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The Last Guardian – Climb the Broken Towers

by Josh Hawkins

After surviving the events of the falling bridge, and lowering the first drawbridge, Trico and the boy find themselves face to face with an impossible goal. To continue their journey, they’ll need to climb to the top of several broken towers, which will allow them to get ever closer to escaping the valley. In this article, we’ll show you how to safely traverse the broken towers, and go over everything you need to know to make it all the way to the top.

Destroy the First Sun Window

Wait on Trico to jump onto the drawbridge ahead of you, which will force it to open. This will give the great beast plenty of room to work with so that it can jump to a pillar between two other towers. Sadly, there is a sun window blocking the due from continuing. You’ll need to destroy it to continue.

Wait for Trico to jump to the second pillar, then climb down his tail and use the handholds to reach a wire that runs from the pillar to one of the towers. Make your way across the wire, and then up the side of the tower using the vines to climb higher. Your goal at this point is to remove the nearby sun window so that Trico can jump over to you. Climb halfway up the stairs, then drop down and follow the thin platform around to another wire that you can cross.

Start off across the wire. Unfortunately, it breaks halfway through, and you’re must climb up it the rest of the way. At the top, jump and grab onto the vines to gain even more height. Here you can cross another wire, which actually leads you to the platform holding the sun window in the air. Interact with it and push it off to destroy it. With the sun window gone, Trico will now jump over to the second tower. Use the chains and platforms below to climb down to the beast, and then jump over to it safely.

Climb the Towers

Thanks to Trico’s immense size and cat-like reflexes, the beast will start making its way up and around the tower using platforms that remain from the ruins of an old staircase. For the moment all you need to do is wait, patiently riding until the creature is stopped once more by a hanging sun window. You need to destroy this one as well. Thankfully it’s a bit easier to access.

Drop off of Trico and onto the stairs below. Follow them up using the thin ledge on the left. This will lead you up to a section of rubble that you can slip through, revealing a long wooden beam that leads out to the sun window. Climb out and interact with it to drop it off into the abyss. A cut scene will trigger, forcing Trico to save you once more. Wait for the creature to get down to the bottom and into place before dropping.

Now it’s time to make the climb again. Command Trico to go up, and the creature should automatically continue jumping up and around the tower as high as it can. A cut scene triggers at the top, and you’ll have no choice but to watch the mayhem playout as you try to hang on to Trico’s back. This cut scene brings this section of the game to an end.

Continue on to the next section of our The Last Guardian walkthrough, where we’ll show you how to defeat armored statues with shields, or find out the meaning behind The Last Guardian’s ending.

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