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Just Cause 3 Story Mission – Turncoat, Find Dr. Zeno Antithikara

by Bryan Dawson

Your next mission begins in Lavanda where you must speak with Mario. If you liberate the town it’s much easier to begin this mission, but it’s not a necessity. After speaking with Mario look around for a military transport. You should be able to find some within about a block of Mario’s present location, so you don’t need to venture too far from the starting point of the mission.

Bring one of the vehicles back to Mario, then driver to Zeno’s location. When you arrive, engage the enemy soldiers using the turret on the vehicle to make things easier on you. Of course you can always get out of the vehicle and take them out in other ways, but then you risk getting shot at.

Once Zeno gets in the helicopter, grapple up to the top of your vehicle and pay close attention to the road. Take down any enemies that cross your path, then head over to the missile battery once you reach the checkpoint. Hack the site, then head back to Mario as quickly as possible. If you spend too much time here things get rough as a tank shows up.

When you reach the next SAM site, disable it as quickly as possible and head back to Mario’s ride again. Grapple toward the gunship and take down the pilot, then make quick work of the militia soldiers when you reach the destination ahead. Defeat all of the enemies to complete the mission.

Before you can start the next mission (Missile Cowboy), you need to liberate Cima Leon: CentCom. Once that’s done head over to the east side of the island to begin the next mission. If you’re ready, continue on to Missile Cowboy, or head back to our Just Cause 3 walkthrough and guide.

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