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Lords of the Fallen: Destroy the Lords’ Gate to Keystone and Beat the Infiltrator Boss

by Bryan Dawson

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Destroy the Lords’ Gate to Keystone

Head back to Kaslo and go through the portal to continue the story. Head across the bridge and up the stairs, then approach the Crafter at the top to initiate another cut scene. Ask the Crafter what he’s doing there, then ask if he’s a smith. Perform any crafting that you may need, then continue up the stairs. When you reach the top, access the checkpoint, then speak with Yetka.

Go back down the stairs and head into the small alcove to the right (the one on the left if you’re going up the stairs instead of down). Here you’ll find a small doorway. Head through the doorway and open the chest in the next room. Inside you’ll find the Wisdom armor head and chest pieces.

Head down the next set of stairs, then go around the corner to the immediate left to find a Hell Hound lurking beneath the stairs. Defeat the Hound (which blocks a door that can’t be opened yet), then head into the middle section of the room, defeat the second Hell Hound, then take out the Forger on the far side. Watch out for the fire projectile attacks the Forger uses, as they deal damage over time that adds up quickly.

Open the door to the right of the Forger’s position to find a lever next to a locked chest in the next room. Pull the lever, then head back into the main room and go up the stairs to the right. Take out the Rogue at the top (who also uses flame-based projectile attacks). The gate behind the Rogue is locked and requires the Small Western Antechamber Key, which you will have as soon as you defeat the Tyrant (which is very soon). Remember this location, and once you have the key, open the gate to find another Ancient Plate quest item that Yetka needs and a chest that holds Cunning leg armor and an Attribute Point Shard.

If you don’t have the key yet, turn around and take the path to the right of the stairs you just came up. There’s another door that’s blocked, so for now, pick up the Poison Resistance Shard next to the fire at the end of the path. Head back out to the main area (where the checkpoint is located) and go directly across the stairs and through the doorway on the far side. Jump over to the ledge to the right to find a Magic Energy Shard, then drop down to the area below to see two Rogues and a Forger. Deal with the Forger first or be ready to avoid its flame-based projectile attacks.

Once all three enemies are down, find the stairs. There are two sets of stairs and one door on the bottom floor here. If you head left and move along the outskirts of the room, you’ll run into all three. One staircase heads back up to the entrance. That’s not the set of stairs you want. Go up the other staircase and walk straight ahead to find an Energy Shard on the ledge to the left.

Turn around and jump onto the stone beam to the left of the stairs. Depending on the weight of your armor, it could be tricky to make the jump, but it’s possible even with heavy armor equipped. Stand near the ledge to the left of the stairs, just far enough back to make the run and jump to the stone beam. Once you’re on the beam, move over to the doorway on the left (you don’t need to jump here).

A Rogue attacks as soon as you enter the next room. Defeat him, then open the chest on the left side of the room to find a Lost Pike polesword. Collect the weapon, then head back down the stairs and head through the door on the side of the room. In the next room is another Rogue and a Marauder. Take them down, then pull the lever on the wall. Break the table and chair to the left of the lever to find another Ancient Plate quest item.

Head back out to the main staircase where you saw Yetka and proceed through the gate that has been opened from pulling both levers. The Tyrant waits in the next room. Before you attack him, there’s a small vase to the left of the entry. Break the vase to reveal the Tyrant Heart quest item. You must pick this up before you can defeat the Tyrant. If you do not, every time the Tyrant gets close to death, he will regain his health using the Tyrant Heart. It’s also important you do not venture too far into the room or else more enemies will join the fight.

Defeat the Tyrant to find the Small Western Antechamber Key quest item. You can now go back to the gate that was previously locked to obtain the quest item and armor. Once you have everything, continue into the larger room where you fought the Tyrant. Two Hell Hounds and a Forger await inside the room. Take them down, then collect the Empty Bottle on the far right side of the room and the Sealed Rune (small) near one of the fires on the left side.

Go through the large doorway on the left side of the room and continue up the stairs to engage the Marauder at the top. Defeat him, then make your way to the right to find another Marauder. Take out the enemy, then continue straight ahead to find a Sealed Rune (small) at the end of the path.

Turn around and go past the stairs (as if you had gone left instead of right). There’s a statue to the right with stairs just beyond it. You can go down there if you wish to skip some XP, but for now, engage the two Rogues ahead. Take them down and continue into the large open area ahead to find a Dimensional Beast and Forger. Stay close to the entrance to the area or to the left when fighting the Beast to avoid having to fight the Forger at the same time. If the Beast sticks its claws into the ground and begins to charge up, back away to avoid the explosion that follows. Also be careful of its jumping attack and ranged projectile attack. Attacking from long-range is preferred, but as long as you avoid the explosive attack you can fight at close range as well.

Take out both enemies, then pick up the audio note on the left side of the area. Open the chest on the right side to find a Lurker Thrust greatsword. Go down the stairs on the left side of the area and take out the Marauder below. Open the gate to the right as soon as you get to the bottom. Inside the next room is a lever that opens the gate on the right side of the room. This leads back to the area where you fought the Tyrant and serves as a shortcut.

Open the gate to the left to gain access to another shortcut that leads back near the main staircase. Continue down the hallway to find the Spellcaster. This enemy uses long-range projectile attacks and should be fought with caution. When its health is low, it begins to siphon health from you. It continues to siphon your health until you hit it. Upon death it explodes, causing additional damage. When you kill it, move away quickly to avoid taking damage. It may also drop a Two-Horned Shield, which is very effective for defending against magic-based attacks.

Pick up the Ancient Plate quest item near the Spellcaster, then use two Small Runes to open the gate to the right if you wish to obtain another Empty Bottle. Inside the next room is a chest that holds the item. Continue down the hallway to find a Temple Guardian near the end. In the final room of the hallway is a closed portal. Make note of the location.

The doorway here leads back to the large open area where you fought the Tyrant. Head to the left and back up the stairs, but this time go left and head down the stairs just beyond the statue you passed before. Another Dimensional Beast waits down below.

When you reach the bottom of the stairs you can go right and loop around under the stairs to find a checkpoint and some loot, or go left continue on your way. The side path to the right awards you with Griffin leg armor, a Spell Point Shard, a Poison Resistance Shard, another Ancient Plate quest item, and a Conceit staff.

If you decide to go right, access the checkpoint, then take the left side of the fork as you walk along the narrow ledge. Jump to the ledge ahead and work your way around the corner to the left to find a chest that contains Griffin leg armor, a Spell Point Shard and a Poison Resistance Shard.

Continue along the path, jumping to the next ledge. Just ahead you will see another large spider similar to the one you fought near the beginning of the game. Before you round the corner and approach the enemy, use the Gauntlet to attack from a distance. There’s a very good chance the spider will not attack you directly, making it relatively easy to kill with the Gauntlet alone.

Jump over to the final ledge and move to the junction to find another Ancient Plate quest item in the corner. There’s a Fire Resistance Shard on the opposite side from the way you came. If you wish to pick it up, turn around and head back in the direction you came, but use the ledge on the other side.

Whether you pick up the item or not, continue to the left from the junction. A small spider may attack before you get to the large opening, but before you pass through it, look up toward the ceiling. Another large spider is waiting on the ceiling. Use the Gauntlet to knock it down, then finish it off if the shot from the Gauntlet didn’t kill the spider.

Open the chest to the left after you pass through the entrance to find a Conceit staff, then head back to the checkpoint to head in the opposite direction.

Head toward the end of the path to find a Rogue standing on the path above. Use the Gauntlet to take it down so you don’t have to worry about it later. Do not go to the right yet. If you head right you’ll encounter another Tyrant, but the Tyrant Heart is located on the path above, which means you can’t kill him yet.

Once the Rogue is down, head down the path to the left. Another Dimensional Beast waits near the end of the path. Defeat it, then head to the left to find a Golem guarding a Magic Energy Shard in the bushes. Turn around and head to the left to engage another Golem. This one is guarding a chest that holds Wisdom wrist and leg armor, as well as the greataxe Swing.

Turn around once more and head down the next path to the left to find three Hell Hounds and a Forger ahead. Attack the Forger with a ranged attack to draw it away from the Hell Hounds and make this fight a bit easier. Once the Forger is down, you can use ranged attacks to pick off the Hell Hounds one at a time as well.

Look to the left of the smoldering fire to find another audio note hidden near the brush. Continue down the path to find a Rogue near the end (or two if you didn’t snipe the one previously). Take them down, then open the chest to the left to find Griffin head and wrist armor.

Destroy the vase near the larger fire to find the Tyrant Heart. Look over the cliff to the right to see the Tyrant down below. Use a ranged attack to get its attention, then drop down and defeat it. Proceed up the stairs just beyond where the Tyrant was located. Look for an opening to the right where an Energy Shard is hidden in the brush. Before you reach the top of the stairs, there’s a path to the left. When you near the end of the path, look to the right to find a another Energy Shard near the edge of the cliff.

When you reach the top of the stairs, pull the lever to the right of the door to open it. Inside is another Marauder. Defeat him, then head right to find a Temple Guardian. At the end of the path is a locked chest. Keep this location in mind and turn around to head in the opposite direction.

