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The Order: 1886 Chapter 10: Confrontations – Sir Lucan

by Prima Games Staff

Well, after a marathon full of battles with the United India Company, this chapter will take gamers no more than five or six minutes, and once again they don’t need to be holding their controllers to beat it.

As players may have guessed, this chapter is all cut scene from start to finish, without so much as a hint of a quick time event. It’s still important to the plot, so we highly advise sitting through it and not heading out to grab a beverage. As for why we decided to include a short page dedicated to something that doesn’t require a walkthrough… well, it seemed wrong to leave a chapter out, so here it is.

For easy navigation, head back to our main walkthrough for The Order: 1886. It’s there that gamers can jump between chapters as they see fit. For anyone ready to get right back into the action, go straight to The Order: 1886 Chapter 11: Brothers in Arms.

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