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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 15 Footprints of Phantoms

by Prima Games Staff

This guide will show you how to earn an S Rank for the Footprints of Phantoms mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. We have also listed all of the objectives for this mission, but keep in mind that it is not necessary to complete all of the missions to get an S Rank. Scoring at least 130,000 points or more will grant you an S Rank, and earning the time bonus greatly increases your score. Our goal is to help you earn an S Rank by completing this mission as quickly as possible. However, if this is your first playthrough of this mission, you may want to explore and gather resources, then replay the mission to earn the S Rank on your second session.


  • Eliminated all Walker Gears (Mandatory).
  • Extract two prisoners held at Ditadi Abandoned Village (Optional).
  • Extract all Walker Gears (Optional).
  • Pick a Digitalis plant at the Ditadi Abandoned Village (Optional).
  • Extract a truck at Ditadi Abandoned Village (Optional).


Begin by choosing to land at the landing zone southwest of Ditadi Abandoned Village. You will be headed toward some small sets of buildings on the far east side of the village. This is where all the Walker Gear is located for the mandatory objective. You may want to take time to complete some optional objectives and gather materials if this is your first playthrough, since there is quite a bit to do in this mission area.  But, if you are ready to complete the S Rank, then let’s continue. 

Your goal is to either extract the Walker Gears, or destroy them using C4. If you don’t have the upgraded Fulton Recovery Device, then you will have to opt for destroying them instead. However, this should not affect your ability to earn the S Rank. 

Ride your D-Horse around to the east side of the village and approach a pair of buildings from the back. Be careful not to alert the few guards patrolling near the buildings, or else you will have to fend off the Walker Gear.  Keep your tranquilizer pistol handy, and neutralize any guards you can spot. You can extract a few of these guards if you wish, just make sure to move fast so that you don’t hinder your time bonus. Quickly plant C4 to destroy all of the Walker Gears, or extract them if you have the upgraded Fulton Recovery Device. Extracting them also completes one of the optional objectives. 

When finished, mount D-Horse and ride away from the hot zone, concluding the mission. If you followed our guide, you will have earned a quick and easy S Rank in just a few minutes. 

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