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The Last of Us Remastered Walkthrough Chapter 4: Bill’s Town – How to Kill the Bloater

by Prima Games Staff

The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide

The fourth chapter begins with Ellie and Joel walking through a forest. You won’t encounter any opposition here, so feel free to explore and pick up any Parts of crafting items laying around. When you reach a large water tower and fence, head to the small building to the left. There is a wooden plank leaning against a nearby wall. Move it so that it’s resting against the building we mentioned, then go around to the other side and climb up to the roof. From there, you can pick up the plank and use it to cross to another building.

Tip: Don’t forget to pick up your melee upgrade that is also laying on top of the roof. It’s a massive upgrade to anything you’ve found so far.

Continue moving along until you pass through a broken fence and drop down a few feet. You’ll see a shed directly in front of you, and although you can’t see it, there’s a Clicker inside. There’s also another one a short distance to the right. Before you reach the shed, head to the right side of the yard and climb the nearby stairs. If you have a Molotov kicking around, throw it between the two Clickers. Sometimes the noise will attract both, which is ideal, and other times it may only get one. Either way, take them out by any means necessary. It is possible to bypass them, but there is absolutely no reason to risk them attacking you from behind if things go badly up ahead.

With the Clickers down, explore the nearby brick building, collecting whatever supplies are inside. When you’re done, exit back out through the side door — not the one near the Clicker in the shed — and you’ll notice a Shiv Door on the opposite side of the path. Make sure to hit that up before continuing on and boosting Ellie over the chain link fence.

Once you’re on the main street you’re fairly safe, although there are some Infected not too far away. The first thing you want to do is go all the way to the far end of the street and grab the Note to Bob that is stuck on a barbed wire fence. This will give you the combination to a safe that is back near where you hoisted Ellie over the fence. Head back that way, looking for a old pickup truck that has a safe near its rear bumper. When you approach it, you’ll automatically open it and claim the reward inside.

Now that you’ve scored some major loot, spend a few minutes exploring every building, nook and cranny that this street has to offer, leaving the record store and nearby alley for last. Loot the record store, then head down the alley to see one of Bill’s traps in action. With the Clicker out of the way, head to the back of the record store and open the Shiv door at the top of the small set of stairs.

Continue through the back alley, picking up the ladder and placing it on top of the truck. Climb up and grab the Bow that sits on the roof, then cross over the wooden plank. Pick up the plank you just used and place it next to the ladder. Climb up the ladder, grab the plank and use it to cross over to the next building.

Tip: There is a single Clicker hanging out just in front of you. Use your Bow to take him out quietly. If you can nail the headshot they will often go down in one hit, but the body will take at least two.

After taking out the lone Clicker, make sure to retrieve your arrows — assuming they aren’t broken — for future use. Climb down another ladder, then crouch and crawl under another one of Bill’s traps. Head to your left and toward the sound of something pounding on a door. The noise will stop as you get close, but go ahead and open the door anyway. Trust us… it’s safe-ish.

When you enter the building, head up the stairs to the second floor. Take a left when you reach the top, then the first door on your left. As you enter that room, the only Infected that you need to worry about will ambush you from straight ahead, but you should have no problem taking him out with your fists or melee weapon. When he’s down, search the place for goodies and then head back to where you crawled underneath Bill’s last trap.

Imagining you just crawled under the trap, but didn’t go left, head straight forward and use a Brick or Bottle to blow up two more traps covering an open gate. Head through the gate and then use another Brick or Bottle to disable yet another trap, then round the corner and enter the room. This room is full of useful stuff. Grab it all and when you’re ready, open the next door and prepare for battle.

Of course, Bill has finally caught you in one of his traps, even if it wasn’t meant for you. While Ellie is on the case and trying get you down, the nearby Infected start closing in after hearing the commotion. Yes, you are upside down, but start picking off anyone who threatens you or your companion. Make sure none of them get close to you, and secondly, make sure they don’t get close to Ellie. If you get a choice of who to shoot, always take out the Clicker first, then Runners and Stalkers second.

