chances, just be sure to time the knife attacks properly. When the final guard is down Sir Galahad will find the key.

Press the R3 button to get an idea of where Sir Galahad can Unlock the Gate and then sneak that way. Once through he will have two more guards to deal with, but each one can be taken down in exactly the same manner as the six before them (seven if you count gazebo guy). When the area is clear, Rendezvous with Sir Lucan to move on to the next bit of stealth game play.

The stealth portion is almost over, but first Sir Galahad will need to Clear the West Wing, something that starts out with a simple melee kill against a lone guard on a balcony. From there, sneak downstairs to yet another garden, this time taking out four guards that are spread out on all four sides. There’s even some Crossbow bolts on the right patio, making that guard a great candidate to die first. With them down, pass through the sewer and quickly save Lakshmi from a UIC enemy.

The next objective is a long one, requiring players to Infiltrate the United India House. It starts by pushing a stage coach with Lakshmi and climbing up, and is followed by non-stop gun battles for about the next ten minutes. The first one is in the driveway with players taking cover on the balcony. The second one inside the house itself as soon as players climb through the window. The third one is after going down the stairs and through some double doors The fourth is back up on another balcony. While we could try to walk players through this step by step, there’s nothing here that everybody playing this chapter hasn’t seen before. It’s a lot of finding cover and popping out to take shots when the opportunity presents itself. Just keep pushing forward until the directive finally updates.

When players do finally get a new directive it will be to Search the Archives. Follow Sir Lucan into the room and begin looting, checking every bookshelf, table top and drawer that Sir Galahad can. When a cut scene interrupts, this is a cue that a quick time battle is about to begin. We don’t want to spoil it by naming names, so just keep that controller ready and hit the buttons as they pop up on the screen.

After the quick time battle ends players will need to Kill the Lycans. It follows the same formula that has been used throughout the entire game. Simply avoid their attacks if they get close, hitting them with bullets as they run away. When one falls, run up to it and execute the beast, then get ready to repeat that process two more times. After the third Lycan falls it’s on to the final directive of the chapter.

Players will now need to fight their way through two more guards and Pursue Lucan. It’s a very, very short chase, followed by a quick time event that will bring gamers to the end of the chapter.

For easy navigation, head back to our main walkthrough for The Order: 1886. It’s there that gamers can jump between chapters as they see fit. For anyone ready to get right back into the action, go straight to The Order: 1886 Chapter 12: A Traitor Amongst Us.

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