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Lords of the Fallen: Make Your Way Through the Catacombs and Beat the Champion

by Bryan Dawson

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Find Antanas and Kaslo in the Monastery Citadel

When you reach the graveyard, it is now filled with several Golems and a Temple Guardian. From the entrance, hug the left wall to find a partially hidden door near the stairs. Access the checkpoint, then head down the stairs to the right. Take out the Temple Guardian ahead, then use a Sealed Rune (small) to open the door on the right. Inside the room is a chest that contains the My Axe greataxe.

Continue down to the bottom of the stairs. Go down the hallway to the right, then into the door to the left. Inside is an Infected. Defeat it, then pick up the Human Skull quest item in the corner near the door. Make note of the closed portal in this room, then head back out and continue to the left.

Take out the Infected at the end of the hallway, then head down the corridor to the left to find two more Infected in the next room. Open the chest in the room to obtain a Grip dagger. Head out of the room and straight ahead, down the next hallway. Take out the Rogue that attacks, then open the door to the left.

Before you enter the next room, look up to see a large spider on the ceiling. Use a ranged attack to knock it down, then finish it off if the beast is still alive when it hits the ground. Open the chest inside the room to find head, leg and chest Living Legend armor.

Head out of the room, then down the stairs to the left. Take out the Rogue and Infected in the next room, then pick up the Human Skull near the end of the room on the right. At the end of the room you can go left, right or straight. Go left first and pick up the Human Skull on the ground.

Continue up the stairs and take out the Infected on the right. Make your way up the next set of stairs and take down the two Infected at the top. Pick up the audio note in the corner, then use a Sealed Rune (small) to open the chest. Inside the chest is leg and wrist Cold Blood armor.

Go back to the previous junction point, and this time head up the stairs to the left. Pick up the Human Skull at the top, then head into the room across the hall and take out the Forger within. Pick up the audio note in the corner, then access the weapon forge if you need to craft anything.

When you exit the room, to the left there’s a frail wooden plank over a hole in the ground. Before you head in that direction, go down the stairs to the right. Take down the spiders, then break through the wooden barrier to the right (attack it or roll through it). Round the corner, then head into the side path immediately to the right.

At the top of the side path there’s a room with a Human Skull quest item on either end. Make sure to step on the pressure plate in the center of the room to open a door further down your path. Head back down to the main path and continue to the right. Open the door at the end of the hallway to find a chest in the next room that holds a Bloodsick shortsword.

Head back to the area with the wooden plank. You cannot traverse the wooden plank or it will break, but you can jump across it. On the other side is a Human Skull quest item. Beyond the item there’s an audio note to the right and a Temple Guardian in the room straight ahead. Down the path to the left (which also leads into the room ahead) is a chest that holds a full Harmony armor set.

Straight ahead from the entrance to the room, there are stairs heading to the right. It’s difficult to see the stairs until you’re right next to them. The stairs loop around the room with two points of entry. There’s a Rogue standing near each entry point. Kill the Rogue closest to your entry point, then walk around the stairs to find and kill the second Rogue.

Head down the corridor at the top of the stairs. Kill the two Marauders patrolling the area and make your way to the end of the corridor. Pick up the audio note just before the cell block ahead, then kill the Forger near the end. Access the checkpoint, then head up the stairs to the left and kill the Rogue in the room at the top. Open the chest the Rogue was guarding to find a Cold Blood head piece, Living Legend wrist piece and Attribute Point Shard.

Go back down the stairs and look in the cell to the right of the checkpoint to find another Human Skull quest item. Head to the left down the row of cells to find two more Human Skulls. An Infested attacks as you round the corner. Kill it, then head to the end of the cell block to find yet another Human Skull. If you continue to circle around the cell block, you’ll encounter two Hell Hounds, a Forger and several more Human Skulls.

If you talk to the prisoner that calls out to you, choose to kill him after you open the cells. Before you do that, kill all of the enemies in the cell block. Pulling all of the levers opens the various cells, unleashing Infected. The cells hold four audio notes, four Human Skulls, Blocker buckler shield and a Vanguard Blade sword.

In the officer’s room along the cell block (the only one with a normal door), you will find the Lever Handle needed to release the prisoner. Kill the prisoner to get 1,500 XP and a Spell Point Shard.

Near the checkpoint, one of the newly opened cell doors leads to a corridor instead of a small cell. Head down the corridor and take out the Rogue. Defeat the Marauder in the first room on the left to find a crafting forge inside.

