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Just Cause 3 Story Mission – Three’s Company, Shoot the Gate Controls, Escort Annika and Teo

by Bryan Dawson

Once you complete the previous mission (An Act of Piracy), you can begin Three’s Company without having to venture too far. Speak with Dimah and Annika, then head out of the base and into the helicopter on the beach. Make your way to the next destination point to the northeast, but don’t worry as you won’t run into any hostiles along the way.

After Sheldon calls, drop out of the helicopter and grapple through the town and to the next location marker to find a sniper rifle waiting for you. Take a position near the edge of the overlook so you can take the shots you need with relative ease. Keep a close eye on the road going away from your present position so you can shoot enemy vehicles as they pass.

Take out the vehicles on the ground and the choppers in the air, then grapple over to the allied soldiers and finish off any remaining enemies. Once all of the enemies are down, head east to the next overlook and wait for Annika. Shoot the gate controls to let her into the shipping area, then take down any enemies that attack Annika and Teo along the way. You can attack them directly, or hit the fuel nearby to take out multiple enemies in one shot.

If you run out of ammo, hit up the package on your overlook to reload. Once Annika and Teo get to the chopper, make sure they remain safe until they leave the immediate area. After they’re gone, glide down to their new location and take out any enemies that remain.

Take off in the chopper and take out the enemies that attempt to block your escape. Use the rocket launcher to finish off the boats to make your job a little easier, as well as explosive barrels to take out multiple enemies at once. When the gunship attacks, grapple over to it so you can take control of the ship and use it to defeat the rest of the enemies.

Once the helicopter reaches its destination the mission is complete. The next mission (A Long and Dangerous Road) begins north of your present location. You can find the starting point near Capite Est. Continue on to A Long and Dangerous Road or head back to our Just Cause 3 walkthrough and guide!

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