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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 14 Lingua Franca

by Prima Games Staff

This guide will show you how to earn an S Rank for the Lingua Franca mission in Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. We have also listed all of the objectives for this mission, but keep in mind that it is not necessary to complete all of the missions to get an S Rank. Scoring at least 130,000 points or more will grant you an S Rank, and earning the time bonus greatly increases your score. This is one of the simpler missions, and should only take about three minutes to complete, giving you enough time bonus points to earn the S Rank. 


  • Identify the Afrikaans interpreter (Optional).
  • Identify the Viscount (Optional).
  • Extract the Viscount (Mandatory).
  • Pinpoint the locations of the four prisoners from an Intel file (Optional).
  • Extract three prisoners held at Kiziba Camp (Optional).
  • Extract a materials container at Kiziba Camp (Optional).
  • Listen to all four prisoner interrogations (Optional).


Keep in mind that if this is your first time playing through this mission, we recommend that you complete some of the optional missions in order to enhance your skillset. For example, the Afrikaans interpreter will prove useful later on, and the material containers can be used to expand Mother Base. Play through the mission and complete the optional objectives first, and then attempt to earn the S Rank on a separate playthrough so that you don’t miss out.  If you’re ready to earn your S Rank, then prepare to follow along. 

Begin by landing at the LZ to the northeast of Kiziba Camp. Use your iDROID to set a waypoint east of your location, in the middle of an open area about halfway between the 01 and the 04 numbers indicated on the map. This is the location of the only mandatory objective for this mission, which is all you will need to earn the S Rank. 

Saddle up on D-Horse and begin riding toward your custom waypoint that you just placed in the east. Your waypoint was close to the right spot if you are able to locate a small wall-less shelter with a single soldier stationed underneath. Use your tranquilizer gun to neutralize the soldier, adding the No Kills bonus points to your final score. 

Use your Fulton Recovery Device to extract the sleepy soldier after bringing him out from the shelter. Do the same to extract the Viscount, who is tied up on the ground nearby. This completes the mandatory objective. Now, all you need to do is exfiltrate the area. Hop on your D-Horse and ride far away enough to clear the hot zone and conclude the mission.

This mission should only take about three minutes to complete, granting you a significant time bonus. If you followed our steps, then you should also earn points for having No Kills, No Reflex, and No Enemy Combat Alert triggers. This will give you way more than the required 130,000 points needed to earn the S Rank score. 

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