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Just Cause 3 Story Mission – A Long and Dangerous Road, Set Off the EMP

by Bryan Dawson

To begin this mission you need to take the road through Capite Est until you reach the destination marker. Meet with Teo, Dimah and Annika, then grapple onto any of the vehicles in the convoy. Move toward the front of the convoy so you have better positioning when it comes time to defend the group of vehicles.

Focus on the bridge above as soldiers will begin to attack after a short time. Grapple up to the bridge and take out the soldiers, then take on the enemies below once the bridge has been secured. When the gunship appears overhead, grapple up to it and take control of the ship to make this engagement a bit easier.

Continue through the next few barricades and take out the enemy vehicles as they attack. If you’re having trouble or getting overwhelmed by the number of enemies, shoot out the tires on the vehicles as a quick way to take them out while conserving ammunition.

When you pass the enemy base another gunship will attack. As soon as it appears, take control of the ship. If you delay it will inflict significant damage to your convoy. Take out the helicopters as they attack and continue to protect the convoy until you reach the tank yard. Hop into one of the tanks and take down the enemy snipers to the right, then head to the opposite side of the convoy to engage the last set of enemies. Once the enemies are down, use the EMP to complete the mission.

Continue on to Abandon Ship or head back to our Just Cause 3 walkthrough and guide to find more story missions and collectibles.

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