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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 01 – Phantom Limbs

by Prima Games Staff

Now that you’re acquainted with the stealth and combat mechanics in MGS 5: The Phantom Pain, it’s time to officially begin Metal Gear Solid 5 Chapter 1: Revenge – Episode 1. Our goal with this article is to guide you through the mission using the quickest means possible, and we will focus little on secondary objectives. However, feel free to stray from our path if you wish to explore or hunt for collectibles on your own. 

Begin by using your iDROID to get a feel for the landscape. Then, use your binoculars to scope out the Da Wialo Kallai village off in the distance to the northwest, using your iDROID to assist you with your cardinal directions if necessary. Also, take note of a couple guards stationed at a guard post roughly halfway to the village. The pair of guards make for another convenient opportunity to practice your stealth and combat abilities, but you can also avoid the guard post all together if you wish. We decided to go ahead and take down the pair of foes, so follow along if you wish to do the same. 

You receive several options for handling enemies depending on your desired outcome. You can choose to go the non-lethal route by knocking the enemy unconscious, or you can opt to interrogate him, as this will supply you with crucial information or additional intelligence that can aid you with future objectives. Of course, there is also the option to kill your foes, as we did in this scenario. We opted to execute the closest guard with a headshot, and took down the second guard with a stealth kill. 

Approach from the west side of the village, heading to high ground to gain a better vantage point. Using your binoculars, locate the command post signified by a Soviet flag and satellite dish. The goal here is to gain intel on the location of Kazuhira Miller.   

Cross a small wooden bridge and carefully make your way toward the command post. Notice the guard to the left, as well as a second guard who joins him. Attempting to kill the first guard will surely alert the other, so leave them alone for now. 

Here, you must put your stealth abilities to the test. Look to the left of the light colored building in front of you and spot an open entrance in a nearby building. Use your binoculars to mark any guards you can see, allowing you to track their movements. You must carefully sneak past the guards without being spotted to make your way to this entrance. 

When you’ve successfully made your way into the building, snag the Rough Diamond you find inside. Locate a window next to where you found the diamond, and prepare to climb through the window when the guard walks away. Once you’re through the window, turn left and head through a partially opened metal door.  Turn right to go up the stairs and into a nearby room. Here you should find a file on a desk that indicates Miller’s whereabouts.

With your new intel, you are able to make your move on Miller, but not without leaving this village first. Your best bet is to backtrack through where you came from and head east. Use the ‘19’ indicated on your iDROID and move toward that direction. We found it is best to approach from the north rather than the west, as this bypasses a majority of the enemies in buildings you would otherwise stealth your way through.  

Once you approach the village where Miller is located, you must sneak past a few guards on your way in. Remember to mark the enemies with your binoculars when possible to keep tabs on their movements. We suggest using your stealth skills to infiltrate the village, but if you alert the guards or find yourself fighting multiple enemies, try to stay in cover and calmly take out one enemy at a time. Make sure you either eliminate all the enemies or at least have them marked, as this will aid you in a few moments. 

Upon infiltrating the village, you will discover Miller handcuffed to the wall. After a brief cut scene, hoist him onto your back and prepare to leave. If you cleared out all of the enemies earlier, then you should be able to stroll out of here fairly easily. Shooting enemies while lugging your buddy on your back is no easy task, so make sure you at least have the enemies marked to make your extraction a bit easier. 

Prepare for an inconvenient encounter with the Skulls upon reaching the LZ. The area behind you is out of bounds, so these guys are blocking your only exit. Attempting to sneak by them proved to be very difficult, so it appears you’ll have to dash out of there instead. Mount your trusty steed after tossing Miller on your horse and get ready to ride. 

The Skulls will be on your tail as you gallop toward a secondary LZ. Try to juke around objects to mitigate damage, swerving behind rocks and through ditches in an attempt to throw off the enemies. This should eventually cause them to back off, allowing you to finish the mission. Time to get to the chopper!

Once you are near the LZ, hop off your horse and hoist Miller over your shoulder once again. Put him on the helicopter and then board yourself, concluding the episode. 

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