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The Order: 1886 Chapter 1: Always a Knight – How to Kill Lycans

by Prima Games Staff

The chapter will begin with players needing to Identify the United India House, something that can be done by simply looking at it. After that the game will send Sir Galahad off to Meet with Igraine, and the journey will see players able to pick up all five of this chapter’s Inspectable Items, even though we’ll be covering that in a separate article at another time.

Players will need to start making their way through Waverton House, during which time they can pick up a total of three Inspectable Items if they want. The way out is actually a few floors below the starting position on the balcony, but the path is quite linear and won’t require much direction in terms of when to turn left and when to turn right.

Once Sir Galahad reaches another balcony on a lower floor, the game will teach players how to jump from that point to the fire escape across the alleyway. Do so, then drop to the ground and head out into the street. There are two more Inspectable Items to be picked up here, and when players bump into Lady Igraine they will have gone too far.

Follow Igraine as she runs through the streets, paying attention to the instructions on how to sprint, as well as how to update the directive at the top of the screen. A short cut scene will eventually lead players to the first real open action sequence of the game, requiring Sir Galahad to Incapacitate the Escapee Threat.

The on-screen instructions will walk players through how to equip their secondary weapon, as well as how to use the game’s cover system. The latter is of great importance since cover is the only thing that will keep Sir Galahad alive through much of the combat. Do as the game says and duck behind one of the small barricades, popping up and taking out Bedlamites with the C-78 Autoloading Pistol. When they’re all down, players will need to turn their attention to the left, working through several more foes before approaching the Exchange building.

A short cut scene will show a Bedlamite taking a hostage, at which point the directive will change to Pursue Escapees into the Exchange Building. Bust down the door and press the R1 button when prompted, then either shoot the bad guy, or sit back and let Lady Igraine get in on the action.

Move forward a little further and take cover next to Lady Igraine, getting ready to Clear the Grande Lounge of threats. This can be done almost entirely from where things begin, and when it’s done players will need to Follow Igraine and Clear the 2nd Floor East Wing. This is a lot more moving and shooting, but it’s nothing different from what’s been happening for the last several minutes.

Tip: Most enemies will fall with one bullet to the head, or three to the body. Players can tell they’ve scored the kill shot when the hit marker flashes red.

Following a lengthy cut scene, Sir Galahad and Lady Igraine will be asked to Pursue the Remaining Escapees. This will also see the introduction of a Knight Apprentice named Marquis De Lafayette, although he won’t be joining in on the upcoming fun.

Head inside and follow the linear, winding corridor in the only direction possible. As mentioned earlier, there are no Inspectable Items here, so exploring is completely optional (as well as somewhat limited). When players can’t go any further, follow the on-screen instructions to climb up the wall and shimmy across to the other side. After a short chat with Lady Igraine, jump through the window to complete the directive.

That cuddly looking thing is called a Lycan, which will sometimes be referred to as a Half-Breed. The new game directive will be to Eliminate the Lycans, but it’s much more straightforward than players might have expected.

Before Lycans can be killed, they must be knocked down and incapacitated by bullets. If they get close, the game will enter into a quick time event that requires Sir Galahad to dodge their attacks. Our advice is to press R1 when the M2 Falchion Auto-Rifle is equipped, then pepper the Half-Breed with bullets while it’s off balance. This will create a point of interest over the beast, giving players a chance to approach and perform an execution. This area will see three Half-Breeds attack, but players will only have to deal with one at a time. When players attempt to execute the third Lycan, a cut scene will bring about a new directive.

Sir Galahad will need to Pursue the Lycan. It’s not a long chase, and the fact that it’s entirely linear should make it a simple one to complete. The only thing players need to watch out for is the end, which comes about when Sir Galahad climbs up on top of a small roof. From here players need to equip their TS-23 Arc Induction Lance, holding L2 to aim and R2 to charge it. It only needs a little bit of juice, at which point Sir Galahad must take out the Lycan before it can attack Lady Igraine. This will bring the chapter to a close.

For easy navigation, head back to our main walkthrough for The Order: 1886. It’s there that gamers can jump between chapters as they see fit. For anyone ready to get right back into the action, go straight to The Order: 1886 Chapter 2: Amongst Equals.

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