Head down the stairs at the end of the path and look for the Ancient Plate quest item to the left. A Tyrant and Rogue wait at the bottom of the stairs. The Tyrant Heart is in a vase to the left, near the end of the path. Pull the lever to the right of the door to open it. To the right of the door is another large spider guarding an audio note. To the left is a second larger spider guarding a chest that holds a Griffin armor chest piece, Ghost Merge Shard and Poison Resistance Shard.

Kill the spiders and collect all of the items, then head back through the door and continue straight to find another checkpoint. Save your progress, then head up the stairs to engage the Rogue near the top. When you reach the end of the path, note the sealed portal in the corner, then proceed down the stairs to the left to initiate a cut-scene followed by a boss battle against the Infiltrator.

Boss Battle: Infiltrator
Bonus Requirements: Kill him before the lanterns above the arena light up.

There are two important aspects to note about the battle against the Infiltrator. The first is that you should always stay close to and in front of him. From a distance, the boss jumps toward you like a spider, which is difficult to evade, especially in heavy armor. He also uses projectile attacks that can stun you, although he rarely follows with an attack.

At close range, the Infiltrator uses a three hit combo attack of two horizontal attacks, followed by a slightly delayed vertical attack. If you’re in light or medium armor (or can move well in heavy armor), get close enough to initiate the combo attack, then back away to avoid the first two horizontal swings. You need to remain just outside of the Infiltrator’s attack range to insure you evade the first two attacks, but remain close enough so that the Infiltrator still attempts the third attack. If you move too far away he stops after the second attack, and if you’re too close you’ll have to block or roll to dodge the attacks.

With proper timing and positioning, you can back away from the first two attacks in the combo, then move to the left or right to avoid the final attack. This saves your energy and gives you plenty of time to counterattack while the boss is recovering. Once it gets down to roughly 50 percent health, it will attempt to stab you with its rear leg by using it like a stinger. This is relatively easy to anticipate and even easier to dodge if you have light or medium armor. Even if you have heavy armor, as long as you can anticipate when the attack will come, you have time to move left or right to avoid it.

The stinger attack almost always comes after the combo attack if you remain directly in front of the Infiltrator. You want to bait the Infiltrator to use this attack so you can evade it and continue attacking. With good timing and evasion you should be able to land three or four attacks (or combos depending on your weapon) following the combo and the stinger attacks.

If you move to either side of the Infiltrator, it uses the closest leg to slam the ground. This inflicts damage if you’re too close, and stuns you even from a moderate distance. This is why you want to remain in front of the Infiltrator to avoid these attacks and bait the boss into using the attacks that are easier to evade and follow with a counter attack.

The second important aspect of this battle is when the Infiltrator throws out a number of larva-like beings. These land on the ground and begin to grow. You can take them out with one or two good hits, but there are four of them with every toss. When they grow to full, they can trap you if you walk over them. More importantly, the Infiltrator will use them to replenish health. If you can’t destroy all of them, use a Fire Rune attached to your Gauntlet to ignite the Infiltrator and cause damage over time. This helps compensate for the health replenishment.

If you can maintain a steady barrage of fire (using the Gauntlet whenever you have enough magic), you can completely counteract the health replenishment. If you can do this, you can virtually ignore the larva. However, make sure you’re constantly inflicting damage and pay close attention to the Infiltrator’s health bar to ensure you’re inflicting more damage than he’s healing.

Finally, stay away from the center of the arena. The light in the middle and the broad area around it depletes your magic reserves. This is visualized by small blue circles floating away from your character. If you see this, move toward the outskirts of the arena. If you don’t use any magic at all, then you do not need to worry about this aspect of the battle.

Defeat the Infiltrator to be awarded the Crystal of the Traveller quest item. Collect the Uras polesword and Sealed Rune (Big) and speak with Yetka and give her the stone tablets (Ancient Plates) you’ve been collecting. In return she will give you a Magic Energy Shard, Poison Resistance Shard, Magic Resistance Shard and Lightning Resistance Shard.

Head up the stairs behind Yetka to initiate another cut scene. Ask the Crippled Rhogar about the reward, then ask him why he wants human skulls. This begins another side quest in which you turn in the Human Skulls you’ve been collecting for a reward. You need quite a few before you will get a reward though.

Go left from the Crippled Rhogar and pull the lever in the next room. This opens a shortcut to the side path near the checkpoint at the bottom of the stairs. Before you head back to the checkpoint, go back up the same stairs you took to enter the room to find that the portal you passed is now open.

Step inside the portal to find three chests inside. Open the chests to obtain an Empty Bottle, a Codex greatsword, two Sealed Runes (small), an Energy Shard and a Magic Energy Shard. Head back through the portal, then make your way back to the Crafter, then on to the graveyard where you fought the Worshiper.

Continue on to make your way through the Catacombs and beat the Champion!

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