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Just Cause 3 Story Mission – A Terrible Reaction, Take the Gunship and Escort Mario to Safety

by Bryan Dawson

Your first task for this mission is to destroy three tanks. Use the parachute to head down to the town below, but keep your distance. Remember, you can take down the tanks from quite a distance with the rocket launcher, so you don’t need to be anywhere near the tanks. This makes it much easier to complete this portion of the mission.

Take down all three tanks, then continue deeper into the city and make your way over to Mario. Stay on the rooftops as you take down the militia in the area. You need to move to the edge of the rooftops to take down the enemies below, but you can move back to the center of each roof to avoid taking damage once the militia troops spot you.

Once again, you need to keep Mario safe from harm. He can take a few hits, but if his health starts to get low you need to get a little more aggressive to take enemy fire off of him and focused on you. If you need more weapons you can drop down to the ground level and loot the green locker.

After you’ve taken down a good number of enemies, reinforcements show up via parachutes. Try to take them out while they’re still airborne so you don’t have to deal with their antics once they reach the ground. You can also take down the large fuel rig that they fly over to execute them all in a single attack.

When the gate lowers to block your escape, tether it to the top of the gate structure nearby to move it out of the way. Jump onto the back of the truck and make sure the rebels make it out of the city safely. When the ship attacks from above, use the grapple to reach the gunship, then pull out the pilot and use the helicopter to take down any remaining enemies. Target enemy vehicles or the explosive artifacts to the side of the road to make your job a little easier.

Once Mario escapes the mission is complete. When you’re ready to move on to the next story mission (Friends Like These) head to the south of Soros, southwest of your present location. Continue on to Friends Like These or head back to our Just Cause 3 hub for more tips and tricks to get through the game.

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