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Metal Gear Solid 5: Mission 04 – C2W

by Prima Games Staff

This will guide you through Chapter 1 – Episode 4: C2W of Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain, where you will use C4 to cripple enemy transceiver antennas. Along the way, we will also go over an optional side mission. Keep in mind this is how we handled the operation. If you decide to do things differently, our guide may not necessarily apply to your approach. 

We chose to head east down the road in order to invade the area from the west. Along the way you will spot a guard post. You may have already taken care of this post if you finished several side operations, but we will show you how to clear the area anyway. 

Use your iDROID to mark the three soldiers stationed at the post. Do not kill the soldier labeled as the Russian interpreter because he will prove useful soon enough. Go ahead and take out his two comrades, though.  Be sure to use a non-lethal approach to neutralize the Russian interpreter, then attach him to the Fulton Extraction Device to ship him back to Mother Base. You’ll receive word you can now understand Russian conversations and can even interrogate Russian soldiers in the field.

Now that you completed this short side mission, you can go on with the main objective. Continue down the road, making sure to utilize your iDROID to scan the area ahead for enemies. Locate a nearby guard post along the way. You’ll notice one stationed soldier and three other soldiers who eventually patrol the same area as well.  Two of the soldiers tend to stick together, so allow these two to leave the area before making your move. 

You should be able to take out the other two guards when they are left alone. Stay along the north side of the road and wait until the area is clear. Neutralize the single soldier at the spotlight by sneaking up behind him.  As you know, your options are to kill him, choke him out or interrogate him.  Since knowledge is power, we opted to interrogate him about the locations of his fellow soldiers. Handle him however you wish and continue on to the next soldier. 

After taking down the soldier at the spotlight, hide his body to ensure it won’t alert the other soldier on patrol. Wait for the other solitary soldier to return and prepare to take him out however you see fit, making sure to hide his body as well. Afterwards, head back over to the north side of the road and scale the cliffs overlooking the area.  Keep an eye out for a soldier who occasionally patrols your location, and you should be able to neutralize him with little trouble.  This should be the last soldier you have to get rid of, but you can handle the scenario as you wish. Remember you can also mark enemies with your iDROID to make maneuvering around the camp a bit easier. 

Before putting away your iDROID, target and request additional intel on several transceiver antennas located on various rooftops.  They will look similar to small satellite dishes.  Your objective is to destroy three of these transceiver antennas using C4. Once you marked these transceivers with your iDROID, they will appear on your map. Now all you have to do is carefully climb up each building with a transceiver and plant C4 at the top.  If for some reason you don’t have C4, it is possible to do this using grenades, but we definitely don’t advise it. This will alert the remaining enemies before you can leave the base, since you can’t time the explosions.  Hopefully you have C4, as this will make the operation go smoothly.

At this point, you shouldn’t have to eliminate more enemies. Just be sure to have them marked with your iDROID so you know their movements. When the enemies turn away from you, sneak up to plant the C4 at the transceiver antennas. After planting C4 at all three antennas, carefully leave the camp, heading back where you came from. Feel free to blow the C4 once you distance yourself from the camp. 

Taking out all of the remaining soldiers can provide you with additional resources and intel that may prove useful in the future, so you may choose to do this after you complete the C4 objective. When your work is finished, use your iDROID to call for an extraction and meet the helicopter at the landing zone. 

Proceed to Episode 5: Over the Fence, or return to Prima’s free walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain.

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