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Mad Max: Outer Graves and Blackmaws

by Bryan Dawson

Story Mission: Feral Man

Objectives: Find water, drink from the canteen, find the dog and speak with Chumbucket.

Following the intro, go in search of water. Look at the mini-map and then walk in the direction of the green circle. You will come to a water source, so pull out your canteen and fill it. Now take a sip to refill Max’s health.

It seems Max’s dog vanished, so go looking for his pet. Exit the busted structure and you will see another green point of interest, this one revealing the dog’s whereabouts.  Walk towards this green waypoint and a cut scene plays. When it’s over, head to the next green waypoint to view another movie.

Objectives: find wire for Chum’s buggy and loot the body.

The next green waypoint leads Max to a corpse. Rummage through the remains and take the two shotgun shells. Now walk in the direction of the next green waypoint to come face to face with an enemy known as the War Pup. Since you found ammo for the shotgun, hit the War Pup with one blast to put him away, then travel to yet another waypoint to encounter additional War Pups looking to put the hurt on Max.  You’re low on shotgun rounds, so your fists are the best weapons for the job. Pummel two groups of bad guys and then approach the waypoint to find some wire.

Objectives: Return the wire to Chum, follow Chum to his buggy, put the dog in the back of the buggy, drive to the lookout point and follow Chum to the lookout point.

Don’t return to Chumbucket yet. For now, search for two items in this location and pick them up. You’ll find one inside the tent, while the other is on a carrier. Now head in Chumbucket’s direction. Bring the dog to his buggy and put the canine in the back. Now hop inside the vehicle and stick to the green outlined path on the mini-map. Reach this new destination, get out of the buggy and walk with Chumbucket until another cut scene plays. Mission complete.

Pull out Max’s binoculars and check out the fortress. Now step back inside the buggy and return to Chumbucket’s hideout (the game marks this in green). Talking to him will begin the next mission, but instead of doing this right away, go outside and walk around the back of the hideout, where you’ll discover bad guys you should have little trouble defeating. When they’re taken care of, search the containers and collect the scrap. Now you can speak to Chumbucket to start the next mission.

Story Mission: Magnum Opus

Objectives: Drive to the Graveyard, find fuel for the Magnum Opus, refuel the vehicle and store a fuel can in the back.

While traveling to the next waypoint, the Magnum Opus will run low on fuel. When this happens you will notice additional waypoints displayed on the map. Move to the nearest one on the left and you will find two pieces of scrap, along with an empty fuel can. Don’t worry, you have enough gas. Now go to the waypoint on the right. Providing you didn’t go off the beaten path, Max should run out of gas just as he arrives.

Exit the vehicle and take down the three enemies. Now pick up the fuel and put it inside the Magnum Opus. In fact, you should have extra, so stick it in the back. Pick up more scrap, this time inside the tent and the carrier nearby, then hop into the Magnum Opus and take it to the next green waypoint.

Objectives: Destroy the gate and find a car body.

Drive up to the gate, exit the vehicle and then pick up the fuel from the back of the Magnum Opus. Set the fuel on fire and then hurl it towards the gate. Quickly go back inside the car and use the map to reach the next destination. Make note of the bombs hanging along this path and avoid these explosives at all costs. These blow up on contact, while others will swing around and explode after a short time. If you hear the sound of a bomb detaching, that’s a warning there’s danger ahead. You basically have two options. Gun it and speed past the bombs in the hopes of avoiding the explosion, or take a much safer approach and stop far enough away until they detonate.  We suggest the latter approach, because unless you’re a skilled driver, the former option may result in a destroyed vehicle. Of course we can’t fault you for taking the riskier approach, this being an action game and all.

Objectives: Reach the car body platform and collect the flashlight.

Watch the cut scene and then go inside the tunnel. Check the left area near the top for more scrap. Someone’s running a short distance away, but there’s nothing to fear in this section of the game. Now use the zip line to access a new area and collect the flashlight.