Tip: It’s almost better to go for body shots during this part. Of course, feel free to score headshots, but it’s better to use two guaranteed hits to kill your enemy, rather than waste four or five shots trying to be precise.

After several waves of upside down madness, you’ll finally get cut loose, only to have a Runner jump on you. Luckily, Bill will jump in and save the day, telling you to get on your feet and make a run for it. Do as the man says and follow his lead, ducking into a laundry mat at the end of an alley. Although you are definitely in a hurry, take a second to pick up some loot in between killing Infected and running for your life. When you finally get back to Bill’s hideout, a cut scene will allow you to take a breather.

After Bill, Ellie and Joel get adequately acquainted, loot the entire bar, including the side room and booths. Pay close attention to the bar itself, as there is a Shivs Upgraded Training Manual that will allow your Shivs to last one hit longer. When the place is clear, follow Bill out the door, up the stairs and do the same thing there… pick it clean.

Tip: A Molotov would be worth its weight in gold during this part, so make sure that you craft one or two if you have the means to do so.

Just keep following Bill until you reach a street with several abandoned cars, but don’t head into the middle. Instead, turn left from the door and set up a defensive position behind one of the cars. If the Infected don’t see you, toss a Brick or Bottle in the center of the road to get their attention, then when they come chasing after you, put a Molotov down to burn them up. Take the rest out with your gun.

Once there aren’t any more fungus looking freaks trying to kill you, follow Bill through an iron gate, stopping in the shack to gather up any supplies that might be laying around. When you’re done, head up the stone stairwell and into the cellar to trigger another cut scene.

When the scene ends, Joel will have a Shotgun that Bill gave him. This is a good thing, and will drop a pesky Clicker with a well-placed headshot from close range. With the Shotgun in hand, follow Bill to another table and take possession of the Bomb, which you can now craft the same way you can a Shiv or Molotov. Continue to search the area, picking up all the crafting items you can find, and even Tools Level 1, which allows you to further upgrade your weapons at the nearby crafting table.

Tip: When you get to the crafting table, upgrade weapons that work with your play style. For example, if you’re all about the 9MM Pistol and Revolver, perhaps you want a holster for them. If you are like us, however, and love the Bow, why not upgrade that and make your game one of stealth and precision?

When you finish finalizing your loadout, follow Bill up to the second level of the church and through to his bedroom. Of course, pick up whatever you find laying around, then meet up with Bill and exit through the window to head to the high school.

Start working your way through a series of yards that contain graves. There are several Clickers along the way, and it’s not actually a bad idea to just take them out with your Shotgun. You can sneak up close to the first one, blow off its head, then hit the rest of them when they come running to see what all the fuss is about. Your Bow is also an option, as is the Molotov or even simply sneaking past them and taking out one or two with your Shiv. The choice is all yours, but if you move slowly and watch your step you should be fine.

When you pass through a wooden gate that Bill unlocks with a key, it’s time to get out your Bow. You’ve got a few Runners and Clickers to deal with, and even more Infected in the houses and yards up ahead. To get started, drop the two Runners directly ahead of you with your Bow, then look down the alley to your left and do the same thing with the one over there. Retrieve any of your arrows that aren’t broken, then direct your attention to the yard on the inside of the fence.

Here’s where you’ll encounter the Clicker, but if you’re lucky you can drop it with one well-placed shot with your Bow. Aim for the chest, and if it doesn’t fall, hit it with another arrow. You’ll have two more Runners to deal with, but once the Clicker is gone you can just melee them, and even get a bit of help from Bill to finish the job.

Now that the yard is clear, head into the nearby house and loot the heck out of it, then pass into the garage and back outside. The next yard over will have a roof that you can access. If you want some safety, consider posting up on top of it and engaging the nearby Infected from that location. Start with your Bow, but if things go badly, finish off your advancing foes with the Shotgun.

Tip: Sometimes it’s better to make some noise and take out the Infected the loud and aggressive way. Stealth is great, but there is no safer feeling than knowing nobody is left alive to sneak up behind you a few minutes down the line.

