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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 03 – A Hero’s Way

by Prima Games Staff

This guide will show you how to complete Metal Gear Solid 5: Chapter 1 – Episode 3: A Hero’s Way. This is an open ended operation, meaning you can tackle it however you want. We opted to drop in at the northern landing zone, making our way south along the roads and taking the high ground. We’re getting a bit ahead of ourselves, so let’s back up for a moment.

Before you drop in, take a good look at your iDROID map and zoom in on Da Shago Kallai. In the southwest part of the village you will see a structure between two roads. This is the main complex and where we ultimately found the commander. You can mess around taking out his soldiers if you want, but you can also make your way directly to that building and get the job done quickly. Of course, thinning enemy numbers is a risk/reward decision. If you are made, you will end up in a firefight against a large group of soldiers. However, if you can take out some of the more troublesome troops, you can make your journey to the commander a much safer one. 

Head south along the road from the northern LZ and you will eventually spot a guard post with one soldier in the tower and one on the ground. Wait for an opportunity, then sneak in and silently eliminate the solider on the ground. From here you can either climb the ladder to kill the second solider, or you can shoot him from a distance. You might also consider trying the Fulton Recovery Device, but that’s up to you. 

When the guard post is clear, search for any materials that might be laying around and then head south again. We stuck to the west side of the road, taking the high ground and spending a few minutes with our binoculars. You should be able to mark a large number of foes, giving you a better chance of remaining undetected.

Pay special attention to three buildings (not the main complex), as each one will have a solider on it using the spotlight. You can infiltrate each structure while remaining on the outskirts of the village, climbing the ladder and silently eliminating the soldier in each one. This will help you  move around the village a little better, as the best enemy vantage points are neutralized.

When you feel like things are bit more manageable, consider approaching the main complex from the southwest, as most of the patrols you have to deal with are to the east and northeast of that position. We can’t help you sneak in by telling you the location of every soldier, as they move around a lot and it depends entirely on timing. Just remember to take out isolated soldiers, hiding their bodies so they cannot be discovered by their comrades. 

You’ll also want to keep in mind that the Fulton Recovery Device can be seen by the enemy, so don’t think you can just attach an unconscious soldier and let it fly. You have to be aware of who can see and hear what you’re doing. Ultimately, this is what caused us to go from a stealth operation to a kill them all operation. 

If you are discovered, go to one of the three main buildings where you killed the lone guards. We didn’t have any trouble with the enemy approaching us here, and it gave us a great view of what we had to deal with. We just kept killing everyone we could, moving back and forth along the roof. We even called in a supply drop when we ran out of ammunition and wore out our suppressors.

Whether you kill everyone or sneak past them, look for the commander on the bottom floor of the main complex. We found him cowering behind a bar, and choked him out rather than eliminate him. We then threw him on our back and carried him outside, attaching the Fulton Delivery Device to him and sending him back to Mother Base. This is something you will want to do often, as skilled personnel help you upgrade departments.

When the commander is handled, grab the nearby jeep and drive out of the hot zone. If you killed everyone around, it should be a chill ride. If you didn’t, you should expect things to be a little tougher. When you’re clear, the mission will end.

You can now choose whether you want to accept another mission right away, or if you want to go grab one of the side operations. You can also return to the Mother Base for a shower and to develop some new weapons (you can develop the weapons from the field as well). You will most likely need your iDROID.

When ready, continue to Episode 4: C2W, or visit Prima’s guide hub for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

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