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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 17 – Flight of Angels

by Prima Games Staff

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Head to the construction site, which should now be the objective marked on your map. Think about the Neon Beam and Laser Focus combination for this part, since it makes fighting the Akuran gang much easier. Do your best to land on top of the parking garage and work your way down, thinning out the seemingly endless waves of enemies by subduing them.

Tip: Once you reach the construction site, the goal is to search three elevators marked on your map. Shoot the boards covering the elevators to do this.

With the parking structure cleared and the elevators checked, head back to the roof where the D.U.P. are making off with the suspected Conduits.

Each of the helicopters has a pre-determined path and a nearby building or structure that you can use to jump on its shipping container. There’s no time limit, so just wait until a shipping container gets close and jump on top of it. Once you’re on a container, shoot the anchor in the middle of it.

Even though only four are shown on the map, there are a total of five containers to free. Once you take the fourth one down the fifth will show up. Release it to kick-off a fairly intense battle.

With the final container on the ground, you need to battle the D.U.P. Once you thin them out a bit, the big guys show up. Remember The Test? Well, now you get to fight two of these huge, rock throwing D.U.P. agents rather than one. Take cover behind the pillars and pick your shots. If you’re having a hard time, be patient and stay alive. Eventually Eugene will show up to finish the job and end the mission.

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