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Lords of the Fallen: Discover the Secrets in the Chamber of Lies to Find the Annihilator

by Bryan Dawson

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After the Guardian boss battle, use the Gauntlet to remove the seal blocking the hallway on the far side of the area. Head into the hallway and open the chest on the left to find Faith head and chest armor. Go through the doorway at the end. As soon as you enter the new area, more to your immediate right to find a chest that contains the Last Will greatsword and Fiery Withholder kite shield. Do not venture too far forward or you risk getting the attention of the enemies ahead.

There’s a Spellcaster on the right and a Tyrant on the left. The Tyrant Heart is in another room and there are a good number of enemies between your present location and the Tyrant Heart, so engaging the Tyrant now won’t do much for you. Try to take down the Spellcaster without drawing the attention of the Tyrant. Take it down, then head into the hallway directly ahead to face two Golems.

In the next large room two Spellcasters await. One will come from down the stairs to the right, and the other will come from a hallway in the corner on the right. There’s also an audio note off the to the left side, but take care of the Spellcasters first.

Head into the hallway in the right corner where one of the Spellcasters attacked from, then into the next hallway on the right. Continue up the stairs and to the left, toward the next room. Before you enter the room, equip the Gauntlet and aim at the larger spider on the ceiling. There’s another large spider on the ceiling on the left side of the room, and several small spiders on the floor in the same direction. On the right side of the room is a locked door that requires a Right Wing Key, which you’ll soon have in your possession.

Take care of the creepy crawlers, watch out for the holes in the ground and make your way to the left side of the room. At the end of the room, head into the hallway on the right. Straight ahead is a door that leads back to the room where you originally entered into this area (where the Tyrant is waiting). Before you open that door, use two Sealed Runes (small) to open the door on the right. Open the chest inside to find a Spine Slasher sword and a Weapon Hilt quest item. Pick up the items, then open the door to create the shortcut if you wish, but do not get the attention of the Tyrant.

Go back to the room you just came from and head into the room on the right to find another larger spider on the left side of the room, and several smaller spiders running around. Take out the enemies then access the crafting forge on the left side of the room if need be.

Continue into the next room and up the stairs. There’s another Spellcaster at the end of the hallway at the top of the stairs. Kill the Spellcaster, then pick up the audio note on the right side of the hallway and head through the doorway in the far left corner. Watch out for a Forger patrolling the area as well. Take it down to find a Right Wing Key quest item. This key opens the door in the room where the spiders first attacked. Inside that room is a chest that holds a Crusher greatsword and Eternal Legend chest piece.

Head into the hallway on the far side of the room and take care of the Forger patrolling it. You can jump over to the ledge to the left, but before you do that head into the room ahead to find another Tyrant and an Apparition. The Tyrant Heart is on the right on far side of the room, near the Apparition. Use the Gauntlet to make quick work of the Apparition, then collect the Tyrant Heart and take out the Tyrant.

Near the entrance to the room the Tor greathammer sits in the corner on the right (from the direction you faced entering the room). Collect the item, then pull the lever on the far side of the room to initiate another cut-scene with Yetka. After the cut-scene a second Apparition appears. Take it out, then you can head to the right of the lever to find that the two sides of this large room have now been connected.

Unless you need to make a trip to the other side of the room, make note of the hallway on the left where Yetka went, but first head back to the area where you could jump across to the opposite ledge. Jump over to the ledge to the other ledge, then head to the right. Open the door near the end on the left to find a Tyrant inside. His heart is to the right on the left side of the hallway. Take down the Tyrant, then head down the next hallway to find a Temple Guardian patrolling. At the end of this hallway is another shortcut to the other side of the large room.

Halfway down the hallway there are stairs to the left with another Temple Guardian patrolling. Defeat the Temple Guardian, then proceed down the hallway to find an Apparition and Spellcaster at the end. Defeat them, then open the chest down the hallway on the left (opposite the rune-sealed door) to find a Fallen chest piece. Use a Sealed Rune (small) to open the door on the other side, then make quick work of the Forger and Hell Hound in the next room. Open the chest inside to find the Eternal Legend head piece, then head down the stairs at the far end to find a Demonic Guardian below. Take out the enemy, then save your progress at the checkpoint.

