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The Last Guardian – Part Two – Reunite with Trico

by Josh Hawkins

After waking up in a strange cave and discovering markings all over his body, the young boy led the great beast, Trico, to freedom. Having escaped the cave, the boy continued outside, bidding Trico farewell. The beast had grown accustomed to the boy’s presence, however, and it followed him into the sunlight, where more puzzles and ruins awaited the duo. In this article, we’ll show you how to navigate the second section of The Last Guardian.

Find a Way Forward

After the cut scenes, and when you regain control of the boy, move forward, taking in the vistas around you. There is only one way forward at this point, so turn to the right from the cave exit and look for a small ledge along the side of the wall. The area is marked by chains on the wall.

Head along the ledge, careful not to fall. Trico will follow you, so don’t worry about the beast at this point.

Continue along the ledge, using the chains when you cannot walk any further, until you arrive at a large platform across from an old decaying wooden door the size of the creature. You’ll need to wait for Trico before you continue. Once the beast is in range, use the Mirror on the old door to break it open. This will trigger a column to collapse, which will coincidentally fall in the exact spot you need it to fall so you can climb down to the next area.

Head across the column, turning left when you reach the platform below. There are stairs that lead up from here. Climb the stairs and head through the open hole in the wall. Trico will try to follow, but the beast can’t fit through the door so you’ll need to find another way through.

Reunite with Trico

Look for the stairwell with torches along the wall. This will lead you to the pathway that Trico opened when you used the Mirror a few moments ago. Call out to the creature to get it to move forward and jump into the new corridor.

Follow the path back down to the room you entered a few moments ago, and Trico will follow. Head back down to the open room down the stairs and wait for Trico to arrive. When it does, look for the ledge with to the right of the hole where you entered. You should spot several handholds that you can use to climb on. Hop on Trico’s back by climbing up its leg, and then jump over to the ledge.

Climb up the handholds and then shimmy over to the right, following the wall. Continue moving until you can jump onto a chain hanging from a platform higher up. Jump onto the chain and climb up to the next ledge. The path you want to take is a huge tunnel to the left of the chain when you are facing the wall.

Head into the tunnel and move forward into a room with a shaft of sunlight in it. Call Trico to have it follow.

The tunnel should lead you to a dead end, where several boards block the path forward. Use the Mirror to have Trico destroy the barrier, allowing you to continue. You can also grab a barrel in a room to the side if you’d like to give Trico a treat. This isn’t required, though.

With the barrier destroyed, continue forward into another section of tunnel. A wall of barred windows blocks your way. Look along the right side of the windows to spot a tunnel that you can crawl through. Exit the cave and wait for Trico to hop over the top.

Continue Deeper Into the Ruins

You find yourself outside the ruins with no way foreseeable way forward. Look for a set of columns and windows. If you follow to the left of these, you should spot another pathway blocked by barred windows.

Trico can jump this area, like the other areas that it has jumped, so climb atop the beast after you direct it to the barrier. It will hop over the wall, landing on the other side.

Once the beast has landed, hop off of its back and look for the painted glass eye laying near the edge of the platform. These images scare Trico for some reason. To allow the beast to move forward, you will need to destroy this by pushing it over the edge.

With the eye removed from the platform, continue up the stairs in front of you and to the right to discover another stairwell. Climb up the second set of steps to discover a gate blocking your way. If you look through the gate, you will notice a switch that can be used to open it.

Call Trico to your location and climb atop its back. To progress forward at this point, look for an open window in the wall directly across from the stairwell back down. You can spot the sunlight coming in from the window as you climb the steps.

Jump to the ledge and continue out of the hole to find a small ravine-like area with handholds that you can jump to. Hop to the handhold directly across from you, and then make your way along the ravine’s wall until you reach the second window.

This is your way forward. Jump back to it, then drop onto the ledge to enter. Back inside the temple, there are several handholds to the right of the window that you just entered from. Use them to climb down and then activate the switch to open the gate and allow Trico to follow you deeper into the ruins.

Feed the barrel at the end of the corridor to Trico, then head down the middle hallway to find a barricade. Use the Mirror to destroy it and continue forward. Move forward to discover a massive drop with a metal cage-like item hanging over it. Use the handholds along the wall to drop to the area below, and then call Trico down.

When the beast does finally jump down, a cut scene will trigger, and an item in the wall will activate. In a surprise twist, Trico eats the boy, which causes another cut scene to play.

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