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Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 4 – A Block and a Hard Place Walkthrough

by Prima Games Staff

We already walked you through the first three episodes of Minecraft: Story Mode, including The Order of the Stone, Assembly Required, and The Last Place You Look. Now we’re on to Episode 4: A Block and a Hard Place, focusing on the continuing adventures of Jesse and his friends as they try to stop an ancient evil.

After temporarily bringing it down, the Wither Storm returns and you’ll need to run over to Axel and meet back up with your friends. You’ll talk very quickly, then hop on some nearby horses. You’ll have to choose between Petra and Gabriel, depending who you want to tag along.

Use the action commands to move out of harm’s way of the rays the Wither Storm shoots. Watch out for the hole in the ground and jump over it as well. Don’t get tripped up!

You’ll come to a bridge, only to find that it’s been torn apart. You can use a quick action command to fix it, then safely make your way into the canyon.

The group will then regather and talk about the plan in a nearby cave. Here, you’ll be faced with a choice to say whether Lukas should go look for his other friends, or stick with your group. The choice is yours, but the story will continue moving either way.

Lukas, Petra and Gabriel will talk with Jesse and then Reuben will appear, forcing you to chase after him. You’ll find him on a nearby cliff edge, where you can have a chat. Following that, you’ll hear a voice far off from a strange direction.

Head to the right where you’ll find a ladder you can climb. You’ll find Soren and Ivor bantering with one another, but Ivor will actually be on your side now, helping to stop the Wither Storm. He’ll return with you to your group.

The party will then split up, and the next chapter will begin in the swamp, where you’ll need to find some food for you and your friends. Head inside the water and look for two potatoes sticking out of the ground. They’ll get the job done.

There will also be a cake, but Ivor will warn you about whether you should take it or not. If you want it, you’ll need to fight a witch that’s inside the house where the cake is. If not, you’ll still need to fight a witch, so you may as well take the cake.

Ivor will fend off the other witch, allowing you to run away on foot, towards the Far Lands. You’ll get to a giant wall, and onto the next chapter.

This is the longest chapter yet, as you make your way into a maze. You can talk to a few folks on the way if you wish, but take the right path to get to a blocky waterfall. Go past it and you’ll find an ambush waiting. Climb up the nearby vines to get to the top of the wall.

You’ll then work along the walls through the maze. The goal is to reach Ivor’s cottage, so follow this pattern:

The first floating island will be on the left hand side. Find the broken wall going to the left and go over it. Find another floating island (with walls that have a zig-zag like pattern) and go past it. Look for a spider at the end, take it down, then head south. Get past Olivia and you’ll have to deal with a witch using your weapon. A third floating island will then appear, with lava waterfalls flowing north. Finally, you’ll see a staircase on the left hand side, next to the waterfalls.

In short, you’ll go west, south, north and west again. You’ll see a chest and acquire the Redstone Duel and Slimeball inside. A Redstone Machine will need to be looked at, and Olivia will speak with Jesse. You can now craft a Redstone Block and Sticky Piston. Simply place them on the machine and you’re set. The gang will appear once again with zombies in tow, but you can head into Ivor’s cottage.

Speak with the folks in the cottage (or don’t, if you prefer) and go into a room with a fireplace. You’ll see a space for a lever, which you can build at a nearby crafting table. Put it in place and open the secret door, though it’ll shut behind you after Soren hits a tripwire.

You’ll find five treasures of the Order of the Stone, with Soren talking about each one. A wall will appear with five numbered boxes. Place them in this order to effectively move on, based on age:

Ghast Tears, Prismarine, Sea Lantern, Packed Ice, Dragon Egg

Once that’s done, Soren will talk about the battle of the Ender Dragon, with another puzzle appearing. You’ll see buttons coordinating with different weapons, which you can recreate using weapons. Go in this order: the Arrow, the TNT, the Redstone and the Sword. Go to the right side of the room and find the glowing blue block. Go up the walk alongside the stone dragon and use the lever, which should reveal a room with an Enchanted Book inside.

Soren then explains that the Order didn’t kill the Dragon. The Command Block was used to remove it. The Order lied about this to keep the world safe, which explains why Ivor left. The group will re-emerge, and an argument will come up, although the team will admit that the Wither Storm is currently the bigger problem at hand. 

You’ll be able to set up a new weapon and armor from here, ranging from Sword, Axe, Pickaxe, Shovel and Hoe. What you choose will be your main weapon for the rest of the game, so choose wisely. The Sword is a safe bet, although the Axe is great as well.

Once the weapon is chosen, use the Enchanted Book on the Anvil to finish its construction. You can then decide if you want to use new armor or the one that Magnus/Ellegaard previously gave you. After this, you’ll leave the cottage and continue onward.

You’ll reunite with your friends in front of the Wither Storm and talk quickly for a bit. Gabriel will then depart with Ivor in tow, and Petra will still be in the cave. That leaves Jesse, Axel, Olivia, Lukas and Soren to battle, although Soren will leave as well.

Go into the group of Endermen and the Wither Storm’s rays will follow. Using action commands, you’ll be able to slip through uninjured. Axel will get picked up by one of the rays, but you can use a quick-time move to save him.

Lukas will distract the Wither Storm by setting off fireworks, and the others will put together a TNT rocket ramp. Once it’s done, simply hit an action command and it’ll launch right into the Wither Storm.

Head through the purple area and walk past the withered people stuck in the walls. You’ll get to a Command Block, where you can break it open with your diamond weapon of choice. The tentacles will then awaken, and you’ll need to use action commands to finish them off and hit the Command Block again.

The Block will now move to the ceiling, and you’ll have to climb the walls and hop on a tentacle to reach it. The Wither Storm’s heads will reappear, and you’ll need to avoid its rays safely.

However, you actually want to get caught by one of the rays later on, as you can ride it to hit the Wither Storm in the head with your weapon. That’ll shut it down, allowing you to climb up and grab a nearby tentacle.

You’ll drop your sword, but Reuben will retrieve it and climb up the walls, and you’ll have a chance to get it by catching him. After that, Reuben will helplessly fall into an abyss, forcing you to slash the Command Block one last time, which will eliminate the Wither Storm for good.

The scene will now change to the water, where you’ll say your final words to your beloved pet pig. One week later a celebration will take place near Reuben’s burial spot. You’ll be able to reveal the truth of the Order of the Stone at this point, either telling the truth or letting them believe in the theory. That’s how this episode concludes, leaving quite a cliffhanger for when Episode 5: Order Up! arrives this spring.


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