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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 9 – Go Fetch

by Prima Games Staff

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To begin this mission, go to Olaf’s and look for Fetch. Since this is a Good Karma play through, we opted to ignore the protestors. Head up to the roof just behind Olaf’s neon sign. Like us, if you can’t figure out where to hide, approach the boxes behind the sign and press the touchpad.

Tip: When using Neon, press Circle while moving on the ground to use the Light Speed power. Vents are not used with Neon. Instead, run straight up the wall by continuing to hold Circle.

You now have the Neon power, absorbed from your encounter with Fetch. This is strictly a chase scene aimed at teaching players how to use Neon to move around. Continue to follow Fetch’s neon trail until the boss battle begins.

How to Beat the Fetch Boss Battle

Don’t attack Fetch initially. Your only concern is draining all of the neon signs in the area so she can’t absorb the power. Her attacks are very powerful, so make sure to use Light Speed to stay away. Try to absorb the power from signs when she’s on the other side and can’t hurt you.

The fight begins when you drain the power from the final neon sign. You can now attack Fetch with the Neon Beam power. It works exactly like Smoke Shot, the primary power players will use up to this point. Keep moving away from her attacks and return fire. Don’t rush things, just be patient and make easy shots. When her health bar (displayed at the top of the screen) is drained, the battle will end.

With Fetch defeated, players must now choose whether to go with Good Karma or Evil Karma. Because we’re going for a Good Karma play through, we chose to Redeem Fetch and end the mission.

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