The crack looks narrow but Max can squeeze himself through it. When you appear on the other side, head to the water on the right and refill the canteen. Completely refill Max’s health and then use the next zip line. When you land, go left and collect another piece of scrap near the right wall. You’ll find even more scrap by the next green waypoint, near a steel fence with some wheels hanging from it. Do this before going to the aforementioned waypoint so you collect the third piece of scrap.

Objectives: Select a car body and defeat the Buzzards.

Now it’s time to choose the vehicle body you like most (we opted for the Furnace body); this is merely for aesthetics, and does not alter stats.

From here you will battle the Raza Rattlers.  When you see a red marker on one of these guys, this indicates Max will not be able to parry the ensuing attack. Avoid these attacks and then bait a Raza into a normal attack you can then parry and counter.  Otherwise, the Raza Rattler will continue to dodge Max’s strikes.

Upon defeating one Raza Rattler, a bunch of Skinks will show up. Although these guys resemble Raza Rattlers, they don’t carry knives. You’re free to fight them with basic attacks, but be careful because someone will hurl explosives from up high. The ensuing blast will prevent you from exiting the way you entered, but thankfully there’s a wench on the other side of this area by the crane.

Objective: Escape the Graveyard.

Break this wench and then smash through the wall to find the exit. Go through and take the ladder down. Hop into the Magnum Opus and then head towards the next waypoint by following the marked green route on the map. Bombs will once again fall, but so long as you stick to the middle of this road they won’t pose too much of a problem.

Speed through the first gate and now it’s time for some vehicle combat against three adversaries.  We suggest using Max’s shotgun to blast each vehicle’s fuel tank for a one-hit kill. To do this, drive close to a rival and Max will automatically target the car’s fuel tank. Do your best to destroy these enemies one at time.

With all three defeated, drive to the end of the Graveyard and the mission is complete.  If you took damage, visit Chumbucker to make vehicle repairs, then talk to him to start the next mission.

Story Mission: Righteous Work

Objectives: Collect the Scrap, collect the jag tip, return the jag tip to Chum, exit Chum’s hideout and destroy the scarecrows.

Before getting into anything crazy, look at the map to see the location of five scrap pieces. Pick these up and then walk into the next room. Now walk up the stairs and acquire the jag tip. Bring this jag tip to Chumbucket and you will be able to upgrade the Magnum Opus. Attach the Tussle Bar Ramming Grill and the Base Harpoon.

Now get inside the Magnum Opus. You must destroy three scarecrow posts conveniently placed on the map; you can collect scrap each time you bust one up.  One is just ahead while the other is located south. Simply ram these scarecrow posts to destroy them. The third, meanwhile, is located north.  Approach the post and use the harpoon to yank it down.

Objectives: Scout the camp from the lookout point, eliminate the sniper and disable the flame pipe at the gate.

Check the map and then drive to the lookout. Exit the Magnum Opus and then inspect the Undertow oil pump camp. With Max’s binoculars, make note of the Flame Pipe, War Crier and Camp Sniper, then return to your vehicle.

Approach this camp but exercise caution. You must quickly and safely pass through each defensive measure to avoid alerting the whole camp of Max’s presence. When the sniper sees Max, use the harpoon to make him dead. Now use the harpoon again, this time on the flame pipe located to the right of the gate. Yank down the flame pipe using the Magnum Opus.   As long as the flame pipe is down, you won’t wake up the entire camp.

Objectives: Enter the camp, eliminate the War Crier.

Use the Magnum Opus to smash through the gate. Now exit the car and head to the middle of the camp. Enemies appear, but you’ll avoid taking too much damage if you quickly break the wench. Not only does this take out the War Crier, but it also prevents everyone else from getting a damage buff.

Objectives: Find the remains of Max’s car and destroy the oil pump.

