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Killzone: Shadow Fall Walkthrough Chapter 5 – The Helghast

by Prima Games Staff

Killzone: Shadow Fall Chapter 5 – The Helghast

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  • Newspaper #04 | New Helghan News
  • Audio Log #14 | Helghast Call Home
  • Dossier #07 | Tyran
  • Audio Log #15 | Interrogation Record
  • Comic #12 | Pages 23-24
  • Comic #13 | Pages 25-26
  • Audio Log #16 | Tracking Record 1
  • Audio Log #17 | Helghast Rant 1
  • Dossier #08 | VSA HQ
  • Audio Log #18 | Tracking Record 3
  • Audio Log #19 | Tracking Record 2
  • Audio Log #20 | Helghast Rant 2
  • Comic Page #14 | Pages 27-28
  • Comic Page #15 | Pages 33-34
  • Comic Page #16 | Pages 29-30
  • Comic Page #17 | Pages 31-32
  • Dossier #09 | The Wall 


  • The Helghast [Complete the chapter]

The cut scene has Lucas and Sinclair in conversation. Sinclair says that their enemy is testing them to see if they have the resolve. Lucas, clearly distraught over letting Tyran escape, tells Sinclair to send him back in so he can find him. Sinclair says that Tyran must be made an example of. The Helghast must know the Vektan are strong. Lucas is being sent in as a refugee, where he will meet up with an informant known as Zeus. Zeus will provide Tyran’s location. Sinclair wants Lucas to find him and execute him. Sinclair states that they have been given an opportunity, an opportunity to convince everyone they are right. He tells Lucas that the Helghast are animals, all of them. 

The chapter continues with another cut scene. This one has you among other refugees being returned to New Helghan. As you come to a checkpoint, most citizens are cleared, but a couple are forcefully pulled to the side. When you clear the checkpoint, make your way forward to the train and get onboard. Sinclair patches into your earpiece and tells you to use the EMP device. Press R2 to detonate it as instructed. As soon as you regain control, take out the lone Helghast guard and jump down. 

You now have full control, so run towards your objective — Up D-Pad — that should be indicated on the screen.  You’ll approach a Helghast checkpoint from above. Either stay up high and engage, or head to ground level and take them out. There’s an alarm here, so consider using stealth until your OWL is in range to hack and disable it. When all is clear, head to the left of where you jumped down and through the checkpoint. 

Keep heading towards your objective until you come to another alarm. Quickly have your OWL disable it before the Helghast realize you’re there. You’ll have to fight about half a dozen enemy soldiers here, so try to stay in cover and deal with them one at a time. Your OWL is a life saver. When the area is all clear, head into the objective. The informant isn’t there. Have your OWL hack the computer to find out Zeus’ new location. 

Your objective will update showing you the location of Zeus’ safe house. There’s resistance along the way, but you should be able to kick off the engagement when you’re ready. Plus, you have the high ground, so deal some heavy damage to kick things off. Just be careful not to take out any civilians — Helghast aren’t all bad — while you’re causing mayhem. When you clear the area, enter the ventilation system to meet up with Zeus. 

Zeus asks Lucas what Sinclair has on him. He figures the only way Lucas would come to New Helghan is if he was coerced. Zeus asks Lucas if he thinks he’s special, then comments, “I’m special too, man. We all are.” Zeus shows you Tyran’s location, but says that if you go in, you’re not getting out. Because he risked himself for Lucas, Zeus wants a favor. He asks Lucas to destroy a tracking database so he can get away. You now have two objectives, but one is optional. 

Head into the vent and make your way through to an empty room and up a set of stairs. There’s a patrol ahead. Either go in loud or try to use stealth. Either way, there’s more around the corner, so be ready to fight. Keep making your way towards objective D, erase Zeus’ name. When you come to a two-man patrol, take them down and hack the alarm to prevent reinforcements. You have two options here, head in through the doors that the Helghast just came out of, or double back a few feet to the location of a Helghast turret. If you go for the turret, use your OWL’s shield mode — swipe down on the touchpad and press L1 — to take it down. Once you’re past it, climb into the vent.

Pro Tip: If you come across two Helghast soldiers, try to melee one and quickly press R3 to throw your knife, taking out the second and maintaining your low profile.

The vent takes you into something of a boiler room. Climb up and notice there are several Helghast in all directions just casually conversing. It would be nice to avoid them, but one is standing beside a computer system. Kill them all and then have your OWL hack the system to erase Zeus’ name and complete the objective. Now Zeus owes you one… that might come in handy.

You’re headed back across the bridge that brought you into that area. You can either take an escalator towards your objective or look for a vent underneath it. Try the vent if you can locate it. When you come out on the other side, there’s a boat load of Helghast. Nothing you haven’t dealt with before, so use the OWL and Tactical Echo to make short work of them. Luckily, they’re somewhat spread out to begin with, so it won’t be too intense.

