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Lords of the Fallen: Find Antanas and Kaslo in the Citadel, Beat the Beast

by Bryan Dawson

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Fight Your Way to the Top of the Citadel

Save your progress at the checkpoint then continue up the stairs and into the next room. Pick up the audio note to the right. There’s a Demonic Guardian to the far left. Be careful because Demonic Guardians shed their shield and heavy armor after you attack them. Once that happens they use a heavy attack that inflicts massive damage if it hits you. In most cases this attack will be an instant kill, so be very cautious around the Demonic Guardians here. Kill the enemy, then pick up the Human Skull in the nearby corner. Access the crafting forge near the doorway ahead if need be, then continue up the stairs just beyond.

When you reach the top, take out the Rogue to the right, then pick up the audio note on the left. Head up the stairs near the audio note and make quick work of the two Rogues and the Marauder at the top. Attack the Spellcaster near the end of the large hall, but watch out for two Rogues that will attack from behind during the battle.

There’s a room on the left side of the hall, near the end. Inside are two audio notes. Pick up the items then head through the doorway at the end of the hall. There’s another door that requires three Sealed Runes (small) to enter, but at the moment all that awaits you inside is an Infected. There’s a chest, but it’s currently locked, so no need to use your runes just yet.

In the next room another Demonic Guardian is hidden in the small alcove to the left and an Infected on the floor near the end of the room. Take them both down then head up the stairs on the far side of the room. A Marauder waits in the far left corner, guarding a Gargoyle and Hawk axe.

Head up the next set of stairs and take down the Marauder ahead. When you reach the top of the stairs a cut-scene begins. After the cut-scene there are no more enemies until you meet with Kaslo again, take it easy for a bit. Pick up the audio note on the far left, then head up the stairs and through the doorway. There’s an audio note in the room to the right, as well as the Monk whose arm you cut off earlier in the game (if you chose to cut it off). Speak with the Monk and he asks you to clear the way to his laboratory in the nearby tower.

Continue down the hall to find another audio note just before the next staircase. Pick up the item and make your way up the stairs. There’s a guard blocking a doorway to the right which you can access very soon. For now head into the room at the top to find another checkpoint and a crafting forge. Save your progress, then use the lift to the left of the room. When you reach the top of the Citadel, turn around to find an audio note on the left side of the balcony ahead. Approach the guards on the other side to initiate another cut-scene and ask to speak to Antanas.

Reach the Planetarium

Use the lift in the middle to leave the top of the Citadel. Head down the stairs and go through the doorway the guard was previously blocking. There are two locked chests inside. Head down the stairs to the left and take down the Rogue and Temple Guardian at the bottom. Open the chest near the Temple Guardian’s location to find a Harmony buckler shield. If your agility is high enough, this is probably one of the best shields to use at this point in the game.

Head through the small opening in the corner of the room to find a Marauder and a Rogue ahead. Open the chest in the far left corner to find a full set of Dimensions light armor. Continue through the doorway on the right side of the room to find a Spellcaster and Temple Guardian. There’s a locked chest and a locked door at the far end of the room, so leave them for now and head up the stairs on the opposite side of the room. A Demonic Guardian awaits in the room at the top of the stairs. Kill him to initiate another cut-scene.

Find the Chamber of Lies

After the cut-scene pick up the Sealed Rune (small) in the middle of the hall. Head back out to the where you met the Monk to tell him you’ve cleared the way. You can’t claim the reward yet so head down to where you met up with the Captain to initiate another cut-scene. It doesn’t matter how you response to the Captain, the side quest to kill his men will still begin. Continue down the stairs and speak to the men at the very bottom. If you lit the beacon (fire) previously in the game, you’ll earn 500 XP here.

When you reach the bottom area where there’s a large door blocked by a magic barrier, use your Gauntlet to remove the barrier. You can now go throw the door and remove barriers from similar doors. Head through the door and walk forward to initiate a cut-scene followed by a boss battle against the Beast.

Boss Battle: Beast
Bonus Requirement: Don’t get hit by the poison or step in a poison puddle.

The battle against the Beast is one of the more unique boss fights in terms of how you approach the battle strategically. Unlike most other boss fights, the best strategy against the Beast is to keep your distance. Equip light armor so you have maximum movement speed, then use the Gauntlet projectile attack for a bulk of your damage. This works best if you have a decent Faith stat, the Faithful Disciple trinket, and Higher Fire Rune attached to the Gauntlet for solid damage.

The bar under the Beast’s health represents his fatigue. As the Beast takes damage, this bar increases. When the bar is full the Beast slumps over and you can attack at close range for a decent amount of time. At the very least you should have enough time to completely deplete your energy bar.

While attacking from a distance, stay just close enough to trigger the Beast’s two hit combo attack. It swings a club to the left, then to the right. After the second swing, use the Gauntlet projectile. This is the best time to use the Gauntlet because it’s virtually a guaranteed hit. Unfortunately he Gauntlet may have some hit detection issues during this battle, which is why you should focus on using it after the second swing.

Occasionally the Beast will use a single vertical swing. Move to the left or right to avoid the swing and the shockwave that shoots out in a straight line when the club hits the ground. The Beast will also spit three poison puddles onto the ground. The initial spit tracks your character, but if you continuously move you can easily avoid all three puddles. They linger for a bit so be careful not to step on them while they’re visible.

At close range the Beast is difficult to battle. It still uses the two-hit combo from before, as well as the single vertical attack, but it also attacks with a series of stomps. The only way to avoid taking damage from the stomps is to back away from the Beast. If you’re too close the damage is unavoidable unless you have perfect roll timing, and even then you’re likely to run out of energy before the stomps are completed. After a few stomps with one foot, the Beast jumps into the air for a bigger stomp that has a wider attack radius.

While using the Gauntlet from a distance is a slower method of killing the Beast, it’s still the most reliable and the safest way to defeat it. Pay close attention to the stamina bar under the health bar. When it’s nearly full, make sure you’re ready to move within melee range when the Beast slumps over. You want to maximize your damage during this period.

Beat the Beast then collect the Stain hammer and Sealed Rune (Big) as your reward. Speak to the nearby soldier, ask to find out more then tell the soldier you’ll do it. Head back inside the Citadel through the large doors. Head back downstairs and through the door at the bottom.

To the right of the underground area, the gate that was previously blocking your path is now open. Head through the doorway and up the stairs. Take out the two Temple Guardians at the top, then look to the left to find another Human Skull.

Head into the hallway directly ahead of the entrance, then down the stairs and into the room below. Take out the twos Rogues then look on the far side of the room to find a Curse shortsword. The doorway to the right of the item is a shortcut that leads back out to the Memorial, near the large square where you fought the Commander and the Beast.

You don’t need to head out there at the moment, so go back upstairs and then up the next flight of stairs on the right side of the room. Kill the Marauder at that top, and make note of the closed portal here. Continue into the next room and take out the Rogues and Infected inside. Head through the doorway on the right to get back to the main hall.

Continue on to find the Chamber of Lies and beat the Guardian boss!

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