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The Last Guardian – Part Three – Wake Trico Up, Cut off the Blue Smoke

by Josh Hawkins

Following the events of the second portion of The Last Guardian, you awaken next to Trico once more. This time, however, the great beast does not rise to greet you. It appears whatever the device in the cage was has rendered it unconscious. In this guide, we’ll show you how to complete the third part of The Last Guardian.

Climb Down Trico’s Tail

After awakening and finding Trico once more unconscious, and the magical mirror now missing, it’s time to figure out where to go next. Look down the walkway leading forward and take note of the gate blocking your way. You’ll need to find a way past it if you wish to continue.

Return to Trico and take note of how its tail hangs over the edge of the balcony. Climb onto the beast’s back and then make your way down the tail, revealing a platform that you can jump onto below. Hop to it from Trico’s tail, and then continue up the small path here (where the water is coming from) to find a crawl-space that you can travel through.

Now you need to move through this area. There is only one way out through here, so simply follow it until you arrive on the other side. Crawling through the tunnel should have triggered a cut scene showcasing several eerie looking statues along the inside hallway.

Wake Trico Up

Grab the switch at the top of the ladder outside the tunnel, and then drop down into the area by pressing X at the edge. For the next part of this section, walk into the hallway with the statues. This will activate them. Unfortunately, you cannot do anything to harm them, so turn around and run back across the bridge to Trico. The sound of swords unsheathing will wake it up, and Trico will attack the statues.

Once Trico finishes the statues off, climb atop his back and pet his neck to calm him down. You’ll need to do this after most encounters, otherwise Trico will continue to be agitated, which will cause the beast to try to shake you off.

After calming Trico down, lead him into the hallway and climb atop his back. Hop over to the walkway along the wall, and then make your way forward to find several beams that you can climb atop. Move across them until you can jump to a chain that leads higher out of this area.

This will put you outside once more. Drop down from the platform you climb onto and head to the edge of the area to get an overview of the area you just left. Call out to Trico and the massive beast will make his way back towards you, and then jump up to you. The way forward is blocked by massive pillars, which only Trico can jump over. Wait for him to arrive, and then climb atop his back and he should go ahead and hop over after a few moments of waiting. As with any encounter with Trico, the beast can be temperamental, so give him a few moments to get into the swing of things.

Cut off the Flow of Smoke

When Trico lands, take note of the stream of blue smoke coming from a building to your right. The smoke will draw Trico to it. To regain control of the beast, you’ll need to cut off the flow of smoke. Head inside the building and grab the giant cauldron, then pull it to the center of the area. With the pot in place, head back outside and wait for Trico to jam his head into the center doorway. At this point, run up and jump onto Trico’s back, and climb to the edge of the building. There are some vines here that you can use to climb up.

Move up the building and drop into the hole that the smoke is billowing from. This will put you on a platform above the cauldron. Follow the platform to a middle section where you can press Square to shove the cauldron closer.

Continue Your Journey

With the flow of smoke cut off, Trico’s attention will return to the boy, allowing you to continue your journey to freedom. Head outside and wait for Trico to return his attention to the boy. At this moment, turn and run through the doorway on the opposite side of where you entered. There is enough walkway here to move around, but you shouldn’t have to go too far, as Trico will jump onto the pillars between you and the previous area. From here, you can head back through the small doorway and grab onto Trico’s tail, as it should be hanging down within reach. Climb up Trico’s tail, then wait for him to hop into the next corridor and carry you forward. You can also jump ahead, but Trico’s massive size could cause issues, and you’ll need to be on his back to continue, so it’s better to just stay latched onto the big feather-covered beast.

Wait for Trico to jump to the next area, which will lead you through a small area between buildings. You should arrive outside once more, where Trico will be drawn to a small body of water. Jump off Trico’s back before it heads into the water, as it it will roll over in the liquid like a dog in the grass.

Find the Switch

Be patient for the next part, and look up when you hear Trico growl or howl. Another Trico can be spotted in the distance. You can only continue after Trico has seen the other beast. When it has calmed down, head into the open cave just across from the platform where you entered.

This will lead to the final portion of this section. Wait for Trico to follow, and then climb up the rubble on your right. This will allow you to jump to the middle pillar. Once there, wait for Trico to jump on top, and then hop to its tail and climb up its back. This allows you to reach a higher area of platforms.

Grab the barrel out of the alcove nearby and toss it to Trico. The beast can catch it with its mouth in midair, so it should be able to grab it. Once you have fed Trico, jump across the gap in the nearby wooden bridge and navigate to the other side. You can follow it around to a set of stairs that leads to the gate blocking your way forward. Thankfully, the switch for said gate is right beside it. Move forward to head into the next area.

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