Head back into the cell block and toward the location of the Forger. Nearby there’s a side corridor. Head down this corridor to find a chest that holds a Cell Key quest item. You’re now in the area of the Catacombs that can be accessed by using the key Yetka gave you toward the beginning of the game.

Open the cell on the far right side of this corridor, kill the Infested and Forger inside, then pick up the audio note. If you head down the stairs to the right, you’ll eventually reach the Champion boss battle. If you wish to head there now, jump down to the paragraph just before the boss battle text. Otherwise, head to the left and down the stairs.

Finish off the Temple Guardian that patrols this corridor, then head into the first door on the left. On the ceiling of the room is a large Spider, and hiding inside the room is a Golem. Take care of both enemies, then pick up the audio note inside. The next door on the right is locked, but a Rogue and two Golems wait in the room directly ahead.

Be careful of the middle area in this room. If you walk across the wood, it will collapse. Use a Sealed Rune (small) to open the chest on the left. Inside the chest is a Scab staff. Head down the corridor on the far side and pick up the Human Skull along the way. This leads you back to the room with the circular staircase from before.

Go back to the cell block and the area where the Forger was located in order to head in the direction of the boss. Go back into the room on the far right, but this time head down the stairs to the right and access the checkpoint at the bottom. Go through the doorway on the far side of the room and kill the patrolling Temple Guardian. Pick up the Human Skull quest item in the next room, then kill the large Spider waiting at the other end of the room. Grab the audio note on the far side, then pull the lever on the right to open the gate ahead.

Boss Battle: Champion
Bonus Requirement: Don’t allow the boss to enter Rage Mode other than during the phase transitions.

While the Champion boss has a few patterns like most of the other bosses in Lords of the Fallen, there’s one important note about fighting him. The bar beneath his health bar is a Rage Meter. When it’s full, the Champion enters Rage Mode and his blades ignite in flames. During Rage Mode, the boss attacks inflict more damage and cause magic damage in addition to physical damage.

If you attack the boss with fire-based attacks, it increases the Rage Meter considerably. In addition, every time you’re hit by the boss, the Rage Meter goes up. When the Champion’s health bar hits one of the marks along the bar, this triggers a phase transition and Rage Mode begins automatically. Your best bet is to equip light or medium armor and stay just outside of the Champion’s melee attack range, only moving in to attack after the boss misses one of his combo attacks.

At close range, the boss uses a two-hit combo attack during the first two phases. Occasionally the boss will attack with a single heavy swing. After the two-hit combo or heavy swing, quickly move in and attack the boss. Depending on the weapon you’re using, you may get in as many as three or four attacks before the boss attempts his combo again.

If the boss  jumps back, be prepared to dodge the charge attack that follows. Depending on how close you are to the boss when he jumps back, you may not have much time to avoid the charge attack. The lighter your armor, the easier it is to avoid this attack at close range. With heavy armor it can be difficult to avoid the charge attack even from a distance.

Attacking the Champion from a distance will cause him to use a projectile-like attack. The Champion slams one fist into the ground causing a shockwave effect to move toward your character. Shortly after it reaches you, the shockwave explodes and inflicts damage. The only way to avoid this damage is by dodging (rolling) shortly after the shockwave reaches you. Once you see the shockwave reach your character, roll at that time and you should avoid the explosion that follows. The timing isn’t difficult to get down if you remember that you’re dodging the explosion, not the shockwave.

When the Champion enters the his final phase, the shockwave changes into rapidly moving blades. As soon as the Champion reaches back to throw the first blade, you need to dodge. If you wait any longer, it’s very likely the blade will hit you. The Champion always throws two blades back to back, so be ready to dodge a second time after you see the first blade.

In addition, during the final phase, the two-hit combo the Champion uses at close range will sometimes turn into a three-hit combo. There’s a decent amount of wind-up on the third hit, so you can see it coming. However, you must be careful when you choose to attack, because if you attack too early the third hit will connect.

Take your time and this isn’t a very difficult fight. However, if you rush, you’re likely to get hit by the charge attack or one of the Champion’s combo attacks. Beat the Champion, then pick up the Sting fist weapon and Sealed Rune (Big).

Talk to the Soldier Agile on the side of the arena. Head through the doorway behind him and collect the Human Skull ahead. Continue up the stairs to the left. Kill the Rogue and Infested, and keep moving around the corner and up the next set of stairs. Beat the Infested at the end of the hallway and pick up the audio note at the end. Pull the lever near the top of the stairs to open the cell and give you a shortcut back to the cell block if need be. Head back down the stairs and through the door to the left when you reach the bottom.

Continue on to find Antanas and Kaslo in the Citadel and beat the Beast boss outside!

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