Break open the vase in the corner next to the doorway to find a Tyrant Heart. Head through the doorway and down the stairs to find yourself back at the entrance. You can now kill the patrolling Tyrant here, then speak with Yetka, who is standing to the right from where you just emerged. She gives you The Stone of Divine Understanding, which allows you to reach the ancient writing. You also receive a number of audio notes based on how many wall writings you’ve tried to read thus far.

Go back up to where you pulled the lever and head into the hallway where Yetka went. To the right is a barrier that can be removed with your Gauntlet, but it simply leads back to the Abandoned Temple where you fought the Infiltrator. Head to the left and through the door at the end of the hallway. In the next room, walk along the ledge to the right of the stairs, then jump across to the opposite ledge to find an Empty Bottle. Continue down the stairs here to get back to the large room near where you entered. Use the Gauntlet to remove the barrier to the left and head through the doorway. Around the corner is another fire-enhanced Dimensional Beast.

Kill the enemy, then head down the stairs toward the extremely large beast in the middle of the room. A Fire Golem attacks, and an Apparition waits down below. Defeat both enemies, then make your way to the very bottom and pull the lever on the right to initiate another cut-scene with Yetka. Your decision to let the beast live or kill it will change the ending you receive after the final boss fight.

At this point you need to head over to the other side of this large room. There are multiple ways to get back there, but the closest is via the hallway where you recently fought the Apparition and Spellbreaker. When you get to the other side, save your progress at the checkpoint at the bottom of the area. Head up the stairs and move to the center of the second floor (where you fought the fire-enhanced Dimensional Beast). In the center you’ll find that a stairway is now visible.

Head up the stairs and into the large room ahead. As soon as you enter the room, two Fire Golems attack, one from either side. Kill the Golems, then pick up the audio note just ahead. Continue toward the center of the room to initiate the boss battle against the Annihilator.

Boss Battle: Annihilator
Bonus Requirement: Kill the boss with a lightning-based weapon (such as Yetka’s Dagger)

The Annihilator boss battle is one of the easiest in the game so long as you follow a few basic strategies. First and foremost, equip any lightning defense gear you have. Almost every attack the Annihilator uses is lightning based. It’s also highly recommended to equip light armor so you can move around freely. A mixture of the Demon Assassin gear works very well because it’s light, but has solid defensive stats.

Your main objective against the Annihilator is to stay away from him. If you keep your distance he will only use one of two attacks during the first 50 percent of his health bar. For the first attack the Annihilator throws bends down and lunges toward you. This is very telegraphed and fairly easy to dodge, even in heavy armor.

The second attack is the important one. The Annihilator throws his weapon toward you. This attack is also very telegraphed as the Annihilator winds up before throwing the weapon. Dodge to avoid the projectile, then immediately move within attacking range and inflict as much damage as you can before the weapon returns to him (it won’t hit you when it returns, so don’t worry about that). While you can use the Gauntlet to attack the Annihilator from a distance, your barrage of attacks while the Annihilator is without his weapon will be your primary form of attack during this battle.

Once the Annihilator’s health bar hits 50 percent, he will start using an attack that freezes you in place for a moderate amount of time. This is telegraphed by the Annihilator remaining stationary and putting his hands into the air. When you see this, get as far away from the boss as you can. The attack will still stun you, but you’ll recover before the Annihilator can inflict any damage. If you’re too close the Annihilator will follow the stun attack with a lightning projectile attack that inflicts considerable damage. Once you’re far enough away the Annihilator will only attempt to follow the stun with his normal projectile attack, which you’ll recover in time to avoid.

If you wish to live on the wild side, you can attack the Annihilator from close range. Doing so will cause the Annihilator to use a series of horizontal attacks that are very difficult to dodge. His primary chain of close range attacks cover almost a complete 360 degree circle around him, so the best way to avoid it is to simply back away. The attacks come out quickly and cover a lot of range, so you don’t have a lot of time move away. This is why it’s best to fight the Annihilator from a distance. Beat the Annihilator to find a Lightning Hammer and Sealed Rune (Big) left behind.

Continue on to obtain the Rune of Adyr, and beat the Lost Brothers and the Judge to finish the game!

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