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Just Cause 3 Story Mission – The Great Escape, Enter the Prison, Find the Generator

by Bryan Dawson

Head over to Maestrale to meet with Annika. Go down the hill to the prison entrance and break inside, then take down the soldiers that attack once you’re in. You won’t have to worry about must opposition until you actually get inside the prison, but the small space can make it a little more difficult to fight. Make sure you use close range weaponry so you don’t endanger yourself.

Move through the prison as you search for the two switches that are on opposites sides of the floor near the far walls. They’re surrounded by electrical panels which makes them a little easier to spot. Once you’ve accessed both switches, hack into the terminal to lower the door and head down to the lower level where you need to repeat what you just did.

The main difference in the lower level is that snipers join in on the attack. Keep Rico between the buildings to make it harder for the snipers to get a clear shot. One of the switches you’re looking for is in the center of the room instead of the outer wall.

Access both switches, then hack the terminal so you can move on to the generator level. The next room is filled with more enemies, but it can be a little harder given their position. Use the depression near the entrance as cover to regain health when needed. Once the enemies are down access the switches in the room to get to the generator, then take it out and use the vertical tunnel to get back up to the surface.

Make your way to the next destination marker and help the prisoners escape. Take down the attacking snipers first as they will inflict the most damage to the people escaping. Once all of your allies have made it out safely the mission is complete.

You can continue on to Bavarium on a Plane or head back to our Just Cause 3 wlakthrough hub!

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