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Lords of the Fallen: Find the Key, Beat the First Warden

by Bryan Dawson

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Talk to Kaslo

After the quick tutorial battle against the Rhogar Marauder, head up the stairs ahead to speak with Kaslo. Ask him how to open the door to proceed with the story.

Find a Key

Head to the right of Kaslo to find an audio note. Go back down the stairs, then head through the door to the right to face a Infested enemy. Continue down the hallway to the right to find another Infested, then proceed to the left and around the upper floor. You do not need to head down the stairs to the left, but if you do, there are two Infested below. Continue around the balcony to find yet another Infested at the end of the hallway.

Defeat the enemy here to find another audio note just behind it. Turn around and head into the room to the left to find another Infested. Defeat it to find another audio note, then head to the right to find a second staircase heading down. Go down the stairs and into the cellar below to engage the two Infested. Unlike the previous enemies, these demons are laying on the ground and may be hard to see. As you approach, they stand up and begin to attack. It’s difficult to hit them until they’re fully standing, but they also won’t attack until that time.

At the end of the corridor is the Giant Key quest item you’ve been looking for. Pick it up, then head back upstairs.

Return to Kaslo

There’s a room at the top of the stairs here. To the right is another enemy and a portal that is not yet accessible, but remember its location. You need to destroy the First Warden before the portal becomes active. Once that’s done, head inside the portal to find three chests that contain a Faithful Disciple armor trinket, Empty Bottle (used for additional potions), Bulwark Shield, Ghost Merge Shard, Magic Energy Shard, Energy Shard and Sealed Rune (Small). While in the portal area, do not venture into the darkness or you will take damage. In addition, when you leave the portal area, all enemies except boss characters will have respawned.

Head up the stairs to the right of the portal and defeat the Rhogar Marauder at the top. Go right to find an Energy Shard near the dead warrior on the balcony ahead. Drop down to the floor below, but before you speak with Kaslo again, head over to the far right corner. From here, you can jump over to the hidden hallway to the right, where the swaying tapestry is located. You may need to equip lighter armor to make the jump. At the moment, you do not need to make the jump, but remember this location because you’ll be coming back to it relatively soon once you obtain the Northern Monastery Wing Door Key.

Once you have the key and make the jump into the hidden hallway, head up the stairs to find a Ghost Merge Shard in the corner. Continue up the next set of stairs and jump across to the next door. Use the key to open the door to find the Shard of the Heroes quest item. You can drop back down to the lower floor here, but you will take a small amount of damage. If you wish to avoid taking damage, go back the way you came.

Speak to Kaslo and ask him to support you, then open the door behind him to initiate a boss battle against the First Warden.

Boss Battle: First Warden
Bonus Requirement: Dodge every attack so you do not take any damage.

The battle against the First Warden is fairly straightforward. He uses a giant sword and shield, and will swing at you two or three times in a row. Depending on your class selection and agility, you can shield against these smaller attacks while moving around behind the Warden to attack his back. You may also be able to roll to dodge all of the Warden’s attacks, then counter from behind after each series of attacks. Do not attack the Warden from the front while his shield is in place. If you do, there’s a very high probability the Warden will block the attack.

After a few sets of a attacks, the Warden reels back to use a heavy attack. Move around behind him or roll to avoid the attack. You do not want to get hit by the attack or even block it with a shield. It will inflict significant damage if it makes contact with your character. However, after the attack, you have plenty of time to attack the Warden as his shield will be down.

When the Warden gets down to around 50 percent health, he throws away the shield and uses a spinning attack. This is very difficult to dodge, and while you can use a shield to block the attack combo, chances are you’re still going to take a bit of damage. Your best course of action is to back away and wait for the spin attack to stop, then quickly move in for a few attacks of your own.

Repeat this process until the Warden readies another heavy attack. Avoid the attack, then counter with a combo of your own while the Warden recovers. Follow this strategy and it won’t be long before the Warden goes down.

After the battle, pick up the Persistence Greatsword and the Unknown Rune (Big) left behind. Don’t forget to go back to the portal to open the treasure chests within. Keep in mind, every enemy except the First Warden will respawn after exiting the portal.

Continue on to find Yetka’s Dagger, the Key to the Catacombs, and defeat the Commander boss!

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