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The Last Guardian – Ascend the Blue tower, Defeat the Master of the Valley

by Josh Hawkins

After traversing the ruins of the valley, and making your way to the top of the blue tower, you come face to face with the Master of the Valley, the final boss in The Last Guardian. In this article we’ll teach you everything you need to know about this section, including how to defeat the Master of the Valley and trigger the ending of the game.

How to Enter the Blue Tower

After you and Trico manage to fly up to the blue tower, you’ll need to help your companion clear out several dozen enemies in the area. You can use the mirror-shield to strike several of them down with lightning, or ram into them to make them drop their sun-shields so Trico can strike them. Once the front area has been cleared of enemies, be sure to help Trico blast the spearmen above you into oblivion.

Follow the platform around the tower until you reach the back staircase, where you ascended the tower earlier, before the platform that led to it was destroyed when Trico saved you from the onslaught of statues. Now that you have the mirror-shield again, use it in the nearby pedestal to open a way forward.

Head inside the blue tower and follow it around and down a slight incline to find an elevator that leads up. If you insert the mirror into the pedestal in the elevator, you’ll receive a dialogue warning that the ceiling keeps you from continuing further. You’ll need to open this up if you wish to continue.

To move up the elevator shaft, you must first go down. Find Trico’s tail after it sits down, and drag it towards one of the holes in the floor. These holes aren’t just for decoration. With the tail now dangling through the hole, climb onto it and use it to reach a platform below.

This will lead you to a round corridor that circles around the elevator shaft. There are several enemies down here without their heads. You will have to activate them before you can continue.

Grab the nearest armored heads and get close to the statues to bring them to life. You’ll have to do it a few at a time, but once they are alive, head into the center room and use Trico’s tail lighting to destroy them. Then rinse and repeat until all the enemies have been awakened and destroyed.

Now, head around the circle and use the mirror-shield to activate every circular switch. This will open the ceiling above the elevator. Climb back up Trico’s tail, and then activate the elevator controls to ascend into the blue tower.

Enter the Core of the Tower

Deal with the enemies at the top of the elevator shaft and then use the mirror-shield to activate a switch in the center of the ceiling. This will cause a column to drop, revealing an opening that the boy can climb into. Drop off of Trico’s back, and move inside to cause the gate to close. The new elevator will rise, cause Trico to freak out. Your companion will hop on top of the elevator, and ride it all the way to the top, where the gate will open, revealing a large room with a circular core help up in the air above you.

Wait for Trico to drop to the ground, then hop on your ally’s back and command it to jump forward. I Trico will start climbing up the area, using the beams that hold the core in place. There’s a large fan at the top of the area blocking your way, so use the small holes above the beams to gain access to the inside.

Face the Master of the Valley

This will reveal the Master of the Valley, the core of the ruins that you have been struggling to escape throughout the rest of the game. In order to continue forward, and finally ascend to the top of the tower, you will need to shut the fan down so that Trico can pass. Pull out your mirror-shield and aim it at the blob of black goop surrounding the Master of the Valley. This will push it back. Wait for it to be just out of reach, and then jump onto the cage around the Master and climb to the top. Make it quick, though, as the goop will slowly return to its original state. Using the mirror on the Master for too long will result in magical symbols surrounding the boy and rendering him unable to move quickly.

Once you have climbed out of the center area, hop onto the top of the fan to match its speed. This will allow you to move around and find a pedestal switch that you can use to turn the fan off. Hold it long enough for Trico to jump out of the area, and then let go, immediately jumping onto the side before the fan can get back up to speed. Now climb up the side and make your way out of the center onto the top of the tower.

A cut scene will trigger, and when you regain control, you’ll need to grab the mirror-shield. Run for it, avoiding the other Tricos around the area. You’ll get scooped up, and eventually, after a few moments of flying around, you’ll be thrown back onto the top of the tower where you must once more try to grab the mirror-shield.

Run for it and grab it. The only way to stop the Tricos is to destroy the Master of the Valley. Head back into the center of the core and drag Trico’s broken tail down into the main section, where the Master actually is.

With the tail inside, use the mirror-shield to direct Lightning bolts at it. Destroy the cage around it, and then shoot it with lightning directly. This will destroy it, triggering the ending cut scene for the game.

Congratulations, you have now completed The Last Guardian. Return to our The Last Guardian walkthrough for more help, or take a look at our explanation of The Last Guardian’s ending to see learn more about what it all means.

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