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The Last Guardian – Glowing Jar Puzzle, Destroy the Painted Sun Windows

by Josh Hawkins

After completing the last section of ruins you find yourself face to face with a massive gate with a chain dangling off to the side. To open this gate you’ll need to get Trico to grab the chain with his mouth, and pull the gate open. In this article we’ll show you how to complete this puzzle, and even how to wedge the gate open so that Trico can pass and join you in the next room.

Find the Glowing Jar

Follow Trico through the revolving gate, and into a room blocked by another large gate. It appears the duo is locked into this room at the moment. To get through the gate you’re going to need to find a glowing jar that you can place on the chain dangling to the left of the exit. Climb up the chain and hop over onto the wooden catwalk along the side. Follow it around to find a switch. If you pull this switch a fire will light on a pillar, causing Trico to jump onto the pillar. Return to the chain and climb up it a little more to gain some additional height.

Now you need to jump to the stone ledge just behind Trico. This will allow you to gain access to his tail, which you can then climb to access another platform higher up. Climb up his tail and hop to the new platform, following it around through a door that leads to a new room. This is the room where you’ll find the glowing jar that you need to get Trico to grab the chain.

Jump off the platform and onto the globe-like thing hanging from the wall. This will let you jump onto the top of an old cage that is suspended in air. This, in turn, will give you access to a platform with a chain that you can climb down. Slide down the chain to find the glowing jar. You can’t grab it just yet, as the chain is still too high in the air for you to reach from the ground. Instead, jump off it onto the nearby stairs and make your way down to the floor and activate a switch to the right of the stairs. This will low the chain, allowing you to grab the glowing jar.

Use the Jar to Get Trico to Open the Gate

Carry it back up the steps, and look for two sets of double doors blocked by wooden beams. You can remove the beams, so go ahead and do that so you can continue. Once you’re through, toss the glowing jar down to the floor and then climb back down the first chain you climbed in this area. Attach the jar to the chain, and Trico will be drawn to it. Once the creature takes it into his mouth and begins to pull on it, head for the large gate and wait for the perfect chance to hop through.

Once through, ignore Trico for the time being and set about trying to find a way to prop the gate open so the lumbering beast can get through to you. There is a barrel in the alcove ahead, but ignore it until you get Trico into the room. Instead, look to your right and grab onto the circular pillar at the bottom of the wooden ramp. Push the metal object up the ramp, and then grab it by its side and push it off the ledge. You’ll use this to wedge the gate open and let Trico through. Wait for Trico to open the gate enough for the pillar to fit beneath it, and then slide it under, allowing the massive creature to crawl under the gate.

Destroy the Painted Sun Windows

With Trico past the gate, feed it the barrel and then climb atop its back and command it to jump up onto the next level. Wait for it to move forward, and when it stops, take note of the two painted sun windows hanging on either side of the path. Climb down off of Trico and look in a nearby alcove for the head of one of the armored statues. You can pick up this item and toss it at the painted suns to break them. Do so, then climb onto Trico once more to continue up the pathway.

You should now find yourself outside once more. You can continue to the next part of our walkthrough, where we tell you how to survive the falling bridge in The Last Guardian, or return to our The Last Guardian guide for more in-depth walkthroughs of each section of the game.

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