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Lords of the Fallen: Find the Chamber of Lies, Beat the Guardian

by Bryan Dawson

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Go back to the arena where you fought the Champion to find that the cage (shown in the cinematic before the boss battle) is now open. This is where the Beast escaped from. Inside you’ll find three audio notes and a chest that contains Persistence head armor (one of the best head pieces in the game), an Empty Bottle, and a Poison Resistance Shard.

Head back to the square where you fought the Beast and look around the red smoke near the big doors to find a Planetarium piece quest item. Make your way back to the area just outside of the graveyard to find that the portal there is now open. Equip light armor and head into the portal. You need to follow the light to a chest that contains a Poison Resistance Shard. Along the way there are a plethora of poison tiles on the floor that stand out just enough to avoid them. When you get close to the chest, two Rogues attack. Fight them until the light moves, then follow it over to the chest and finish off the Rogues there. Run back over to the portal to return to the normal area.

Go into the graveyard, then walk back out toward the link to the Rhogar world. This will trigger a cut-scene with a dying soldier and award you with the Human Tattoo quest item you need to present to the Captain. Make your way through the inter-dimensional portal and move forward to initiate a short cut-scene of the upcoming boss.

Take out the Tyrant on the bridge (his heart is just past his location), and pick up the Small Western Antechamber Key he leaves behind. Continue straight ahead to face a Spellcaster. If you move forward a bit more you’ll initiate a short cut-scene with Yetka. At this point you have the option to follow Yetka along a side route, or continue straight ahead to face the boss immediately. If you wish to face the boss now, jump ahead to the boss battle section.

Head to the tower on the left and take out the Forger and Dimensional Beast in the lower area. Head down the stairs, then take a sharp left turn to find a gate that was previously locked. Now that you have the Small Western Antechamber Key from the Tyrant, you can open this gate. Pick up the audio note inside, then open the chest to find Eternal Legend wrist and leg armor, and the Burden polesword.

Go back to the main room and make your way over to the other tower. Take down the Rogue and Spellcaster inside to find a Western Antechamber Chest Key that the Spellcaster leaves behind. This key opens the locked chest in the room that connects the two towers. Head to that room (it’s the only doorway on the lower floor) and open the chest to find Faith leg and wrist armor. If you head upstairs in the tower where you fought the Spellcaster, jump across the ledge behind the stairs and head into the room with the Rogue in it, you’ll find another audio note.

Head back over to the first tower and make your way upstairs (not the stairs that lead to the entrance, the other stairs). Turn around and head into the gate that should now be open if you gained access to the shortcut the last time you were here. Go up the stairs to the right and take out the Dimensional Beast and Forger at the top.

Go down the path to the right and take out the Hell Hound (it runs from you before it dies) and the Rogue. Head down the same path you took to reach the area where you fought the Infiltrator boss. It’s there you’ll find Yetka. Speak to her then use the Gauntlet to remove the barrier behind her and pull the lever to open the door.

Enter the Chamber of Lies

Open the chest near the end of the path to find the Demon Assassin chest armor. Continue into the next area to find an Apparition. This enemy can only be damaged by magic-based attacks, so use your Gauntlet to make quick work of it. Just like the Spellcasters, when it does it explodes. The explosion isn’t immediate like the Spellcasters, but if you linger around too long you’ll take additional damage.

Before you head to the left, take out the Forger in the next room (to the right), then open the chest to find a Justice sword. Go back and head through the other doorway (to the left) and make your way into the main room to initiate a cut-scene.

After the cut-scene head through the other doorway (not the one you came in through) and go left. To the right of the stairs is another Apparition. Take it down then head up the first set of stairs. Before you continue up the second staircase directly ahead, make a sharp right and head into the room behind the stairs to face another Apparition. This one drops The Blacksmith’ Chest Key. Save your progress at the checkpoint on the far side of the room.

Move around to the right side of the second staircase to find a Temple Guardian. Take it out then open the chest in the room behind him to find a Demon Assassin wrist piece. Pick up the audio note just beyond the chest, then open the gate behind it to create a shortcut back to the entrance.
Go back and continue up the second staircase to the top of the structure. There you will find a small version of the Beast boss. This Poison Beast is covered in poison and inflicts poison-based damage. Dodge to avoid its rolling attack and move away if it plants its fists in the ground to avoid the poison explosion that follows. Magic and physical attacks both work well against the Poison Beast. When it dies, move away to avoid the poison explosion of death.

Pull the lever on the far side of the rooftop, then use a rune to open the chest nearby to find Demon Assassin leg and head armor. Head back down to the bottom floor to find the path to the large gate opened. Use the Gauntlet to remove the seal blocking the gate, then head through it.

Defeat Annihilator, the Last of the Rhogar Lords

Go up the stairs and defeat the two Golems and the Tyrant above. The Tyrant Heart is vase near the wall, behind the position where he patrols. Look on the far side of the stairs to find the Void Shield (this is the best shield for poison defense that you’ve come across thus far). Make note of the closed portal by the stairs as well.

Head back toward the checkpoint and make your way across to the far right side toward the abyss. Hug the left wall and jump across the floating stone slabs. When you round the corner, a Fire Golem attacks and will knock you into the abyss if you are not careful. Stay close to the wall and roll to dodge its initial attack.