Pick up the scrap and then walk to the southwest of this location to find a small room. Head inside to find more scrap and walk to the next green waypoint on the map to discover wreckage from Max’s older vehicle, History Relic.  Now break the gate on the left and you’ll battle two War Boys and a Jabber Boy.  While the War Boys are easy to beat, you’ll need to use a similar Raza Rattlers strategy to take out the Jabber Boy. Wait for the red icon to appear, dodge the attack and then parry.

The Jabber Boy drops a shiv, so pick this up and then walk ahead to find more scrap. From here, ascend the platform where the Jabber Boy originally stood. Climb the ladder and you’ll discover a Scrotus Insignia.  There are three of these in the area, and breaking them all completes a secondary objective for this mission. Smash the insignia and then walk through the entrance on the right. Go left and gather more scrap.

Return to where the Scrotus Insignia was and enter the doorway on the right, then walk across the bridge.  Move left and walk into a doorway on the right. You will see a ladder that’ll take you down, but instead of doing this now, ascend the ladder in the corner.

Walk into the doorway and collect the shotgun ammo, shiv and scrap. Descend the ladder you just climbed, and now go to the center of that room and go down the ladder.  Head around the corner and go down yet another ladder.  Walk down the hallway and pick up the scrap, then take the northwest hallway and down another ladder.  Pick up the shotgun ammo and blast the Scrotus Insignia on the other side of the room. Trudge through the crude and pick up scrap in the corner of this area, then go back up the ladder, which puts Max once again in the large room.

Travel left into the other doorway and ascend the ladder. Walking forward will launch a cut scene. When it’s over, walk to the end of the hallway and ascend the ladder. You will discover enemies and an oil pump.

Good news! Max now has Fury, which lets him deal even more damage to enemies. Use it to annihilate anyone standing in his way, pick up whatever they drop and pan the camera west to see the third Scrotus Insignia.

You know what to do! Break the insignia! Now you should access the platform with the oil drum and break the door on the left. Collect the fuel canister, go to the oil drum, set the fuel on fire and toss the canister at the oil drum.

Objective: Return to the Magnum Opus.

There’s little to do in this area now, so return to the Magnum Opus. Otherwise, stick around to find more scrap.  One piece is behind the oil drum. The second is east of the oil drum, but you must climb to grab it. Now take the ladder northwest of the oil drum up to find the third scrap piece, which is inside a tiny room.

If you followed this walkthrough, you found all of the scrap pieces for the Undertow oil pump camp.  Nothing left to see here. Take the zip line to return to the place where you entered camp, then get back inside the Magnum Opus.

Objective: Meet up with the mysterious wastelander.

Go to the green waypoint on the map, exit the Magnum Opus and walk to the mysterious wastelander, otherwise known as Griffa. This is where you can exchange tokens to boost Max’s abilities. You currently possess five tokens. Note: in order for Griffa to appear in a new area (in-game and on the map), you must decrease the threat level. Do this and you can pay Griffa a visit whenever you want.

Objectives: Return to the Magnum Opus, signal Chum with the flare gun, use the garage to install the dual nitro boost, test out the nitro boost and defeat the spotters.

After leveling up, go to the Magnum Opus. It appears Chumbucker took your ride, so you must use the flare gun (press right on the d-pad) to call him. When he returns, get inside the vehicle and then bring up the customization menu to install the Dual Nitro Boost.

Look at the map and follow the marked route until you see a ramp in the center of the desert.  Gun it towards the ramp, then use the Dual Nitro Boost as soon as you reach it. Not only does this complete the objective, but you’ll also see bad guys.  Use the Magnum Opus to crash into the first vehicle, then wait for another car to arrive. Use Max’s shotgun for the one-hit kill, and now you’re able to kill remaining foes using whatever methods you desire.

Pause the game and upgrade Max’s combat abilities; this is different from upgrading with Griffa. Then return to Chumbucket to start the next mission.

Continue journeying through the wasteland with the Balefire Flatland Story Missions and Jeet’s stronghold, or return to Prima’s free Mad Max walkthrough, where you’ll learn valuable tips for beating the game.

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