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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 21 – Expose Augustine – Final Boss

by Prima Games Staff

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Tip: Before starting this mission, spend some time exploring the open world of Seattle and collecting as many Blast Shards as you can. Don’t use them to upgrade your Smoke, Neon or Video powers. Wait until Augustine gives you Concrete. Try to collect 15 to 20 Blast Shards. This makes the final boss fight much easier.

Players will have to choose between the Good Karma or Bad Karma missions. Because we opted to go for the Good Karma play through, we chose to Expose Augustine. As soon as you begin the mission, turn around and destroy the power source to the electric fence to shut it down.

A quick look at your map will show a small army of D.U.P. agents across the street from you. That’s fine by us, so leave them there. Stay right where you are and start picking them off one-by-one. There’s one or two sources of Neon nearby, so don’t be skimpy with your Phosphor Beam. Remain in cover and put the hurt on your foes from a safe distance.

When things properly calm down, make your way across the street to the platform where you just annihilated that D.U.P. army. Swap your Neon for Smoke and Smoke Dash through the vent. As soon as you emerge, Smoke Dash again to enter a second vent. If you hesitate, you’ll fall back down and have to do it over again.

After reaching the next platform, jump to your left (while facing the building) and wait for Fetch to come to your rescue. Follow her up to the next level and dispatch the D.U.P. agents blocking your path. Just be careful not to fall off the tower. That’s instant mission failure.

Continue to follow Fetch and ascend to the top of the tower. When you arrive, help Eugene fend off the D.U.P. assault until you can enter through the roof. Once inside, get ready for the final boss battle against Augustine.

Final Boss Battle – Defeat and Expose Augustine

If you don’t know what you’re doing, this one’s tough. Lucky for you, we endured the beating.

The first portion of the battle is exactly the same as the previous mission, only you’re using Video rather than Smoke to begin. Use your Bloodthirsty Blades to destroy the orbiting rock-shield that Augustine has protecting her, turning to your Video Torrent to knock her to the ground. Once she hits the floor, run up and kick her in the face to show her you’re serious. After kicking her while she’s down for the third time, dispatch Augustine using the Hellfire Swarm.

When the battle resumes you’ll be equipped with the Concrete power. Unfortunately, you don’t have an offensive weapon. Spend some time doing nothing but avoiding Augustine’s attacks until Eugene comes through with a Core Relay. Absorb its power to get the Boulder Dash. While it cannot be used offensively, it will help you avoid taking damage.

Continue to avoid Augustine by running, jumping and using your Boulder Dash. As she makes her way toward you, quickly Boulder Dash around her to the other side of the room. After a short while, your good buddy Eugene will arrive with another Core Relay, this time giving you an offensive option known as Concrete Shrapnel.

Tip: Remember how we told you to gather up a few Blast Shards? Now is the time to use them. There’s no point in using them on Smoke, Neon or Video; they aren’t options from here on out. Instead, spend your Shards on Concrete. We went with the Strength of Stone, Strength of Granite, Extended Shrapnel and Extended Dash upgrades. This makes the remainder of the boss fight much easier, although our tips will guide you to victory even if you can’t make any upgrades.

The next part of the battle is a lot like throwing a tennis ball at a brick wall. It doesn’t feel like progress is being made, but it is. Continue to avoid damage and pepper Augustine with Concrete Shrapnel. Do this until Eugene delivers a third Core Relay, granting you Concrete Thrusters.

Continue to hit Augustine with your Concrete Shrapnel, using your Boulder Dash and Concrete Thrusters to avoid her deadly ground attack. When she snakes towards you, jump in the air, use your Concrete Thrusters and Boulder Dash out of her way. Finally, Eugene will bring you a fourth Core Relay, granting a second offensive option, Concrete Barrage. Comparable to your Cinder Missile or Phosphor Beam, this is what you’ve been waiting for.

Tip: Every time you get the opportunity, hit Augustine with the Concrete Barrage. Rather than having to find more Concrete, it replenishes automatically, giving you an unlimited supply.

Your best bet involves dealing maximum damage and waiting until Augustine is in her spider form. If she’s rolling or snaking toward you, just get out of the way. Jump, use your Concrete Thrusters and then use Boulder Dash to put some distance between the two of you. Hit her with every offensive weapon you have until her health depletes to nothing and she’s defeated.

Congratulations! Not only have you won the final boss battle with Augustine, you’ve beaten inFAMOUS: Second Son.

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