Watch out for the enemies across the way as the Spellcaster may attack from its current position. Open the chest near where the Fire Golem attacked to find a Claws fist weapon. Pick up the loot then head up the stairs to the left of the checkpoint to find a fire-enhanced Dimensional Beast. Attack it from close range to avoid its fire breath, which inflicts considerable damage unless you have high fire defense (a shield with high fire resistance isn’t enough).Pick up the audio note on the right side, then open the door on the far left side.

Defeat the Spellcaster inside, then open the chest to find a Reminder axe and Fallen wrist armor. There’s a Fire Golem at the end of the path ahead, but the door beyond cannot be opened from this side. Clear the Fire Golem if you wish to avoid a battle with it in the future.

Go back to where you fought the fire-enhanced Dimensional Beast and use the Gauntlet on the barrier on the far side. Take out the Apparition on the other side, then head to the end of the hallway (ignoring the doorway to the right for now) to find a chest just ahead to find a Glow dagger and a Fallen head and leg piece. Grab the loot then head into the doorway you passed. Kill the Fire Golem around the corner, then use the Gauntlet to remove the barrier blocking the next door. This back to the area where you fought the Infiltrator.

If you have not been to this part of the area, you will have to fight another Tyrant. The Tyrant Heart is up the stairs to the left, by a Rogue. Open the door near the Rogue, kill the two Temple Guardians patrolling outside, then head into the small alcove to the left, just before the main path. There you’ll find another Human Tattoo quest item.

Head right along the main path to find another Human Tattoo near a dead body slumped by the left wall. Take out the Rogue just beyond the stairs to be safe, then head down the stairs and pick up the Protector dagger and another Human Tattoo. Just ahead is the boss battle against the Guardian. To be safe, go back into the arena where you faced the Infiltrator and use the checkpoint there to save your progress. If you don’t recall where that is, when you get back to the arena from your present position, it’s up the stairs to the left. You’ll pass an open portal and run into a Rogue before you get to the checkpoint.

Boss Battle: Guardian
Bonus Requirement: Don’t knock over any of the fire goblets.

There are a few different ways you can approach the battle against the Guardian. You can equip any type of armor and you can fight from any distance. The main strategic points to note are that most of the Guardian’s attacks are fire based. If you have a shield with 100 percent fire block defense, you’ll be in good shape for this battle. The Harmony buckler shield with two Lesser Fire Runes is one way to get a shield with 100 percent fire block defense (and 100 percent physical defense as well).

At the very start of the battle and periodically throughout the fight, the Guardian knees and the fire goblets begin to glow. This is followed by multiple homing fireballs shooting toward you (one from each goblet). When this happens, if you’re equipped with light armor, simply run around the outskirts of the arena. Your speed with light armor is more than enough to evade the fireballs. With medium armor you might still be able to run to avoid them, but it’s best to roll to dodge the first one. With proper timing you’ll dodge the first and the rest will miss while you’re recovering from the roll. Heavy armored characters should definitely roll as running to avoid the fireballs is risky with that much armor weighing you down.

It’s possible to use a running charge (run with your non-Tower shield up) and knock over a goblet to prevent it from shooting a fireball at you. Doing so will prevent you from obtaining the special bonus, but the Guardian will run over to the goblet to ignite it again. When this happens you have a brief moment to attack the Guardian. Be ready to attack as soon as the Guardian runs over because you don’t have much time. After the goblet is ignited again, it explodes and damages your character if you’re too close.

Attacking the Guardian from close range will require a lot of dodging or a shield that can 100 percent physical block defense and fire block defense. The Guardian generally attacks with a two-hit combo that consists of two horizontal swings of his dual greatswords. If you get knocked down by the first attack, it can be difficult to avoid the second attack or a second combo attack, resulting in an instant death. It’s not a guaranteed death, but depending on your armor, it can difficult to avoid this.

When the Guardian plants his swords into the ground, step back to avoid the kick that follows. Immediately after the kick, the Guardian swings around his swords, hitting in all directions. It doesn’t matter where you’re standing, if you’re anywhere near the Guardian when this attack happens, you must block or roll to avoid it.

Fighting the Guardian from a distance with ranged Gauntlet attacks is the easiest and safest way to beat him (although it may take awhile). From a distance the Guardian will attempt his two-hit combo, but with light armor it’s very easy to avoid. Occasionally he will perform a dashing attack that should be dodge as soon as he gets close to you. Even with heavy armor this is fairly easy to dodge. The dash attack also follows every goblet fireball attack series.

With a the Gauntlet equipped, fire a shot at the Guardian after every two-hit combo. Make sure you’re far enough away to attack with the Gauntlet and still have time to back away or roll to evade the Guardian’s next attack (which is usually another two-hit combo). You should also fire a shot at the Guardian after the dashing attack. There are other times you can fit in a shot, but these are the times you can attack with relative safety. Beat the Guardian then pick up the Firewalker shortsword and Sealed Rune (Big) he leaves behind.

Continue on to discover the secrets in the Chamber of Lies and beat the Annihilator boss!

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