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inFAMOUS: Second Son – How to Beat Mission 16 – Zero to Hero

by Prima Games Staff

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This mission begins as soon as you finish the battle with He Who Dwells. Delsin finds himself without any powers and in search of a core relay. This is another mission that is all about familiarizing yourself with your new Video power.

After talking with Reggie, head to the objective marked on your map. It’s not a long trip, but seems like it since you can’t use Light Speed or Smoke Dash. Once Reggie shoots the Core Relay, absorb its powers to find yourself with the ability to become Invisible.

Follow Reggie to the second Core Relay and absorb the melee power. As soon as you get it, turn around and start fighting the D.U.P. agents that seem intent on interrupting your fun. Press L1 to use Invisible, taking advantage of your stealth to run up and melee your enemies. When prompted, run away from Reggie so the D.U.P. agents don’t harm him.

Eugene will guide you to the third Core Relay, also marked on your map. As soon as you absorb it, use your new power to swoop out of the area. This works similar to Smoke Dash or Light Speed. Use the swoop to quickly leave enemies behind and scale buildings, something that comes in handy right away.

Follow the objective on your map to the fourth Core Relay. Finally, you get something besides the ability to become Invisible or swoop. Absorb the Bloodthirsty Blades, which are similar to your Phosphor Beam from Neon. Use your newfound power to down the helicopter that attacks Delsin. When the chopper falls, head to the next Core Relay marked on your map.

Finally, a power that you can use to take down the hoards of D.U.P. that infest Seattle. Pressing R2 will fire off your Video Torrent power, a perfect option for the common battles you find yourself in. As soon as you absorb the power, turn your attention to D.U.P. Luckily, Eugene has come through with some of his angels to aid you in battle.  When the last agent is down, head for the final Core Relay.

Tip: Take out the flying demons first since they are battling with Eugene’s angels. This leaves the angels alive and well to help you take on the D.U.P. agents on the ground.

As soon as you arrive, Eugene will kick things off with his swarm of angels. Find a nice rooftop nearby and start picking off all the D.U.P. in the area. When the last have fallen, head down and absorb your new Hellfire Swarm, immediately using it to take out the convoy of D.U.P. vehicles that just arrived to complete the mission.

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