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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 17 – Hunting the Hunters – Evil Karma

by Prima Games Staff

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After meeting up with Eugene, head to the construction site to kick things off. The Akuran gang will be on the lower levels – head down and start killing as many as you can. When Eugene gives you the word, head back to the roof and watch his angels do a little bit of work. When all your adversaries are cleared out, get to the high ground and whip out your cell phone to track the D.U.P. signal.

Tip: Although you can use Smoke, Neon or Video for this mission, Video allows you the fastest method of travel, which is great for getting around Seattle quickly.

The signal will lead you on a bit of a wild goose chase, requiring you to change directions several times until your final destination in Denny Park. Once you arrive, you’ll be faced with both the Akuran gang and the D.U.P. The first wave is fairly straightforward. Work your way through all the threats until you trigger the second wave.

Tip: Make sure you’re killing as many enemies as possible, earning either the Hellfire Swarm, Comet Drop or Radiant Sweep. This will make the upcoming fight somewhat easier.

You’re now faced with two of the enormous D.U.P. agents from The Test, along with a few of their less powerful friends. Your first goal is to avoid their attacks at all costs. Stay in cover, peeking out only when it’s safe. Do your best to put some damage on them, but just survive until Eugene shows up to give you a bit of backup.

When Eugene arrives, he’ll put the hurt on anything in sight. You can still join the fight and give him a hand, but again, your primary goal is to stay alive. No sense dying when a non-playable character is there to do all the heavy lifting. The mission ends when you (or Eugene) take down the final D.U.P. agent.

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