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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 02 – Diamond Dogs

by Prima Games Staff

This walkthrough will show you how to complete all of the objectives in Metal Gear Solid 5 Chapter 1 – Episode 2: Diamond dogs. It’s a short mission that will teach you some new tricks, but those lessons will serve you well during your time on the ground.

Begin by walking over to Ocelot and having a quick conversation. He’ll introduce you to the Fulton Recovery Device, and it’s one of the cooler and most useful things you can take with you into battle. In its basic form (the one you have unlocked now), it can be used to extract unconscious soldiers from the battlefield. Whether you hit them with a tranquilizer, choke them out or punch them to sleep, you can then attach the Fulton Recovery Device to their bodies and watch them shoot off into the sky. 

You’ll need to try this out on some of your own troops at Mother Base to get the hang of it, so pick one lucky participant and hit him with the tranquilizer. If you have to, hit him with three. Once he’s down, approach his body and follow the prompt to begin the extraction. 

Stick close to Ocelot and take in everything he has to say about how you  run Mother Base, including how you need more bodies to staff your Research and Development team. When he’s done, exit your iDROID and look for another one of your men to knock out. After you extract him, open your iDROID again and follow Ocelot’s instructions to develop the Grade 1 C.Box, then have a supply drop deliver one to you. When the box lands, approach and interact in order to get the C.Box in your inventory. 

Return to Ocelot and see what else he has for you to do. We completed another extraction, plus worked on our CQB skills in various ways. These are all important lessons you’ll need to master to be effective out in the field, so don’t be afraid to use your willing men as guinea pigs. 

When you’re done with everything Ocelot has for you, take a minute to wander around Mother Base. There’s not a lot to see yet, but there is a shower a few feet to Ocelot’s left. After you return from battle, take a shower and you will notice Snake gets cleaner. It’s a nice touch to an already very complex game. 

You’ll be ready to head out on a mission at this point, and you can choose to tackle these missions in whatever order you’d like. If you want to leave the Mother Base and put some work in, bring up your iDROID and navigate to the Missions tab. From there you can choose Helicopter and call for a support chopper to pick you up. You’ll have to choose a landing zone, and on Mother Base there is currently only one. Once your chopper arrives, climb onboard and bring up your iDROID again. You will have to go to the Missions tab a second time, and once there you can select the mission you’d like to tackle next. This will bring you to the end of the episode.

Continue Snake’s adventure with Episode 3: A Hero’s Way, or head back to Prima’s guide hub for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

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