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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 07 – Red Brass

by Prima Games Staff

This section of the guide will help you achieve an S Rank score in the Red Brass mission for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. We will also present a list of the primary and optional objectives for this mission. However, you do not need to complete all of the objectives for the S Rank.  You will need to earn a score of 130,000 or higher to achieve an S Rank on a given mission. Getting a time bonus grants you a much higher score, so it is best to do this is by finishing the mission as quickly and efficiently as possible. 


  • Eliminate the commander from Wialo Village (Mandatory).
  • Eliminate the commander from Shago Village (Mandatory).
  • Eliminate the commander from Wakh Sind Barracks (Mandatory).
  • Extract the commander and all soldiers in the vehicle from Wakh Sind Barracks (Optional).
  • Extract all three commanders (Optional).
  • Listen to the end of the commanders’ conversation (Optional).
  • Extract the two prisoners held at Da Ghwandai Khar (Optional).   


Start this mission by arriving at the landing zone south of Da Wialo Kallai. Note that the time of day can affect your operation. We opted to begin this mission at 18:00 hours in order to infiltrate during the cover of darkness. 

Once you’ve landed, prepare for your journey by using your iDROID to set a waypoint along the road just south of Da Wialo Kallai. Here you will wait for the first commander to travel by jeep with two bodyguards through this area as they go from Da Shago Kallai to Da Wialo Kallai.  Position your D-Horse on the road to obstruct the enemy convoy and proceed to take out the enemies using your tranquilizer gun, making sure not to allow them to call for backup.  Your best bet is to extract the commander using the Fulton Recovery Device if possible, but you can kill the commander if the situation goes awry. 

The next commander will be travelling from Wakh Sind Barracks to Da Wialo Kallai, but it is very difficult to intercept him prior to his arrival. Instead, head to Da Wialo Kallai and prepare to eliminate the remaining two commanders at the meeting place in the village.

Check your iDROID upon arrival to the village, as it indicates the estimated location of the commanders with a red circle. Depending on the time you arrive, the two commanders could either be moving about the village or waiting at the meeting place, which is a small building on the east side of the main road. Stealthily infiltrate the village, taking down enemies with your tranquilizer dart as you go, and use the Fulton Recovery Device to extract enemies to Mother Base whenever possible.

If you wish to complete the optional objective to extract two prisoners being held at Da Ghwandai Khar, you would need to do this prior to your arrival at the meeting point. You will no longer have the chance to retrieve the prisoners once you have eliminated the three commanders, as leaving the mission area concludes the whole operation. Opting to extract the prisoners will cut into your time, so you will likely have to deal with all of the commanders at the meeting place rather than on the road if you decide to go after the prisoners first. 

Keep in mind there are other modifiers that increase your score beyond completing the objectives. You can earn an extra 5,000 points each for not restarting from any checkpoints, or from getting no kills throughout the mission. You can also earn a cool 10,000 points if you finish the mission without activating Reflex Mode. If you achieve a combination of these modifiers along with the time bonus, you are well on your way to earning the S Rank for this mission. 

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