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The Last of Us Remastered Walkthrough Chapter 10 – Bus Depot – Kill the Three Bloaters

by Prima Games Staff

The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide

When the chapter begins, you’re back in control of Joel, and Ellie is following you around as she has for most of the game. Start looking around the area for goodies, but make a point to enter the camper just ahead and on the left. There should be some supplies in there.

Tip: This chapter doesn’t have any opposition during the first part, but more than makes up for it later on. In fact, you’ll be fighting three Bloaters, so make sure you craft some Molotovs and Bombs for the occasion.

Continue heading along the road, picking up everything you can find until you reach a barricade. Walk around to the right side of the bus, then climb on top and jump down to the other side. Just a few feet ahead should be the bus depot, so head inside and check the area for goodies, then boost Ellie up to get the ladder.

As soon as she drops the ladder, place it against the wall and climb up, then chase Ellie until you find the giraffe. Continue chasing her until you trigger a cut scene, then when it’s over get back to the business at hand.

Follow Ellie down the stairs and make sure to loot the area with the chain link fence, including the bathroom that can be easily overlooked. When you weave your way through the fence you’ll come to an area with some tents. Make sure to loot the entire area, paying special attention to a very large tent that contains Tools Level 5, assuming you haven’t missed any prior to these.

When you exit the large tent with Tools Level 5, head to your left and you should see another, smaller tent to the right of a guard tower. Inside you’ll find a few more goodies and a crafting table. Take a moment to upgrade a few of your weapons.

Tip: Once again, upgrading your Bow isn’t a bad option here. Soon you’ll be in a tunnel with three Bloaters and some Clickers, and being able to take out all the Clickers silently — and at range — is not a bad thing at all. Of course, stay true to your play style above all else.

Exit the tent and head to your right — assuming you have looted the entire area — where you’ll find a bus. This will trigger a short scene with Ellie, and when you’re done, go into the bus and climb out the window to the other side.

We promised you some opposition, and you’re about to get it. Head into the tunnel and climb on top of the tractor trailer. Take a moment to reload your weapons, craft some Molotovs and Bombs, then get out your Bow and Flamethrower.

When you’re ready, drop down and start sneaking forward, relying on Joel’s focused hearing to spot three Runners, one Clicker and a Bloater. Take out the three Runners using your Bow, then do the same to the Clicker. We would advised body shots against the Clicker since headshots are hard to hit on a moving target. With them all down, climb up on the trailer near where the Bloater is roaming.

Don’t worry about what’s up ahead. In fact, you likely can’t see anything besides the one Bloater at this point. From your perch on the trailer, take out your Flamethrower, creep close to the edge and light this sucker up. Keep pumping the flame until he’s always on fire, but don’t just blast it endlessly. When he drops, get down off the trailer and search all the bodies in the area of supplies, and hopefully retrieve a couple of your arrows.

Tip: You can sneak through this area, but you’ll have a much harder time looting it. Secondly, if you get past some Infected, but others catch you, you’ll find yourself surrounded. If you do get overwhelmed, take out your Flamethrower and hold court. You might not survive, but it’ll be a YouTube worthy effort on your part.

Head to the far right side of the tunnel and continue moving forward, hugging the wall as you go. Once you get to the end of a bus on your left, and a door on your right, you’ll see another two Clickers and a Runner. Take the Runner out with a single body shot from your Bow, then take the Clickers out with two body shots each. Sneak around and retrieve your arrows, constantly popping in and out of listen mode to make sure there isn’t a sneaky second Runner hanging around.

Tip: After we thought we had cleared the tunnel, we were attacked from behind by a Runner in the area we just mentioned above. We’re not sure where he came from, but he might not have been moving, or was just beyond our listen mode’s range. Either way, stay frosty.

With this area clear, go back to where the door was along the right wall, then use your listen mode to spot three stationary Runners. Don’t waste any arrows or ammunition. These three are extremely lethargic and you can actually choke them all out without any of the others noticing. When they’re down, continue through to the next room, loot it, then sneak out the door.

After heading out the door you are going to turn right, but drop a Bomb behind you to make sure that nobody can sneak up on you if things go badly. Stay behind the railing and use your listen mode to spot two Runners, two Clickers and two Bloaters. If you have arrows, use them on the two Runners, then when you’re ready, toss a Bottle near the Bloaters. This will draw them and the two clickers close, at which time you should start chucking Bombs are their feet. In total, we tossed three Bombs and two Molotovs to kill everyone, although we were being cautious. You could possibly get away with less. But, that will do the trick for sure.

Tip: You’ll know that the entire collection of Infected are down when Joel makes a comment about how that is all of them, or so he thinks. If he doesn’t say that, there is still at least one more Infected soul around that needs you to harm them.

Once the entire tunnel is clear, go back through it and loot every last bit of it. In fact, just past the final two Bloaters you killed will be a while trailer that you can climb on top of, and it contains the Training Manual: Bombs Upgraded, which if you’ve found the rest of them, should be your last, unlocking the I Got This trophy. If you don’t have them all, rest assured we’ll be adding a walkthrough specifically for that in the very near future.

Head forward, boosting Ellie up on top of a truck so she can knock a crate down. Climb up on the crate and then drop down to the other side. Head forward until you can’t go further, then dive under the water and swim through the sunken bus. When you emerge, climb back up and drop a ladder down so Ellie can follow you. Continue to stick to the right side until you get to a chain link fence with a hole in it. Before you boost Ellie through, kill the sneaky Clicker that is resting on the other side.

Once you’re through the fence, ignore the crafting table and go into the back room. Take a right and use a Shiv to open a door, then collect all the nifty loot that sits inside. If you can’t pick everything up, make sure to craft a few items and try again. When you’re done, head back to the crafting table and perform a few additional upgrades to your gear.

Head into the back room once again, this time taking your left rather than the right. You’ll crawl under some debris, then jump through a window. Of course, Ellie can’t swim so you’ll have to figure out a way to get her across the water.

Jump into the drink, then dive under and go through a door, turning right and following the hallway into another room. When you emerge, climb up on the pipes, then follow them back into the room Ellie is in. Knock the wooden pallet into the water, then jump back in yourself and take it over to her. Once she jumps on, ferry her over to the metal platform, then return to the side you originally picked her up from. Climb up yourself, then when she lowers the ladder, try and ascend it.

Since nothing ever goes right during the apocalypse, the ladder will break off the wall and you’ll need to find another way. Grab it, turn around, then use it to climb up to the ledge above the door you originally entered this area from. Grab the ladder again, then walk across the balcony and drop it down. Jump down yourself, then place the ladder across the gap and meet up with Ellie on the other side.

Start making your way across the vehicles that provide a makeshift bridge over the water. When you fall in, follow the on-screen prompts until you get control, then swim to Ellie and drag her out of the water. This will bring on a cut scene, ending the chapter and taking you to Chapter 11: The Firefly Lab.

The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide