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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 2 – The Visitors

by Prima Games Staff

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When the cut scene ends, run over and help the prisoner trapped in the wreckage. This will trigger one more cut scene. When it ends, Delsin has the Smoke Dash power, allowing him to pass through objects. Dash through the fallen trees until you reach Reggie, helping to move the vehicle off his trapped foot.

Keep following Reggie until you reach a locked gate. Use your newfound ability to Smoke Dash through the gate. Run forward, Smoke Dash through the vents, emerging on the roof and falling through a hole and into the building. Grab the chain from the box and use it to melee through the burning wood. You can only go one direction, so just keep breaking down barriers until there are none left.

When you regain control of Delsin, use your Smoke Dash to pass through the double doors. You have to battle Hank. Smoke Dash to avoid his attacks, chasing him down and hitting him with some melee attacks. After he escapes, open the door to trigger another cut scene where you’re introduced to Augustine.

At the end of the scene you have to choose which direction to take your Karma. Blue represents Good Karma and red the Evil Karma path. Choose whatever path suits you. We opted to go for Good Karma in this play through. If you took our lead, you’ll unlock the Sacrifice trophy. If you opted to go with the Evil Karma, you’ll unlock the Ruthless trophy. Either way, this will end the game’s second mission.

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