Walk around to the right of where you came out of the vent and head towards the objective. If you need directions, press your D-Pad Up and it will display on-screen as a red circle. You’ll come across two more Helghast soldiers. Once you deal with them, use the Access Transportation keypad. There’s another one just beyond the first, so hack it as well. When you go through the doors, there are three Helghast soldiers in the area. Don’t go loud. Move slowly and melee the first one. Head around to the right — don’t sprint– and take down number two. If you’ve maintained stealth so far, melee the third guy. If not, just shoot him to clear the area. Head to the platform in the middle of the room and hack another keypad to ride the elevator down. 

After quite the long ride, you’ll exit to a platform. Looks like your communication is down. Run across the catwalk and head towards your objective. When you can’t go any further, use your zip line to descend to the level below. Keep moving along the catwalk and take another zip line trip down even further. Go through the door but don’t shoot any of the civilians. They will drop their weapons and let you pass. Just keep moving towards your objective to find Tyran’s hideout. 

Go through the next door and take a left. A concerned New Helghan citizen starts to yell at you, calling you a murderer just before Tyran comes over a loud speaker. He tells the citizens of New Helghan that a Shadow Marshal is among them, and to kill him. Keep moving past the civilians and take a right when you can’t go any further. It’s a bit of a maze in here, so rather than confuse you with every little door and turn, keep updating your objective — D-Pad Up — and moving towards it. As you descend further, you will come across some Helghast soldiers interrogating civilians. Time to shoot! This will kick up a bit of a fuss, so take advantage of your Tactical Echo and OWL to fight through.

Your onscreen objectives will update regularly, so when all is clear, keep moving towards them. There’s another pocket of resistance ahead, so keep following the same formula to deal with all the threats. This one comes in two waves and they’ll try to flank you, so keep using your Tactical Echo. Shoot and move.

When the last enemy soldier falls, sprint towards your objective, hop on the elevator and take another ride down. Walk across the catwalk and take the ladder down. Tyran comes over the loud speaker and tells you he knows who you are, even referring to you by name. He calls Lucas a “sorry little orphan,” who was raised by the institute and is a slave to the system. Keep moving as Tyran talks. The red circle on your screen sets your path.

Eventually you’ll come across some Helghast soldiers. You can choose to start things off with stealth or your guns. Either way, it’s a formidable group of opponents, so be precise with your shots. You’ll have enemies in all directions. Make sure to use your OWL and Tactical Echo. Don’t hesitate to put the OWL into shield mode — swipe down on the touchpad and press L1 — if things get crazy.

When the final Helghast soldier is down, the dramatic music will stop, a clear sign it’s time to get moving. Open the door to a platform that will shuttle you across to a catwalk. As you go, Tyran will serenade you with talk of Vektan greed and materialism. Exit and run along the platform to the next shuttle. There’s a total of three of them. When you exit the third, feel free to take out some Helghast from the safe distance and elevation you enjoy. When they’re down, use your zip line to cross the open area towards your objective.

You’ll be attacked soon after you land. Keep working your way through the Helghast and up a set of stairs. Climb the ladder and go through the door. Have your OWL hack the computer and then head up another ladder where Tyran is hiding. He’s talking with Jorhan Stahl on a television screen. He tells Tyran he should have waited before the terrorist attack, but that his use outweighs his very reckless behavior. Stahl tells Tyran that when the time comes he’ll be needed to deliver the weapon, to which Tyran says he’d be honored. Stahl makes reference to Dr. Hillary Massar, hard at work for the Helghast before alerting Tyran to your presence. 

Just as you’re about to execute Tyran, something shakes the ground and he kicks your gun out of your hand. Follow the onscreen instructions to engage in a knife fight with him. Before you can finish him off, you’re thrown from the dwelling, which explodes. When you come to, you report to Sinclair that Tyran is dead. Sinclair tells you to head for the extraction site. Do as the man says, even when the Helghast are shooting at you; just keep moving. Eventually the Helghast will corner you as you report to Sinclair that you’re not getting out. He tells you he won’t leave you there to die, just as the screen goes dark. 

When you come to, there’s a bag over your head and you’re being interrogated. They’re asking you for the name of your contact. You pass out, and when you regain consciousness, the bag is removed and the interrogator has what appears to be a stun gun. He tells you Vekta is inferior before he begins to shock you. You continue to drift in and out of consciousness, this time waking up with Echo in front of you. She tells you she won’t hurt you, and wants to know who Tyran is working with. She says she wants to end this, not start another war. You finally reveal to her that Tyran is working with Jorhan Stahl and that Echo gave them Massar.

Echo and Lucas are joined in the cell by Lady Hera Visari. Echo wants to know why they are working with Massar, and says she will kill her if she has to. Visari tells her to stop, that she couldn’t possibly begin to understand. She tells Echo that Stahl offered them a home and the survival of their people. Echo tells her that this is not the way to do it. She asks if Visari has forgotten the blood that runs through Echo’s veins, and states she will be killed no matter who is targeted, pleading “Mother, please…” before being slapped by Visari who yells, “Never call me that.” She has Echo escorted from the room by guards and demands that Lucas be kept alive, ending the chapter.

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