When the area is clear, work your way through the yards and into a garage that has some arrows and another Bow. Cross the alley to another garage, then send Ellie through the doggy door to open it from the other side. Of course, there are four more Clickers nearby, but this time a well-placed Molotov should do them in, but worst case scenario, you have to finish one off with the Shotgun or Shiv. When that’s done, loot the entire house and then head out the opposite door.

Climb up on top of the RV, then cross a wooden plank and drop to the ground after passing through the tree house. Go through the sliding glass doors of the nearby house, then search it for items of interest, making sure not to miss anything on the top floor. When you’re done, meet Bill in the garage and help him lift it so the three of you can exit.

Remember that tip a few paragraphs back where we said it was sometimes good to go loud? This is one of those times. You’ve got a vehicle in front of you for cover, some added firepower in the form of Bill and your back is to a building so none of the Infected can get behind you. Our advice is to grab your Hunting Rifle, then go for an easy headshot on an unsuspecting enemy. Once everyone charges you, quickly switch to your Shotgun and let the massacre begin.

When the area is clear, start making your way through the abandoned buses until you trigger another wave of opposition. As soon as you hear them coming, retreat, funneling your foes directly toward you so you can manage their numbers. If you go too far forward they’ll surround you, which is much more challenging to live through.

After you survive your second wave, boost Ellie up on top of the bus so she can retrieve the ladder, then climb on top yourself. Of course, as soon as you jump down another wave of Infected will come after you, but rather than fight, just meet Bill at the window and climb inside. As soon as he gives you the word, run to the next set of doors to pass through and into the school’s hallways.

As soon as you enter the safety of the hallway, your peace of mind will be ripped to shreds by several Infected wandering around ahead of you. Again, why not just whip out the biggest gun you have and hold court right here? It’s a narrow hallway, meaning all your adversaries will have to face you head on, rather than attacking you from behind as you attempt to sneak by or stealth kill them. See, we’re full of bright ideas.

Whatever option you decide to go with, search the halls for supplies, then head in the only direction you can and into a nearby classroom. As expected, there are another two Clickers and a Runner here, so take them out using whatever means necessary and go through the door they entered from.

You’ll find a few more Infected roaming these halls as well, but by now you should be an expert with the combat. Our advice remains the same, since everyone is dead behind you, just shoot these guys, or go after them using some melee attacks, relying on Bill to take one or two down with his Shotgun and infinite ammunition. When the hallway is clear, head to the far end where you’ll find some double doors that are your only option for progression.

Tip: Before you enter the gymnasium, be sure to spend a moment crafting some Bombs and Molotov’s.

Here is where you’ll meet you first Bloater, which is essentially the game’s version of a boss fight. They are huge, take a massive amount of damage and throw giant balls of Infected puss at you whenever they get a chance. Your strategy here is to keep moving until it tosses the Infection at you. Dodge it, then return fire with a Bomb or Molotov. If you don’t have either of those, hit it with one or two rounds from your Shotgun, then prepare to move again. You’ll have to deal with a couple of Runners while you battle this big guy, but they are like ants compared to what else you’re facing.

Once the Bloater is down, you’ll need to boost Bill and Ellie onto the bleachers, then turn and fight a few more Runners who come in through a window that sits high on the opposite wall. If the Shotgun has any ammunition left it will do just fine, and there should actually be some on the Bloater you just killed. When the room is clear, loot the gymnasium, including the equipment closet that the Bloater was hiding in, then meet up with Bill and Ellie.

As soon as you reach the ground, run after Bill and immediately go up the ladder. Don’t worry about fighting the Infected that chase you, the moment you’re interacting with the ladder they can’t touch you. When you drop to the other side and get inside the nearby house, a cut scene will give you a moment to catch your breath.

Following the conclusion of the cut scene, make sure to search the house, then when you’re ready, meet Bill by the truck, then chat with Ellie who has assumed the role of driver. Oh boy.

As soon as you’re out of the garage, get behind the truck again and continue to push. When the Infected charge you, break away and take them out with whatever means you have at your disposal. As soon as the area is clear, get back to pushing. You’ll have to repeat this process several times, but when Ellie pulls far ahead, sprint forward and jump in the back to complete the chapter.

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The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide