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Inside Game Walkthrough – Facility Entrance

by Bryan Dawson

Move through the waist-high water in the Facility Entrance area until you reach a point where your body is fully submerged. Make note of this location as you’ll be revisiting it soon. For now, continue to the right until you see a large spotlight shining down from above. If you get spotted you will have to start this section over.

Wait for the spotlight to move to the right, then run below the elevated platform to hide in its shadow. Wait for the spotlight to move to the right (not left!), then follow behind it and access the wheel in the center of the bridge. Turning the wheel causes the elevated platform to move in a clockwise rotation.

There’s another secret orb directly below your present location. To access the orb you need to place the elevated platform directly above the wheel at high noon (if it were a clock). Once that’s done, run back to the deeper water you passed before and dive down to the bottom and head into the open door to the right. Continue through the tunnel and remember that you can breathe underwater indefinitely at this point in the game, so don’t worry about having to come up for air. Pull the rod out of the orb in the platform to the right at the surface of the water, then head back up to the bridge.

Go back to the wheel and this time you need to move it near the far right edge so you can climb the nearby ladder, then jump over to the platform and use it to reach the corridor to the right. You may have to run back and forth between the shadow of the platform and the wheel to accomplish this, so don’t rush it.

Head to the right and drop down into the water tank below. Make sure you don’t miss the small hole or else you won’t survive the fall. Get out of the tank and head to the right. Drop down through the hole in the floor, and make note of the button below. This button closes the hole, but don’t use it just yet.

Move to the right and down the ladder to see another yellow switch box on an elevated platform near the far wall, next to a button. The button controls the elevated platform. Press it once to remove the platform so the switch box falls. Now you want to activate the switch box, then wait by the button. When the switch box moves up to a point where it’s level with the platform, hit the button and the platform will slam into the switch box, unhinging it and knocking it to the left.

At this point you can move the back to the ladder with the switch box, but stop on the incline just before you reach the ladder. With the switch box angled to the left (sitting on the incline), activate it and the box floats up to the left of the ladder. Now you can climb up the ladder to follow it.

Place the switch box directly under the opening in the ceiling by the other button. The box needs to be in the middle of the opening (use the light shining down as reference) or else it will hit the side of the opening and won’t elevate high enough. Once you have the box positioned correctly, activate it and wait by the button. When the box elevates above the ceiling, press the button to close the hatch, leaving the box on the floor above.

Now head to the left and dive into the water, then open the hatch to the left to find yourself back in the previous water tank. Swim to the top and head right again. Push the newly positioned switch box to the far right wall and activate it. Stand on top of the box and use the elevation to press the red button above. This lowers the wall to the right.

When the box drops back down to the floor, activate it again and press the button once again. This time jump over to the right as the wall rises so you’re elevated along with it. When you reach the top, head to the right to find another secret orb. Pull out the rod, then stand on top of the wall you used to reach the area and wait for it to lower back down to the ground.

Now drag the switch box back to the left near the entrance to the room. There’s a second switch box in the floor here toward the end of the light cast from the room to the left. Activate the switch box in the ground, then quickly move the other switch box on top of it, stand on top of the second switch box and activate it as well.

With proper timing the switch box in the floor will elevate, then the second switch box on top of it will elevate and you’ll be able to reach the water occupying the ceiling of the room. Once you’re in the water, swim to the top and pull the hatches on either side of the room to open the main hatch so you can move inside.

Swim up to the surface and make your way to the right, then climb up the ladder and head to the far left. Grab the crate here and drag it to the right until the hanger door in the background opens. At this point you can use the crate as cover so that you’re not seen.

Wait until the hanger door closes, then continue to drag the crate to the right and into the next room. Climb down the ladder and access the switch in the middle to lower the water level to the ground. This also causes the crate to float. Swim up to the crate and move it just above the platform to the left of the ladder.

Swim back down to the switch and raise the water level to the ceiling so the crate drops down onto the platform. Your objective is the hatch to the far right, which closes when the water level drops too low. You want to lower the water level just above the hatch so it remains open. At this point you can climb up the ladder and stand on top of the crate so you can jump into the water above (it should be low enough now). From there you can swim up to the right and drop down to access the hatch.

Continue through the next corridor and dive into the water in the adjacent room. Dive down to the bottom of water and wait for the two men to go inside the doorway on the far left side. Once they’re gone, drop down and access the lever on the left wall (pull it up) to alter the water level and cause all of the floating humanoids to drop. The humanoids are now under your control again.

With the help of the humanoids, boost up to the lever and pull it down to lower the water level to where it was before. Now make your way all the way to the right and up the stairs. Stop at the top of the stairs and have the humanoids boost you up into the water above.

Swim to the right while the humanoids continue to follow below. When you see the button below, drop down and press the button as you fall. Don’t worry, the humanoids will catch you when you reach the ground.

The button opened the door to the right allowing you to continue on your way. Collect a few more humanoids as you run by them in the next room, then use the humanoids to boost over the gap in the floor. Move to the right so the humanoids fall into the gap, then drop down and allow them to catch you.

Move to the right wall and use the humanoids to boost you up to the hatch above, then crawl through the narrow path and climb down the ladder. Drop down to the floor and head left to the lift. Press the button to raise the lift to the top floor, then run left until the humanoids drop back down to your level.

As the humanoids are dropping, quickly run back to the lift. If you moved before all of the humanoids dropped, only a few should be with you when you reach the lift. If you moved too soon, you may have to wait for a few to catch up so you have at least two or three on the lift with you. Once that happens, quickly hit the button so the rest of the humanoids are stuck outside the lift as it moves back down. As the lift descends the remaining humanoids will fall on top of it. When you reach the bottom, press the button again to move back up to the top floor.

At this point you should have a few humanoids with you, and the rest standing on top of the lift. If that isn’t the case, repeat the process until you’ve properly separated the humanoids. Now move to the right and you’ll see a yellow cord hanging from the ceiling near one of the pillars. Use the humanoids you have with you to boost up to the cord and climb to the top. You’ll be hidden behind the pillar but you should have the motions down by now so you won’t need to see yourself do it.

When you reach the top, head left and drop down to meet with the other humanoids. Continue to the left to see another secret orb hanging above. With the help of the humanoids boost yourself up to the orb and pull out the rod. Now you can head back to the left and drop down to the floor below.

Head back to the lift and wait for all of the humanoids to join you this time. Move down to the lower floor and use the humanoids to help you lift the door to the far right. This leads into the Research Facility area.

Continue on to the Research Facility or head back to our Inside walkthrough and guide.

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