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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 18 – The Return

by Prima Games Staff

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After talking to Reggie, head to the tower to investigate the explosion. As usual, the objective is marked on the map if you’re not sure where to go. When you arrive, Reggie asks you to take a photo of the scene.

  • Snap a picture of the D.U.P. agent laying on the ground

After taking the photo, a group of D.U.P. agents will attack. Once you take care of them, head to the objective on your map and inspect the helmet on the ground. You’ll get attacked again, this time by a larger and more formidable force than before. Use your Smoke Shot, Neon Beam or Video Torrent to deal with the interruption. When things quiet down, go take another photo for Reggie.

  • Get a shot of the files laying on the ground next to the D.U.P. agent

After speaking with Fetch, head to the rooftop to meet up with her. Again, the location is indicated on your map. How difficult it is to get there depends entirely on how much time you’ve spent thinning out the D.U.P. from the Uptown district between missions. If there’s a heavy enemy presence, avoid them for now so Hank doesn’t get away.

Tip: Although we’re big fans of the Neon power, it’s most effective as an offensive weapon for a Good Karma play through. Seriously consider taking Video for this part and using the rooftop satellites to keep up with Hank.

After meeting Fetch, head to the Downtown rooftop to confront Hank. He’ll bolt and leave you to deal with the D.U.P. Take out the helicopter (since it can follow you) and then get back to the chase as quickly as you can. No matter where Hank goes, he’ll remain an objective on your map. Stay on his tail until the mission ends with a cut scene.

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